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The Eternal Battle by Sister Sparky Marie-Louise of the Stinky Pokey Paw- Order

Have a blessed 2005!

January 1st 2005 9:49 am
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Hi everyone, I'm back. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Sandy Paws brought me lots of stuff. He brought me a super deluxe cardboard cat scratcher, a new fur mouse, some fur catnip dots, and a big container of organic catnip (the best in my purrsonal opinion).

Luna & I spent most of Christmas Day on the landing of the stairs rolling about in the catnip and using the cat scratcher. When anyone looked at us I'd meow loudly and tell them to stop looking and don't take any pictures! It might compromise my position in the community if anyone saw me indulging in so much catnip...

Last night, my mom was helping the girl clean her room when they heard very loud caterwauling in the stairway - unfortunately, my mom looked down in to the stairway and saw me meowing with a catnip dot *in* my mouth, which I promptly dropped when I made eye contact with her. My mom claims it was covered in drool, but I know nothing of the sort!


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