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I don't have a catchy title....

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Me - COTD?

July 12th 2009 2:21 pm
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Wow! I still can't believe that I was chosen as COTD yesterday, July 11th.

I'm so glad that I still have my main picture as our TEAM FELA! picture. That way we can get a lot of purrs going for Fe. We hope & purr for good news each time he goes to the doctor.

I'm going to send out special thank yous, but want to thank everyone who sent me presents & concats for being COTD!

You can see all my presents on my page, but I also got p-mails from Hazel Lucy, Buddie, Frankie (Francis A Sinatracat), Bella, Guido, Gimli, Pooter's and Smokey & Toby.

I made more furiends & lots of kitties signed my guestbook!

Thank you everykitty! I had such a wonderful day!

I hope that everykitty has the opportunity to one day be COTD!

Please keep on purring for my buddy Fela and all the other sick kitties and those who need furrever homes.



December 22nd 2008 5:46 pm
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Great idea, Bella & Tally

All I want for Christmas!

1. More toys like the one I can't find right now to play fetch with so I never have to look for them again. (ok, so momma & daddy look for them, but I try to show them where they are)
2. Any kind of treats! I'll eat them all! Yummy!
3. More snuggle time with Daddy.
4. I would like to be brave like Maggie (is this the Wizard of Oz)
*looks at momma* What?
5. I wish for all kitties to find their furrever homes.
6. Every home should have at least one kitty. After all, it's not complete without one of us!

Wishing all of my furriends and their furmilies a Meowy Catmas and a Happy New Year!!


Maggie's got nothing on me!

November 27th 2008 3:29 pm
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(you may want to read Maggie's diary first!)

ok, so maybe I didn't get right in Chase's face, but I did come face to face with him. I did watch him play with Maggie & Chip....from a few feet away. But, hey....I didn't hide upstairs all day like I did when I was little.

Momma says I was a brave little guy & she's proud of me for staying close by and not hiding like I used to. It still may take me a while to take him on like Maggie does, but if I can stand up to Chip (even though Chase was scared of him), then I can stand up to some silly doggie!

Momma said she wished I would've played with him like Maggie did, 'cause she doesn't think I know how to hiss. Well, I guess I'll have to show her, yes I do know how to hiss...listen up momma....

How's that? MOL


I can't believe it!

November 22nd 2008 11:39 am
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I still can't believe that I, Rudy, was a DDP yesterday, November 21st, 2008. I'm still walking around here all proud! Except of course when Maggie tries to tackle me! MOL

Anyway, a HUGE thanks to HQ for picking my little diary. To all my furriends and everyfur who sent me concats for being picked!

I'm just a little late though, I should've written this yesterday. Oh well, at least I finally got momma to help me type it.

Well, gotta go, me & momma have been playing fetch. She throws the toy, I run & get it....bring it, oh, maybe 1/2 way back to her, she fetches it & throws it again! MOL It's SO much fun!

Catch ya later! Rudy


I've been tagged!

November 18th 2008 7:03 pm
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I has been tagged by Lolly to pway, oh I mean play the 5 things game. I will tell you 5 more things about me & then I will tag 5 friends by sending them a pmail or a rosie asking them if they want to play & telling them that if they do they need to read my diary. So can you tell I copied this from Lolly? MOL

So here goes 5 things about me!

1. I have become a little more sociable than I used to be. Not as much of a scaredy cat!

2. I still love to play fetch! Unlike Chip, I don't just favor one toy!

3. I love to snuggle at night with momma & daddy.

4. My sisfur Maggie is the best playmate ever!

5. I love my furrever home and the fact that I get to grow up & stay with my fursisfur furever!

oh, I'm not tagging anyone either (like Maggie). I know a lot of kitties have been tagged already & I can't ever come up with new kitties to tag.


7 things game!

September 30th 2008 5:52 pm
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So these are the rules I tell you 7 things about myself & then I tag 7 furreinds telling them that they have been tagged in a pmail or a rosie & if they'd like to play then they read my diary furr the rules.

So here goes; 7 things about me:
1. I love to play fetch.
2. I love to have my belly rubbed.
3. Some days momma & daddy call me "needy Rudy" 'cause I can't get enough attention, head rubs or belly rubs!
4. I love milk. But, because it makes me sick, I'll take Catsip instead. I love it too!
5. I love to chase my brofurs or Maggie around the house. Although, she's more fun 'cause she doesn't just run from me! MOL
6. I love treats, any kind of treats...give 'em all to me!
7. I've got daddy wrapped around my paw. *whispers* I'm his favorite!

I've tagged:
Bella ~ my good furriend
Gimli ~ my good furriend
Tommy ~ another good furriend

I'm cheating & stopping at 3 instead of tagging more cats that have already been tagged.


Ugh! trip to the v*t

August 7th 2008 7:11 pm
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Well, this week me & Mags had to go to the v*t for our annual checkup.

First of all, I don't know what that was all about how we got there...but I don't remember ever having to do that before or ever want to do it again. Momma said we took a ride in the car...whatever! I didn't like it one bit.

Anyway, once we got there, I was checking stuff out, trying to climb up the wall. I knew it wasn't getting me anywhere, but I still tried. I walked all over the counter and it smelled funny, but not too scary. THEN some girl came in the room. Maggie was distracting her so that I could try to hide, but she saw me. She made me stand on this thing, I guess so they could see how big I was. She said I weighed 12.2 pounds.
After she told me I could get off, I walked over & got in the sink (see my new picture). She left the room, but I just knew that she would be back, so I didn't budge.

Well, see...told ya. Ok, maybe that girl didn't come back in, but somebody called the doctor came in & Maggie was distracting her too. I thought, well I'll just lay here, she won't see me and things will be great. She knew I was there the whole time. She said actually it was good that I stayed in there since I was scared. It was easier to check my heart rate (190) and give me my shots. I acted like they didn't hurt. She wasn't going to get me all stirred up.

That's all I really have to say about the v*t. I'm so glad I don't have to go back there anytime soon. Or anywhere else for that matter. Daddy said I was really quiet in the car, but I laid clear in the back of the carrier trying to hide as much as I could.

Now...I need to go find my toy so I can play!


I feel so special....

August 3rd 2008 5:49 pm
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because I got so many collars from my furriends!

Thank you all so much for thinking of me & putting such a cool thing on my page!

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to return the favor to everycat (neither did my brofurs or sisfur), but we were kinda overwhelmed about how many we got...there was almost no way to keep track of them coming in, let alone return the favor OR thank everycat purrsonally!

purrs out, Rudy!


I'se been tagged!

June 3rd 2008 6:20 pm
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have been tagged by Sami for the 4 x 4 game! There are four questions needing four answers:

4 jobs that I've had:
1. Snuggler - on my own terms, when I want
2. Big brofur & protector of my sisfur Maggie
3. Clean up duty! I hop in the litter box & cover anything that someone didn't cover (that's not good manners).
4.always showing momma or daddy what appliance or dresser my toy is under so they can get it & play with me!

4 places I have lived.
1. In my kitty momma's belly
2. at my kitty momma's house
3. at my furrever home, where I live now!

4 places where I have been.
1. my first house with momma & daddy (kitty)
2.Big Boy where Momma & Daddy (human) picked me up to take me home.
3. The V*t ~ Liberty Veterinary Hospital
4. to the basement, all kinds of stuff to get into down there!

4 places I'd rather be.
1. anywhere playing with Maggie
2. chasing Chip up the steps from the basement (MOL)
3. laying between momma & daddy in bed
4. hanging out with my family, I love my furrever home.

4 friends I tag.
1. CSS
2. Callie
3. Foucault
4. Bella

Hope everybody has fun playing!


I've been tagged!

February 10th 2008 5:45 pm
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HERE ARE THE RULES OF THE GAME: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to post in their Diary (1) The Rules of the Game, and (2) Seven Pawsome Facts About Themselves. (Just copy and paste these if you like) (3) Then choose 7 kitties to tag and list their names in your diary. Don’t forget to purr them a pawmail informing them that they have been tagged and notifying them to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing that they've been tagged. If anyone really doesn't want to participate, I won't be offended. It's just for fun, you know!

I was tagged by Dash and my sisfur Maggie.

7 things about me:

1. I love to play. I bring my toy to Momma or Daddy & wait for them to throw it & I'll bring it back.

2. Maggie is my littermate. She has longer hair & I have stripes, but she is a girl. But she is lots of fun to play with!

3. I growl at Maggie if she gets to close to me when I'm playing with my toy.

4. I like to snuggle with Momma or Daddy at night, but only on my terms.

5. I love to have my belly rubbed, but again, on my terms..

6. I must admit, I'm a scaredy cat. I don't like new people coming into the house, and definitely don't like doggies. I run away from an open door too. Maggie isn't scared of nothing.

7. I love to lay & look out the back door & watch the birdies on the deck.

I've tagged:

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