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Calgon Take Me Away!

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Some Human Spammed a Comment on My Catster Page!!!

March 13th 2014 5:33 pm
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I'm very upset! Some human posted a spam comment on a photo on my Catster page! The comment was posted on my brother, Baby Marky's picture that I have displayed on my page. Baby Marky is also a Bridge pet! I can't believe the nerve of some humans! The person wrote some nonsense about an extract. Sad.


Daily Diary Pick!

January 26th 2014 9:28 am
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I'm a DDP!

There are so many things my mom and I will miss about this site. There are so many memories here. My mom loves being able to come on this site to visit my page. In addition to being a fun and informative site, Catster is such a nice memorial site for Bridge pets. There's also something to be said when you receive gifts and comments after you have gone to the Bridge, too; it really is special. My mom is so sad Catster/Dogster won't be here any more.

Take care everyone.


Thank You Catster Members!

January 16th 2014 11:33 pm
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I just heard the sad news of Catster closing! I want to thank all of you for making me feel special and remembering me, even after I went to the Bridge. Thank you so much for sharing your stories, photos, and lives here on Catster!!

Take care all of you!!

++Apollo Cream


Today is My Birthday!

July 27th 2013 4:39 pm
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Today is my birthday!! And yes, I'm still her at The Bridge! I've been trying to find a way to bring my pink stroller here! It is still at my Grandpa's house there in California. Maybe UPS ships to The Bridge?

My mom talks about me all the time. She misses me tons. I watch her play with the new cat Story, who was adopted after I died. Story is funny. She makes my mom laugh. Story loves playing. She has a lot of toys. Me, I only had a few toys. I never broke or ruined or even touched my toys. I would just watch them. Story demolishes and eats her toys.!

My mom decided to give Story my Furminator brush. Story loves it. Story loves grooming time. I think that's strange. I hated being groomed! Story and I are polar opposites in every way. It's very strange, but my mom says we are both great cats!

I have a new picture to post of me, taken shortly after my mom adopted me. Hopefully soon my mom will get a scanner so you all can see it.

Bye, Catster friends!


I'm One of the Diary Picks!

December 13th 2012 9:15 am
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Thank you to Catster for choosing me as a diary pick! I love Catster (and Dogster). It isn't every website that accepts and understands cats who love strollers or people whose hearts ache for their fur angels at the Bridge. So I feel very honored.

Thank you everyone!


It Will Be a Year...

December 10th 2012 12:18 am
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It will be a year. My mom can hardly believe it's true. I've been at the Bridge for a year. In some ways it seems like I've been gone forever. Other times it feels like I just left. At feeding time, my mom automatically wants to still serve me a bowl. I sometimes wish she would! When she walks through the house, my mom will do a double take every once in while, thinking she caught a glimpse of me. I was always there. Why wouldn't I be there now? My years with my family flew by too quickly. I was a young cat, then an old cat in the blink of an eye. Now, I'm here at the Bridge. My mom hopes I remember how much she loves me. I hope my mom remembers how much I love her!

Thank you to all the Catsters for your friendship, kind words, and support! Many purrs..
Apollo Cream


My First Bridge Birthday!

July 28th 2012 12:19 am
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Wow, this is a really big first for me. It's my first Bridge Birthday! I miss my family. And boy does my mom REALLY miss me!! I like being an angel. It's fabulous! I thought having fur was great!! Just wait until you try wings!!

My mom adopted a new kitty after I went to the Bridge; her name is Story. My mom has been spending a lot of time working with her. My human brother is the one who had the most difficulty adjusting to her, even though he is an old boy now in college. He grew up with me as his only cat his whole life. So he was just used to me and my personality and temperament. Story is very different from me, but still loving. It has been quite the change for my brother. It's nice to know that my human brother loved me so much. And I'm glad my brother is finally getting used to the new kitty, and liking her for who she is, since all cats are special even if they are different!

I have to go now!

Stay safe, & take care everycat!

~Apollo Cream


My Urn..

February 22nd 2012 10:59 pm
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I just posted a picture of my urn. It is picture #2 on my page. I'm sorry that the background is white. Hopefully you can still see it. My mom bought it shortly after I went to the Bridge. My mom had a difficult time finding the right cat urn for my ashes, and my mom never knew there were so many different types of pet urns. She thought this one was pretty. Surprisingly, it looks a bit like my newly adopted kitten sister, Story. Story's orange-cream colored markings are similar to my coloring, too. She doesn't act like me much though, except that she purrs a lot like I did. My mom LOVES cat purring. It is her favorite!!

My mom misses me tons, but she's glad to have the cat urn with my ashes. She's so glad to have Story, too.

Take care, everycat!

++Apollo Cream


I'm an Angel Now.

December 10th 2011 10:48 am
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I'm a new angel. I just received my wings this morning. Now I won't have any more health problems or feel tired. I was a very sweet boy here on Earth, and now I will be a sweet angel., I was never a lap cat, but I'd always follow everyone around the house. Then, I'd sit quietly waiting for attention. I was always very quiet.

Throughout my lifetime, my mom has gone into the doctor's due to breast tumors. Before and after they were removed, she would have to go into the doctor's office to get examined or for an ultrasound or a mammogram. The night before, my mom would be so nervous and restless, she wouldn't be able to sleep. So each night before her appointments, I'd sit next to her and purr, to help her fall asleep. It worked and still works like a charm. My purring is very comforting. I did this each and every night before all of her appointments for this issue, and only the night before, whether she was checked monthly, bi-monthly, every six months, or annually like she does now. My mom never knew how I knew she was going in the next day! So as you can tell, I was a super great and loyal friend...and smart! I loved my family!

Thank you to everyone who was my friend here on catster. You are all so nice! Thank you for always being so kind to me.

Apollo Cream


I Have a New House!

July 26th 2010 11:13 pm
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Hi! I'm sorry I haven't updated my diary. I just recently moved to a new house. I am beginning to adjust to it fairly well. My mom has been worried about me, because I'm an older boy cat. I seem to be doing okay though. At first I was scared, but now I am having fun exploring! I love to explore.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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