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The True Story of The Grumpy Gopher, AKA Rambo Gopher!!

June 2nd 2008 12:07 pm
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OK, it's time I tell the REAL story of "The Grumpy Gopher" as we have been getting so many pawmails about him. If you have read my sister Sissel's diary, lets just say you have got the "girly" version of the story. I will now give you my version, the real story. Yes, it is true that after staring down one of those holes in our lawn for many months, I finally did get my paw on one of those gopher creatures. But I wasn't going to give it to Sissel for her birthday, I was going to sacrafice it to the Viking Gods of Rodents. I was going to show off my natural hunting abilities passed on down to me from my ancestors who hunted the Forests of Norway and traveled on Viking ships on "varmit patrol" many years ago. Now Sissel called him a "Grumphy Gopher". I happened to have my camera with me and quickly took a picture of him (please see above). Now, in my opinion, he was more like "Rambo Gopher"!!! As Rambo Gopher started chasing Sissel around the yard, his mouth open, his long fangs showing, I was about to come to her rescue, when out of the corner of my eye comes our big dog Wesley. Yes, he literally stuck his big nose right into the middle of everything! Next thing I knew, Wesley was spinning in a circle with Rambo gopher attached to his nose!! (It is true, he was not happy!!). Again, I was about to rescue him from Rambo Gopher when Mom jumped into the scene and pulled Rambo Gopher off of Wesley's nose. My chance to be a hero slipped away again!! She ran into the house with Rambo Gopher . . .and Rambo Gopher has never been seen again. But not to worry Viking Gods of Rodents, I will hunt again, I shall bring you a gopher!!. Now that's my version, the real version. . . .




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