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Home:Buffalo Area, NY  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 18 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 17 lbs.

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Pumpies, Punkie friend, drooly pants

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal


jumping onto your wet towel as you get out of the shower

getting stuck in a room

Favorite Toy:
playing the door game - you or another animal gets on the other side of the door from him and you bat at each other

Favorite Nap Spot:
your chest as he drools on you

Favorite Food:

drooling. he also likes to do this thing that i can't really describe...when you get out of the shower he goes CRAZY meowing until you let him stand on the sink with his back feet and put his front feet on the wet towel (and you) while he gets a rub down


Arrival Story:
Pumpkin jumped up onto my husband's lap on 4th of July. We thought he was someones so we left him out there. After we found out he was a stray we had friends catch him and we took him in. Pumpkin needs some special care and now lives with retired gram & Gramp... July 2008

he over eats, maybe because he was a stray...our vet thinks he's part siamese. his eyes are the color of a RIPE pumpkin. www.myspace.com/catgirlspuddytats

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Pumpkin's Day


August 7th 2005 4:37 am
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I'm going to put all this in here so that hopefully the food info or something will help other too. :)

My cat Pumpkin throws up soooooooo much! He has always done this once in awhile, we think he over eats because he was outdoor. He always threw up chunks of food a couple times per week.
We moved from FL to NY. I noticed the cats got fleas and worms. Pumpkin has been very happy in his new home but he has been throwing up chunks of food EVERY day at this point. I Got wormer, capstar, & frontline from my vet in FL. On 7/26 they all got wormed and de-flead. I figured this would take care of it because usually worms will make cats throw up, I figured Pumpkin would go back to his couple times per week. Since then, now he throws up all chunks of food then he throws up a ton of liquid the same color as his food was.
We leave food out for the cats 24/7…but we have also tried feedings at certain times a day. Neither works with what SEEMS to be his overeating problem. We have tried different foods and we have tried sticking with the same food all the time. It is not hairballs. I really think there is something else going on now too though… This can’t be good for him either. I don’t have a vet here in NY yet either. The only other thing I tell you is that he seems more relaxed in this new house. He is not lethargic or sickly, he loves to run around and play and sleep with you. He is not overweight or underweight. We think he is about 5-years-old. He has always been odd….you can’t pet him unless he is sitting on you, he is very nervous and if you try to touch him he slinks down from you (but he has actually gotten much better about that too, more friendly and less nervous), but he is also VERY affectionate. I’m up at 3am because I hear him throwing up…then I walk around the house and clean for at least 30 minutes with all that there is.
The only other thing I can think of to add is that he does have a broken upper fang. My FL vet told me that it was fine and all I could do is have it pulled for a lot of money…Since they told me it was fine to leave that’s what I did. I don’t know if this would cause constant vomiting though. I do have pictures of the tooth, it is yellowed and the gum looks swollen and there is a little red around the tooth itself. That’s the way it was when they looked at it too.
I just got a vet appt for friday 8/5/05...but he has puked 8 times today. today has been the worst day...the vet says it's not a blockage b'cuz he IS pooping.
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suggestions for the upset tummy and dehydration:
tuna water in plain Pedialite or a hommade remedy with salt to retain water:
1 quart of water
2-4 teaspoons of sugar (or 1-2 teaspoons of fructose)
1 teaspoon of salt
Boil water, add sugar (or fructose) and salt, then stir. Let it cool down.
Refrigerate what you do not use and do not keep it more than 48 hours
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Aug 05, 2005 5pm
pumpkin was puking less wed & thurs. YAY!!!
vet says the tooth is NOT causing him to puke...but says if the tooth doesn't come out now that it will be later and probably more problems like sinus infections, gingervitis...
So, pumpkin stayed at the vet and i will be picking him up between 5-6pm TONIGHT. i'll update again after that. $125 to pull the tooth, with the meds and visit fee came to $201.
now, the puking issue...
she feels it is an allergic reaction to protein in cat food. he has curently been eating Max Cat/Nutro. good food...
so, she will be putting him on a different food, don't know the name yet but i'll share when i get it tonight. it's going to be more $$$$ and with my 5 cats all eating the same food (too hard to feed that many seperate...) i probably won't be able to eat! LOL
Aug 05, 2005 7:26 pm
now i am wondering if he is in pain...
he was fine when he got home but now he is walking around growling at me and the other animals if they get anywhere near him...
she didn't give me anything for pain...only the antibotics for infection...i just left her a message.
he does have a big "gash" where you can see that she cut out the fang and root. it's not stitched or anything...
ER vet i called last night said pain meds are up to the vet...
well, she returned my call this morning.
she said that it is very common for kitty to be growling and acting odd as the anesthesia wears off. she said they are usually disorientated for awhile but then should go back to normal. he has been better, in fact i was soooo happy when he got in bed late last night and fell asleep on top of me as he usually does. made me feel soooo much better!
seems ok this morning...seems to know that he needs to stay out of the way for getting caught for the pill though! LOL 2 times per day antibiotic. i have a PILL DISPENSER though, what a great invention that i wish i had years and many bites ago! LOL
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EVERYONE - GET A PILL DISPENSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/1851/pillgun8y c.jpg
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!. Hills i/d is a very bland diet for intestinal problems. It is easy to digest for kitties who have an upset tummy. If it is actually a food ALLERGY, it won't solve the problem. If it is something like gastroenteritis it might. If your kitty continues to vomit on i/d, ask your vet about z/d, d/d, Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP, or Sensitivity RD30/VR. These foods are made specifically for cats who have adverse reactions to the proteins in their food. The food that she gave you is NOT available at any petstore. It is a "prescription" diet and is sold only to veterinarians. If you get it at a Petsmart with a Banfield hospital in it, they can sell it to you, but they might be jerks about it and require your vet to call them first. Just feed that cat by himself in another room so you don't have to feed the expensive food to all of them.
that Hill's prescription formula. It contains corn, which is a common allergen. If he starts having trouble with that, I would think it's due to the corn. (That's when a switch to Innova Evo or another grain-free food would be indicated.) Otherwise, I think that's a good food.
Science Diet Sensitive Stomach formula is the non-prescription version. You can get that at Petsmart or have them order it for you. There's also Royal Canin Special Formula, which I like a little better than Science Diet. I think they use higher quality ingredients, like human-grade chicken. Royal Canin is also available at Petsmart. I would wait until he has stabilized on the Hill's i/d before making another switch though.

2. try a hypoallergenic food, like Solid Gold (what Erland and I eat)
You can order it online; I know Petco carries it but the Petsmart near us doesn't. It's excellent food; my allergies have never been better since we switched to Solid Gold. Mmm balanced pH!
Things to look for in a food:
low magnesium and phosphate, no corn. Any food should have as much meat as possible in it, and not a whole lot of other junk. Cats are carnivors, unlike omnivorous dogs!
The other thing to try, as Lola suggested, is a totally raw food diet. You can supplement raw food with a vitamin spread, but I'll do some research about which ones are good.
Raw food is great because it's just as close to what cats eat in the natural wild life. Try two feedings a day of ground turkey or ground beef (you can alternate if your cat is a picky eater or gets bored); I think each feed should be about 6 oz, give or take. It might take a while for you to get adjusted to new food, but don't give up, if that's the route you end up taking. Let yourself not eat it for a day or two if it gets put down; eventually the natural instinct to preserve yourself will kick in and you'll EAT!!
I'll also do some research about homeopathic remedies that are good for vomiting, if it isn't an allergy. Like I said, it could be something very simple such as a hairball that won't come up.
You should really try to find a vet! Go to yellowpages.com and browse in the category section -- they have a whole subject devoted to pets and vets. Then enter in your zip code etc, and it should pull up vets in your area. It might take some trial and error to find someone you really like, but if it's simple like hairball, whomever can give you suggestions on medicine.
If it IS an allergy, be forewarned if a vet tells you to have an allergy test done. My vet is very candid and told me that if they DO pinpoint what the allergy is, and make up a medicine that will build resilience to it, it's only effective for 50% of cats, and it's VERY expensive. If you're like me, and not allergic to a food type necessarily (we're not sure exactly what it is, but it's something in the air), the best thing to do is manage the symptons, as you're not going to be able to get to the source (even in the best of allergen free homes, there are ALWAYS culprits, and you'll make your human more susceptible to other illnesses). I go to the vet whenever I have a breakout (lately every 2 months or so) for a cortisone shot.
Soooo that's my schpiel!
I know there's a lot of info in there in different areas, which is why I think a vet would be very helpful to narrow them down. Start with the basics, like the hairball scenario, then go from there.

3. http://wysong.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&St ore_Code=WOTTPWS&Product_Code=CALL_OF_THE_WILD&Category _Code=SUP&Product_Count=3

sorry it's sooo long! Call of the wild is what you add to a raw food diet; if you use raw food, the most natural choices are turkey and chicken. If you don't go with the call of the wild, you need to add organ meat of some type; so add chicken giblets.

4. Ingredients of Hills i/d
Chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, corn meal, pork fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), soy fiber, dried egg product, dried chicken, chicken liver flavor, natural flavor, taurine, preserved with BHT and BHA, minerals (potassium chloride, calcium sulfate, salt, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), vitamins (choline chloride, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, niacin, vitamin E supplement, thiamine mononitrate, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement).
Corn meal etc... things that I tend not to like in the first few ingredients of pet food. If this food is working for Pumpkin- then by all means continue.
Below are the ingredients of Max's Solid Gold Wolfcub:
Bison | Salmon Meal | Brown Rice | Millet | Cracked Pearled Barley | Rice Bran | Canola Oil | Flaxseed Oil | Garlic | Amaranth | Blueberries | Yucca Schidigera Extract | Taurine | Carotene | Choline Chloride | Vitamin E Supplement | Iron Proteinate | Zinc Proteinate | Copper Proteinate | Manganese Proteinate | Potassium Iodide | Thiamine Mononitrate | Ascorbic Acid | Vitamin A Supplement | Biotin | Calcium Panthothenate | Selenomethionine | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Riboflavin | Vitamin D Supplement | Folic Acid |
Can you see the difference in ingredients? Hill's i/d is a specialty food however... I'm not an expert on this so I can't really give a solid opinion. I'm sure there is a higher quality food that will suit pumpkins needs... however- after all I've gone through with Maximus already once I find something that he doesn't get sick on- I'm sticking with it! lol. I'm sure if Pumpkin stops throwing up on hills then best bet is to stick with it. Unless you see any health issues or sluggish behavior then of course you can test out another food.
When Suzy went onto Hills K/D she got SOOO sluggish- I really thought she was going to die. Then we switched her food and she was like a puppy again!! After that I became a little bit skeptical of Hill's diets. I didn't know much about pet food at the time.

i HOPE this helps someone else too. :)

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