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Meows from Milo

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Birthday on Cloud NINE!

April 1st 2012 7:11 pm
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Today I celebrated my birthday on Cloud NINE. My angel pals threw me an awesome party and I had a bunch of earth pals who celebrated with me too!

Each comment, pmail and gift you send to me is treasured. It's nice to be remembered on any given day.

Today we also celebrated Angel Wally's birthday as well as Angel Maggie Moo's. I guess you can say we're birthday triplets! My angel dog brother, Cosmo, also celebrated his birthday today with his pals and I heard he had a great time.

After several days of rain, the sun shined bright all day over at my house--our little gift of smiles to my family.

Thanks for being you!

Angel Milo


Rainbow Bridge Day

November 1st 2011 7:15 pm
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Four years ago, I made my sudden journey to the Bridge. It's a day that will always be remembered, along with the happy times during the four and a half years I spent with my family.

A part of me lives within each of the remaining kitties in the house, with the exception of Pixie, but she's adjusted very well in the family. And, of course, I have a special spot in Mom's and Dad's hearts. They'll always be grateful that I was a part of their lives.

I'm proudest of little Sofie, since she was so attached to me. She's still a little cat but now she's the oldest of the kitties and seems as happy as can be. Go, Sofie!

My family and I thank you for remembering me on my Bridge day with your sweet messages and gifts. They mean alot to us!



Something new for the garden

July 18th 2011 6:42 pm
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Even though the sign says "Mercy's Garden", I know something belongs there to honor my memory too, since she was my big sister and for awhile we were the only two cats in the family.

Mom chose the long-haired cat statue in the photo she just added because it reminded her of me, and it just arrived today. It's not in it's permanent spot yet but I think it's perfect.

I sure loved to sit in the garden, and Mom and Dad miss seeing me there too!



My pal Grover

April 19th 2011 10:19 am
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Today is my handsome pal GROVER's 14th birthday! He came to heaven this past January.

Many of you may not know Grover, his brother Dexter (Joy's best friend) or their extended family, but those of you who do will remember all the good times we had.

I know his Mom is missing him, especially today, so I want her to know the Angels are going to make sure Grover is getting the royal treatment!



Another Birthday Remembrance in Heaven

April 1st 2011 5:10 pm
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It's hard to believe I would have been 8 years old today! Mom will always think of me as a youngster.

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, pawmails, and gifts! Birthday celebrations up here are just heavenly!

And, don't you think Huey looks like me? MOL



Rainbow Bridge Day!

November 1st 2010 6:15 pm
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Three years ago today I made my journey to the Bridge to become an angel. Sometimes it seems like yesterday.

I'm lucky though, because I'm a Catster Angel, and when you're a Catster Angel, you're blessed in a different way because you had a special community of friends from around the world who cared about you when you were on earth and still remember you after you've made your journey.

Thank you so much for visiting me on my RBD, and for leaving me the kindest pawmails, comments, and gifts!



Once a Cowboy

February 5th 2010 7:22 pm
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We moved a picture of me in my cowboy hat back to my main page. It's a photo that my friend Bitu would always tell me she loved.

Bitu told her friend Daisy Mae Sunday Times about the picture, and it inspired her Mommy to paint a picture of me several years ago.

Today we received the painting in the mail and we absolutely treasure it. Daisy Mae's Mommy had become very attached to it, but she felt that it belonged in the home which I loved, and we want to share it with our friends.

Thank you so very much, Bitu and Daisy Mae Sunday Times!

Milo and Mom


Sammie's 17th Birthday at the Bridge

November 4th 2009 8:01 am
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Today, November 4th, is my pal SAMMIE's first birthday at the bridge.

We know your mommy misses you so much, Sam, as all your friends do, and it'll be your mommy's first birthday on the 8th without you, too.



Icy the Angel

October 31st 2009 10:20 pm
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On Wednesday, October 28th, my pal ICEBOX joined me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Icy has always been such a good friend to me and gave me the nickname "Biker Dude Milo" after seeing a picture of me next to a motorcycle. When I went to the Bridge, her Momma made my Mom a beautiful little basket with a candle and a stuffed white kitty in it.

Icy's Momma loves all her babies, but Icy was her baby girl. She'll be updating her diary soon, but in the meantime, we were given permission to share the email that her Momma sent to a few friends the day she passed:

Subject: We lost Icy!

My poor, poor Icy baby.

I found Icy on her cushion tonight. She curls up in the late afternoon and sleeps for hours. I went to wake her up for her nightly ground beef feeding to get weight on her, but she isn't going to wake up. She left us several hours ago and I wasn't there to hold my baby girl.

Icy was born with a heart murmur and we knew it was coming, but it is always always too soon and sudden. I wanted a Rainbow Bridge page ready for her when this day came and I have hundreds of butterfly graphics as she loves watching the butterflies out the window in the Butterfly Garden. I just could not ever find the time.

My hubby takes this stuff way harder than I do and he is going to totally lose it, and today is hubby's birthday.

~Icy's Momma



Ear Floofiness!

May 31st 2009 1:05 pm
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EDGAR just notified me that I'm one of his five semi-finalists for having the Best Ear Floof!

Thanks for the pink rosette, Edgar. What a tough job you have! And thank you to Hazel Lucy for the congratulatory watermelon.

Additional thanks to the anonymous friend(s) who left me a new set of wings, and to all my friends who stop by occasionally to visit with me.


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