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Meows from Milo

Heaven Just Gained Another Angel

November 1st 2007 10:45 am
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Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness to write that we lost Milo this morning at approximately 7:45am Pacific Time. This past year, he was struggling with immune-mediated polyarthritis but always ate well. This is a disease that can be controlled but not reversed.

This morning, I watched Milo scratch the scratching post and then he walked over to eat. Then he went into the litter box. When I'm home, I always supervise his eating and litter box habits and saw nothing unusual. Everything looked normal. He went to sit on the stairs and I always get excited when I see him sitting up these days and even told my husband, who had a scheduled day-off today, so my husband cheered him on.

Milo went back to eat some more and I walked right pass him to empty out the litter boxes nearby and shortly after heard moaning. I turned around to see him on his side struggling to breathe while a few of the others were gathered around him wondering what was wrong. It appeared he was going into cardiac arrest. I yelled for my husband but within moments after he made it to the room, Milo took his final breath and was gone. He looked so peaceful. He was only 4 years old.

We spent some time with Milo wrapped in a favorite blanket and let everyone say their goodbyes, including the dogs. Riley licked his ears. My husband took Milo to be cremated and I called work to tell them I would not be in today. The vet cut some of Milo's fur for us and tied it with a sweet little blue bow.

Milo was always special and loving to all. He was always the first to meet newcomers to our family because of his nurturing nature. He would have been the same to any of your kitties upon meeting them the first time.

I can't believe I am making a memorial page for him and as you can imagine, had to pull myself together to even start it, as difficult as it is. Please understand if you do not hear from us right away while we go through this but know that we appreciate all of your support during this difficult time.

With love,
Janet, Milo & Family




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