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Surgery Update

December 27th 2006 9:04 pm
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My day started off with being hungry but I couldn't eat since 9:00pm last night because I was going to have a bladder stone removed today by our vet, Dr. Wong.

Dad dropped me off at 7:00am this morning and I had an x-ray done first to make sure I had not passed the bladder stone. I hadn't, so it was removed and Dr. Wong called home by mid-afternoon to say I was doing fine. But since I was getting special fluids, she didn't want me to go home until around 6:00pm tonight. Mom and Dad came to get me and as promised, Dr. Wong showed the stone to them and gave them a picture of it. It wasn't imbedded in my bladder so I guess you can say it was a "rolling stone". It's going to be sent out to a lab for further examination. After a lengthy discussion about my surgery and preventive care, I got to go home in the dreaded carrier with a soft e-collar around my head and a pain patch on my hind leg.

First thing I did at home was walk around and around the house sniffing everything. I guess I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming and that I was really home, or maybe something smelled! I ate and then used the litter box. I got my face washed by Sofie, then Riley. After about two hours of walking around purring and giving headbutts, I am ready to settle down and relax, though I heard I have to get some antibiotics later.

We have to work on lowering my calcium level to prevent future stones from popping up, so we're all eating watered-down, dry Royal Canin SO and also the same in canned form. I'm still going to get the pumpkin that I have grown to love so I'm happy about that. I go for a recheck next week and hopefully I will start gaining the weight back that I've lost. It could be better but it could have also been worse.

More updates later.

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