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Smoked Turkey, Catnip and Sunshine is the way to my little kitty heart...

I'm playing tag and inviting you to play....but you can- choose whether or not you want to play too...

July 26th 2007 10:15 pm
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June 26th --- I got tagged by that gorgeous kitty Paisley. She has a game that has these rules: you have to write seven random facts about yourself in your own diary, put the rules on to start with, then "tag" seven other kitties and list them at the bottom of your entry. Then you need to remember to Paw them a note to let them know they have been tagged too and to see your diary entry for the rules.

I'm very happy to play "tag" with Paisley, but my Mom doesn't usually like to play this game, so she understands that other people may not want to either. If you don't want to play, that's fine, but if you do, see above...

OK -- here goes...

1. My Daddy bought me two rhinestone initials (K & C) and a leopard collar for my birthday!

2. I have a touch of arthritis these days, so Mom bought a lumber pillow just for me, and she also got me a DeLonghi Heater that she puts right in front of my basket for when it gets cold outside.

3. I love the following -- Smoked Turkey, Yoghurt, Mom/Dad, Sunshine and Catnip (OK, ok - Mom and Dad first, then the rest).

4. I have "conversations" with Dad 'cause he can "meow" just like a cat!

5. I really, really like to get my back and head brushed with my wire cat brush (but don't brush my stomach or I will yowl! It's OK to get my tummy rubbed by hand though)

6. Whenever I join my family in the backyard, I find that loose board in the fence and pop outside to check out what happening in the courtyard. But first I eat my fill of the catnip my Mom planted just for me.

7. I hate the vacumn cleaner so much, that whenever it's on, I hide in the closet!

I am tagging:

Lukas Duarte - ID 230656
Kratos - ID 536921
Cole ID 356101
Chester ID 262696
KoKo ID 59459
Nigel Hornby ID 397668
Ash ID 515169

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