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Meows from Milo

A Conversation with Caitlyn

November 24th 2006 3:14 pm
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I wanted to tell you about a conversation that my Mom had with Caitlyn, her four-year old niece, on Thanksgiving day. Caitlyn is a very affectionate little girl who lives with her mom and dad, two young brothers, and a senior dog named Harley. She loves kitties and I've always been her favorite.

Mom sits down on the couch at Caitlyn's house and Caitlyn comes right up to her, crawls onto her lap, and positions my Mom's arms around her exactly how she would like them. She holds my Mom's face between her tiny palms and gives her a kiss. Now the conversation begins:

Caitlyn: Can you buy me a kitty?
Mom: Well, I would love to buy you a kitty, but we'd have to check with your mom and dad first. You have to take care of kitties, like buy them food, a litter box, and take them to see the doctor when they're sick.
Caitlyn: A litter box?
Mom: It's where they go potty.
Caitlyn: Next time you come here can you bring Milo?
Mom: Milo wouldn't like the long drive to your house.
Caitlyn: Can you put Milo in a box and send him to me?
Mom: No, sorry, I wouldn't want to give any of my kids away just like your parents wouldn't want to give you away.
Caitlyn: I like Milo, can you send me his picture?
Mom: Okay, I'll send you his picture, but you can always look at him on his Catster page, too.
Caitlyn: Can you buy me a kitty?
Mom: I don't think Harley (the dog) would like it.
Caitlyn: If I wake up and Harley goes to heaven can you buy me a kitty?
Mom: You need to be nice to Harley because he's old now. We'll talk to your parents when the time is right.
Caitlyn: Okay. Don't forget to send me a picture of Milo.

Little kids. They can be really cute and blunt. I'm glad my Mom won't be sending me anywhere in a box but I'd be glad to help her find a couple of kitties to give to Caitlyn.


P.S. I am eating pumpkin with my food. Seems I am having a bit of difficulty doing you-know-what.




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