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The Diary of a Princess

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I got My Angel Wings

November 9th 2015 2:53 am
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Well its been a long time since I written in my diary. I have been a busy kitty. My Grammy broke her hip, and got and mommy had to take care of her. That was OK, but I got scared being in the house alone for the first time ever. My Grammy was always home!!!!

I had to get use to being alone. That was big kitty stuff. Mommy helped by taking me everywhere for awhile. I went to meetings and stuff- I was so charming at one, that the meeting never much happened and I was the star. Made the local news MOL

Well, eventually I got better at staying alone for longer times. My Grammy came home but wasn't to well. My mommy had to do the big nursing and I did the little stuff. My Grammy stated to forget lots of things ( NOT ME) but medication and stuff like that.

My Grammy got sick quite a bit the next few years, and this big tuck with lights would take her away, and mommy would be all upset. Grammy would be gone for days at a time- It didn't seem like a vacation though..

Then one night it got really bad..and my Grammy didn't come home any more...My Mommy is stil upset about that...It was sad-

Lots of people got sick and went away it seems.. Mommy's two brothers...I didn't know what was going on, but mommy was very sad most of the time.

I had the big job of taking care of mommy. I would purr at her, and sleep with my head on her..sometimes I slept on her head even...Mommy said I was her rock..but I didn't much understand that, but it seemed mommy really needed me and I always made her happy.

I went for my check ups and mom was always happy I did great!!!!! One day I had a little trouble doing my poo ( not that a girl likes to talk about that) and mom took me to the vet-

Gosh they scared me with big machines and stuff- mom said it was an x ray. Next thing I knew I was at the BIG called it EMERGENCY...I felt Ok, but mommy looked scared..and they kept me, and did more ugh stuff...I was happy when I got to go home, but we were going back and forth all the time, and mom looked sad...

Suddenly I had to have mommy help me eat. I think I got scared too..I don't really know but it wasn't good either- I had this really bad pain- and suddenly I saw my Grammy- and I was OK...but I looked down and saw my very own favorite mommy crying...and I couldn't quite get my paw on her...Suddenly I got wings, and got to go visit but mom can't see me--

I have a lot of work to do healing mommy- Grammy says mommy is sad cause her whole family, is here and she isn't yet-

I have to learn the heavenly ropes,so I can purr at mommy again

All for now my diary


Both Murray & I need new staff MOL

December 19th 2009 11:28 pm
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Well, they try hard, poor mommy, but gosh. It took mommy furever to get my package to my handsome Murray mailed. Well today it happened. me of course can't drive. I am way to short to see over the steering wheel, so of course had to rely on mommy. The nice gal at the counter said it says it will arrive on Dec 24th. I was all purrs until the girl then said. BUT I DOUBT IT! Oh dear! So Murray will get his gift sometime before the 4th of July. I hope he likes it. i do, as I almost tore it apart..MOL

Now Murray has another busy mommy. Course my mommy could have given her the wrong number ( just like mom MOL) anycat my gift from my sweetie ( giggles) Murray went to the neighbors house. Oh the horror, but, at least it was the nice neighbor Tom. he came slipping across the snow covered yard with a PACKAGE FOR PAWS. Goodness the world could of heard it. I took it and said "meow very much". Mommy said I should wait until Catmas so it is under the tree. Ohhhh I can't wait to open it. I did peek at the label and dearest Murray's staff, who is the sweetest staff next to my very own. That 60 ( shakes wiskers) should have been a 65. Alls well that ends well. My giftie is in the mail, and I am sleeping with my head on the giftie from my sweetie. Waiting until Santa Cat says OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wedding stuff

August 3rd 2009 7:37 pm
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Well, it's about time but my staff has got my wedding material. I have showed her pictures of exactlly what I want.

I hope Murray is OK with an outdoor kind of wedding ( oh dear) *fret. I should ask him. I want to have a more low key wedding outfit.

Mom is going to help me sew & put it together cause me paws get in the way of the thread. Well, OK, and yea, I get distracted playing with the thread...MOL

We'll see how it all comes out..


Here We Go (sigh)

June 25th 2009 11:50 pm
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Well, here I am, entering my last dy before I become the Kitty In Charge, Nurse Paws, and "All Around Missing My Mommy" kitty.

Mommy says I'm in charge of Grammy ~sigh. Thank goodness for the cat/grammy sitter. She shows up a few times a day. Makes sure the human grammy is doing what she is suppose to, and that I am properly fed etc. The neighbors are on high alert, and I will be glad to see them poke thir faces into my precious little home. Mommy says I'm in charge...what what the Meow!! I'm quite happy now being a lovin' kitten missing mommy ..MOL

I will watch Grammy from my tree top. I'll sure be IN CHARGE if she forgets my food and treats. I bet I can get some human food I'm not suppose to have from Grammy...hummm. I will plot.

While the human mom is away the cat will play MOL


Happy Dad's Day

June 21st 2009 12:40 am
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Happy Dad's Day to all the Catster Daddy's. Mommy tells me that my daddy was a Master Grand Champion~ She was so impressed, and thought she was lucky the breeder let me go to a furever home where I would never be a show kitty. Course that isn't what happened and I did the whole show thingie, and did BETTER than my daddy ..MOL

Well, I got to my new furever home and met my new REAL daddy. He loves me, but now complains about my fur (*shakes head) cause he wears a dark suit to work all the time. I seem to like to play with him with the suit on.. MOL Mom thinks it's funny and hands him the lint brush. She also says...see that why we have 5 lint brishes .MOL

Anycat, I can ramble ( female you know). I just want to wish all the dad's a great dddy's day. I will try to keep my fur off the dark suit today (only)



What Happened to my Home?

June 3rd 2009 12:48 am
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I think I might have to ring up Murray and ask if I can bunk in with Phoebe for a few days. Mom's crazy brother is up visiting with three jelly fingered kids..OMC. The little 2 yr old keeps asking "where is the cat". Well, I must say after the shock of being refered to as "THE CAT". I made tracks to far corners of the house.... THE CAT? I am mommy's little girlie...MOL

Anycat..these kids are so loud...OMC....Good lungs. Mom's brother isn't to well with heart issues, so I can put up with him, cause mom is worried about him.....but she oft refers to him as a lunatic ( whatever that is). Grammy is all confused, cause his doesn't fit into her little ritual.........

Anycat. mom is going to bed, so I can enjoy the night snuggled up to mommy without fear of the jelly fingered noise machines...MOL

* blow kiss to Murray

I must that Arwen & Filly for the great cake...yummie
Meep & Bibi for the kite, and my new friends Nikko & Scooter for the tall glass of lemonade :))


I think mommy insulted me?

May 23rd 2009 12:14 am
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I haven't been able to blab much lately as my staff is soo busy. When she isn't, she is at PS. can't complain there as she is building MY house..MOL

Now to the question on my mind. mom said grammy was like a cat, living in the moment. You see, grammy can't remember anything 5 minutes..MOL.

Actually if mom thought about it I have a long memory......just try to hide a toy on me....Grammy had her lunch one day, and as soon as she finished she was going to make it I can sure relate to anytime...MOL


My Furminator is to die for :)

May 19th 2009 3:15 pm
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Well mommy finally got a furminator for me. I guess she wasn't sure it was as good as all the gab about it...but ohhhhhhh, it is great!!!

Mom loves it cause I don't whine ( well her words). I love it cause it doesn't hurt, and I don't have to look at mommy like I MIGHT scratch...MOL. I would never scratch my mommy.

We have gotten sooooo much of my shedding undercoat into the wastebasket....and my coat feels soooo silky ( take note Murray).

Wheeee 5 paws up for the furminator!!


My Birdies :))))))))

May 15th 2009 9:10 pm
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I have yummy baby robins birdies on the way. The babies aren't here I have to be extra nice to mother robin..MOL...yummy tastiest on the way....They are camped out in the big ole oak by the side road...

Mom was out negotiating with the tree man about taking down those dead trees. She seems to think she to a good deal, so she is happy....It seems it's what mom called an unplanned expense. I have to tell mommy to make sure that my robins are OK during tree removal. Wouldn't want mommy robin to find a new place for the little snacks ( I mean babies) MOL

Anycat, gotta go get a birds eye view on my kitty tree to watch the chick activity


My Yard Trees

May 14th 2009 1:25 pm
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When all the little green leaves started popping out a few weeks ago it was soooo great! Some of them seemed to have little birdies in them. Mom gets sinus headaches with the weather shifts, so she didn't enjoy it quite as much.

I just heard mom on the phone talking about my trees. Seems a few didn't pop their leaves out, and apparently they need to do this.

Anycat the tree man is coming by tomorrow to give mommy a quote...mommy says it better be a low quote or I won't get any teasers for 10 years....NOW I AM ENGAGED...MOL

If he doesn't give mommy a good quote I'll stare him down........

gotta go work on that~

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