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Meows from Milo

Health Update

September 8th 2007 12:06 am
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I've been asked by several of my friends to please leave a health update in my diary once in awhile, so here it is. This is about my condition called Immune-mediated Polyarthritis, which is a joint disease. I am taking meds and the inflammation is now gone. Yay! But, it's a condition that unfortunately cannot be reversed, so I will need to take some form of medication for the rest of my life. I am really good about taking meds and don't fight.

Dr. Wong, my regular vet, and Dr. Strubel, my vet specialist, spoke with each other this week about me. Together they determined that there is no longer an immediate concern about my calcium level since I had a bladder stone removed last year. My vital signs are good other than the Polyarthritis. Because of this, we get to try a new food with antioxidants, so Mom bought a bag today to see how we all like it. No brand name will be mentioned in my diary as brand names seem to cause so much controversy these days.

Having this condition is a bummer, especially at my young age, but Mom and Dad are strong for me. I purr, purr, purr, purr, give kisses, and my brothers and sisters take turns snuggling with me. Sometimes when I lay down for too long, Mom gently makes me stand up for exercise and scoots me over to the food bowl. I have no problems using the litter box or jumping up on the couch or cat tree; I just do it slower than the rest of the kitties here. I also don't have a problem eating and I even complain when I'm hungry!

Oh, when Mom spoke with Dr. Strubel this week about other ways to make me more comfortable, one of the things they discussed was acupuncture, but I'm not sure I want to look like a porcupine! I think I'd rather look like a Cowboy for now.


P.S. How could I forget to mention this. The blanket behind my Cowboy photos was crocheted by Auntie Sue, one of my Mom's sisters. Auntie Sue is recovering from major surgery and as soon as she gets home I'm going to have to show her my pictures.




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