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Calgon Take Me Away!

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I've Been Tagged....

November 22nd 2007 7:20 pm
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I was tagged for the Thanksgiving Day Game by my friend Apollo!!

The rules of this holiday game are simple. When you are tagged, pen a diary entry regarding what you are thankful for, then send a Rosette or Pmail to 5 cats, telling them they have been tagged. They then do the same, and usually they mail you back to tell you they're completed the task.

So here goes....

Here are five things I am thankful for

1) My mommy always grooming me.
2) Canned food; I LOVE it!!
3) Being an only cat. I am not too fond of living with a sibling kitten or cat-been there done that!!
4) My little chihuahua friend, Halo (Hayley); we are good friends
5) Lastly, I'm thankful that my mommy doesn't travel any more. She stays home with me all the time now, and she never goes away.

Here are the 5 cats I am tagging:

1) Eva-Princess Eva Sage
3)George Sherbert
5)Simba da Dimba Kitty


My Birthday is Tomorrow!

July 26th 2007 10:21 pm
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Even though my birthday is tomorrow, I received my presents yesterday! My mom bought me a new food bowl and some new feather toys! I love my new bowl; it looks like an orange cat w/a face & tail! Guess who it looks like? That's!!! She bought it at Target for all you kitties out there who want one, and the bowls come in different colored kitties!!

I am not much of a party animal, despite tthe fact hat I look like one. So tomorrow I will most likely sleep & then hang out on the couch w/Halo Kitty (my chihuahua). Have you ever read the book "Harry Cat's Pet Puppy?" Well, that is kind of what the deal is here. Only my book would be called "Apollo Cream's Pet Chihuahua."

Well all you kitties out there, good night!!

~Apollo Cream


I've Been Furminated!!!

June 26th 2007 8:31 pm
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Today I was Furminated by my mommy!! She bought me the new "Furminator deshedding tool!" First she gave me a comb through with my regular comb to make sure I had no tangles. Then she used the Furminator! She was very gentle & careful, since the directions said not to apply too much pressure. Oh, my excess fur was coming off like crazy. Using the Furminator & my regular comb gave me the best grooming I've ever had in my life! I looked quite handsome afterwards!Although I didn't get as much hair on the floor as the animals on the Furminator website, my human brother said it looked like mommy shrank me! I like this Furminator!!


One Chihuahua Too Many!

June 4th 2007 10:27 am
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Ever live in a house where you don't like someone? Well, welcome to my world. I live in a house with not one, but two chihuahuas,. One is a little black energizer puppy, Halo Kitty, and the other is a primadonna, brown chihuahua named Tinker Bell Forever.

The little one, I don't mind. She thinks I am in love with her, but the truth is I just love the couch, and well, that happens to be where she is. The other chihuahua, Tinker Bell, I don't care for her. As I type, she is sitting next to me on the couch, staring at me, wagging her tail, and trying to give me kisses! How I put up with this I'll never know. I'm leaving!!

Talk to ya later, Apollo

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