Iggy (St. Ignatius), PAWS

Domestic Shorthair/Breed Unknown
Picture of Iggy (St. Ignatius), PAWS, a male Domestic Shorthair/Breed Unknown

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Home:Johnstown, PA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 19 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Iggs, Igger, Bigs

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

December 6th 1997

Orange & White Tabby

playing with Max, sun-bathing, talking to animals outside

being held like a baby

Favorite Toy:
Anything with catnip. He likes pieces of paper best

Favorite Nap Spot:
back of the couch by the window. He sleeps on top of his mommy at night.

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast, wet and dry. Kitty treats.

Excellent "bugger" - finds and attacks any type of bug (except the dreaded stink bug)


Arrival Story:
The cat had been seen around the neighborhood for a few days. One day he finds my son, J.R., sitting on the porch having a cigarette. He just rubbed around him and wanted petted. J.R. attempted several times to get him back down the alley and then he would run back up, only to have the cat beat him back to the porch. It was starting to get very cold out, so I put a box with an old rug and some old towels in for him to sleep in and of course put food and water out for him. I called several friends to see if they wanted to take this little guy in (he was about 4 - 5 mo. old). Everyone thought he was so cute, but no one wanted him. Everyday when my husband came home from work, the cat would be waiting for him. My husband would pick him up and the cat would just lick his entire face and cuddle and purr. He was winning over my husband's heart very quickly. One night we went to a concert that Marisa was in. We came home and the cat was waiting in the box. As usual, he waited for my husband to pick him up and licked his entire face. Ray came in and said that if I didn't find a home for him by the next day, he was coming in because it was to snow. I asked him if he was sure because we already had Sam and Snickers. He said "yes". There was no one else for me to ask about taking him, so in the house he came. He came in and walked around and checked everything out, every room, every bed, nothing went unchecked. Then he walked into the LR and jumped up on the recliner and laid down. He decided he was staying here! J.R. named him "Ignatious", "Iggy" for short. Sam loved him immediately, maybe because they were the same color or Sam just had that type of personality that accepted change easily. Not so for Snickers. This was "the enemy" to him.

A few days after we brought Iggy into the house, the next door neighbors knocked on the door and wanted to know if we had seen the orange kitten that was roaming the neighborhood. Ray had answered the door and told them that yes, we had and took him in because of the cold weather and snow. They wanted to know if they could "have him back"!!!!! Ray said that he didn't think he was leaving here, but would ask me. I asked them if he was going to be neutered and kept in the house and they said "no". I asked them if they had been feeding him or giving him a warm place to sleep and they said "no". I then told them "no, he now belongs to us, because he was a stray and we are going to see that he is neutered and kept inside". Iggy was 2 years old when Max joined the household. He liked this puppy from day one! Max would take Iggy by the head and drag him all over the LR. At first I thought that Max was hurting him and then realized that Iggy loved it and would actually lay down in front of Max and stick his head right at his mouth. He and Max sleep together on the back of the couch, in bed together, they are just together most of the day. In his "old age", he is less tolerant of Max if he lays down on top of him and will give Max a little bite, just enough to make Max yelp. Iggy has been with us now for 10 years and does something everyday to make us laugh (or at least me). He "chatters' to the birds outside and to any stray cats that come on the deck. When Marisa brought Sassy and Snoopy for a visit, Iggy hissed and growled for the first time. He only did it once and hasn't since. He would chatter at the kittens and when he got too close, Snoopy would hiss and he would run away. He and Sassy did get to know each other on the back of the couch. I think he would accept another kitten into the household, but we have to listen to the "king" and consider his feelings. Iggy has the habit of lying on the back of chairs for naps. He sometimes falls so sound asleep that he falls off the back of them. He is so startled and sometimes actually looks embarrassed that I saw what happened! Then at times he looks at me as though it is my fault.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Purrrrrrrrrrrr kitty

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June 9th 2007 More than 9 years!

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Iggy's Purrings

Yipee! I'm COTW for the Chatty Cats

January 8th 2008 9:13 pm
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OMC! I just can't believe this wonderfur honor I received from Chatty Cats! I noticed I had a rosette from Baby Girl and she congratulated me and I'm like, ok what is she talking about. So I meowed over to Snickers and he did just that~snickered! I didn't get upset (well not too) when he was chosen as one of the Diary's of the Day on Catster. Big deal. I still think I write better than him and I lead a much more interesting life!

So now I am one up on my brofurs! Poor Max, he hasn't been anything for a week, a day, or even an hour! mol That wasn't nice of me, was it? I'm sorry Max, but it is the truth. He does have one up on me though - he has a beautiful girlfriend, Brandi Jo.

I am really happy with this honor & I think mommy is planning on treating me extra special all week. Hope it means more lap time than anyone else! I'm going to be extra nice to mommy, Snickers, Max & Sassy all week too. Maybe they won't be too jealous of me getting this honor if I'm super nice.



I am so sad!!!!

December 5th 2007 1:11 pm
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I miss Sassy so much. Well, we all do, but I take it the hardest when she leaves because we are together so much while she is here.

I lay on this white chennile pillow on the couch the day she leaves and only get up to go potty and maybe get something to eat, although I don't have much of an appetite. I laid on it a lot yesterday too. It makes me feel better.

Snickers misses her too. He goes thru the entire living room looking for her! Behind the couch, under the piano, behind the entertainment center. Anywhere she goes, he looks for her. He looks in the other rooms too. He knows how much I miss her, so he is super nice to me. He comes up on the couch with me and washes my head and my face. He'll keep this up for a few days. If I'm walking around, he comes over and does all of this while I'm standing there! If he would be mad at me, I could understand. I don't play much with him when Sassy is here and he may feel neglected. It's just that Sassy is an orangie too and we have a special bond.

Mommy really got worried about me last night. She was getting ready to go to bed and I started my crying. I meow so loud. She thought something was wrong with me. I'm not sick, I just miss Sassy so much and thought that if I meowed really loud she would hear me. Mommy should know that was what the crying was about because I always would cry when Marisa left. I'm worse now though since I miss them both so much.

I've been crying at mommy all day. She holds me on her lap in a way that I can put my head on her shoulder and then just tilt my head back and look at her. She sees the sadness in my eyes because she gives an extra cuddle and then kisses my head. It helps me feel a little bit better.

Tomorrow is my special day! I'll be 10 years old. Mommy tells me that I don't act like I'm 10, especially since Sassy came. I play like a young kitty again.

I need to pout somemore!
Ig gy



December 3rd 2007 10:19 pm
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My sister Marisa & her kitty Sassy came home on 11/16 for Thanksgiving break. I was so excited to have them home. I had so much to talk to Sassy about and had plans on things that we would do while she was home. We run, play, cat nap, sleep and share treats.

Everyday I was wondering if this was the day that Sassy would leave with Marisa. I was in for one of the biggest surprises ever! Marisa was going to let Sassy stay with us for a week without her!!!! This was going to be FUN! Marisa was coming home for something called the "Steelers" football. I had no idea what all of this was, but didn't care. I was just happy that because of them, Sassy was staying another week. Sassy was able to explain a little about these Steelers and football. She watches it on TV with her mommy. She even lets her mommy put the "terrible towel" on her for good luck.

Sassy & I had so much fun everyday. She slept in bed with mommy, daddy, Max & me. She doesn't have a blankie like Max, she has a little piggy. I think that she thinks that piggy is her mommy! mol She really confused me with her behavior. We all have little "quirks" so I wasn't about to comment or make fun of her. It sure made her happy though and she purrs really loud when she has it.

Sassy loves treats. Mommy keeps a bag in a basket next to her bed. When Sassy comes, she steals the bag and takes it behind the bed & then goes for a treat when the mood strikes! mol Mommy was hid the bag in her night stand, but the bag was too big for the drawer to shut properly. Mommy didn't think that Sassy could get them out because she had a hard time. Never underestimate the determination of a kitten who loves treats! mol After Marisa left, mommy found that Sassy (and me) had gotten the bag out of the drawer. The bag was ripped from edge on the night stand and was full of little teeth marks. Mommy got it before Sassy took it behind the bed! She put it in a zip lock baggie & put it in the cupboard in the kitchen. She remembered & took it to bed with us. She got 2 other little bags of treats & put them in the bag too. She didn't know what to do with them, so she hid them under her pillows - there are 2 pillows and then some blankets on top of the pillows. She made sure that none of us saw where she put them. We all went to sleep and were good kitties for the night.

The next day, mommy was talking on the phone to her friend and could hear Sassy and me running around upstairs. We were running from one room to the other and jumping up and down off the beds. All of a sudden, she realized that she didn't hear any sounds from above. She decides to see if we are up to no good. Now I was on "look out". She and Max were coming up the steps and I just peaked around the corner. OMC! She saw me!!! She asked if I was the look out!! How could she know this??? I ran down the steps as fast as I could. I don't think my paws hit half the steps! I really should have stayed to see the look on her face when she discovered what we had done! mol Between an old man (10 yrs old on the 6th) and an 8 month old kitten, we managed to move the 3 things that she has piled on top of her pillows and then move the 2 pillows. We managed to get the zip lock bag open without chewing it! We took the small bags of treats because we like them best. One bag was on the bed, treats everywhere and she couldn't find Sassy and the other bag. I hid at the bottom of the steps to try to hear what was happening. I heard her say "where is Sassy". I held my breathe hoping that she would hide. But no, she jumped up on the bed from the other side. Mommy asked her "who did this" and she jumped back off the bed. Mommy investigated to see where the other bag was. Sassy was trying to figure out how to get behind the bed! Daddy has some containers sitting on his side and she couldn't get behind from that side. She was starting to drag it around the bed to go in on mommy's side when we were caught! When mommy started down the steps, I ran thru the other room into the kitchen and just sat there like mr. innocent. She held the bag of treats up and asked if I had anything to do with it. My biggest problem is that I cannot act innocent when I am guilty. I ran the other direction. Then you have mr. goodie 2 shoes sitting there with that smirk on his face. He sat up like a darn ole squirrel sniffing the bag. I could just hear him saying that he was somewhere else and wasn't involved. Then I hear mommy telling him "good little Snickers, you were sound asleep on the couch when those little monkey's were being bad". I wish I could get him in trouble just one time.

We did behave pretty much the rest of the week. She mentioned the word "carrier" one time & didn't want to push our luck. I know she would never put us in a carrier for a time out! At least, I'm pretty sure.

The week went so fast. Before we knew it, Marisa was home again. We were happy to see her, but I knew that meant that Sassy would be going back to NY soon. Sassy was really happy to see her mommy for the most part. I did "snicker"a bit because she gave her mommy her "angry sounds" a few times. She was just letting her know that there was a price to pay for leaving her behind! We kept her pretty busy so she didn't have a lot of time to sit and miss her.

Our fun came to an abrupt end this a.m. Marisa and Sassy went back to NY. It was snowing here and we were worried about what the weather would be like the further North they went.

You will not believe what my mommy did to that poor little Sassy before they left. She bought her a sweater, a pretty pink one! She put it on her and that little girl didn't put up a fuss at all! I offered my help to get it off of her, but she refused! Mommy told Marisa that if she didn't like it, she would return it, but Marisa said that she seemed to like it so she was definitely keeping it. It's cold in the car when you first start out and then when she stops for gas she has to turn the car off and it starts to get cold quickly. Marisa did say that all her friends would laugh at Sassy. Mommy said to just tell them that the crazy grandma got it for her! She did wear the sweater the whole way back to NY. Marisa said she tried once to get it off by backing up. It didn't budge, so she gave up! I HOPE THIS DOESN'T GIVE HER ANY CRAZY IDEAS ABOUT PUTTING CLOTHES ON ME!!!!! Seems that my brofur Sam used to let Marisa dress him up in different outfits and push him in a doll stroller all over the house! MOL! Mommy has this crazy notion that it is a trait of us orangies!!! No Way! I won't put any clothes on! She has a hard enough time keeping me in collars!

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