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9 Lives of Lazy Days

My first entry

January 21st 2008 7:57 pm
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Well as I lay here almost asleep, I give mental notes to the pink monkey that I like to call Love Giver, or Waiter. I tell her that I have enjoyed my day, I have spent most of it asleep on the furnace vent in the bedroom with the pink monkey I call Fun Bringer or the other one. My brother Ghost has spent most of his day sleeping on an old pizza box he knocked out of the trash, he is weird that way. If there is a box in the house he claims it. He IS the 'box ghost' (check out the link ).
The Fun Bringer is laying on the long soft scratching thing, I believe they call it a couch, while Love Giver sits beside me and takes my mental dictations, on the strange metal box thing (which we are not allowed to lay on!!)
My week has been an eventful one. Yesterday I spent a good long 15 minutes playing with a small fuzzy thing on the end of a string, but the ring was more fun than the fuzy thing. Then I chased Ghost for a few minutes until we both collapsed on the upstairs carpet. I got in trouble for biting his back, they called me Marv Albert?!? What ever that is supposed to mean.
After all of that fun, Ghost went out side, something I am NOT allowed to do. But he came back in a few minutes later complaining about it being to cold. And I told him to stop complaining at least he gets to chase those flying feathers menaces the pink monkeys call, birds.
Ghost came to live with us a few years after I conned the pink monkeys into thinking I was the cutest thing they had ever seen. He was homeless and I think unloved, he was a little shy when Love Giver would try to pet him, but he is warming up to the pink monkeys.
There used to be a larger dark figure that lived in the back yard. Fun Bringer called this creature Zeke. It was a sad few days at this time last year, I heard Love Giver crying about this Zeke creature dying. Fun Bringer was even upset, he is normally the stronger of the two.
One moment Love Giver must let my brother out side, Again… Aw she is back, wait I need to lick my leg… oh that tasted bad…maybe my front paw will be better… stretch … any way were was I??? Oh yes…
I was tell you about my family I have cousin, that lives with the distant pink monkeys. Those are the ones I have name thusly the big bald one with a dead animal on his chin is Weird Player, his mate I call Soft Lap. Then there is the older male, I call him Scary Hat and his mate I call… Grandma.
Well that is my family I need a nap this has worn me out


A Sad Passing

April 24th 2013 7:10 pm
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We are sorry to inform all of Fizzy's friends that he has passed from this world to the next. He lived a happy life of nearly 12 years and fell ill rather quickly and sadly within a week he was gone.

It was possibly one of the hardest things I have every had to go through (expect the loss of my brother).

The morning he passed, he ate some tuna and drank some water, after days of forced feeding. It was a warm sunny day here so I opened the door to the entry (his favorite spot). He managed to get off his chair but could not get on his stool. He had been walking with a limp for about a week. He would meow (he only meowed when upset). I tried to help him, but he cried and started to seize.

My heart strings were not only tearing, but they were being ripped a sunder. I spread him out on the carpet and after a few seconds he was okay. This repeated several times that afternoon. My husband was two hours away and with someone else so he could not return to help. Luckily my mother came to help me. She doted on him and tried to keep him comfy.

The last seizure was terrifying, I sat nearby and cried. Our younger cat, would dart into the entry way and then run and hide. Fizzy silently passed just as the sun set.

My father gathered him up to be buried with the other pets from years past. Then just a few days after Fizzy was laid to rest, my father lost his precious Sheba (a nearly 18 years old calico). They are resting side by side.

I have many regrets. Many "what ifs" and "should I haves". In the end I did the best I could for him.

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