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Home:Jamaica,Queens, New York  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Mush, Mushy, Grandma Mush

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
April 6th 2007

April 6th 1993

Black and White

Petting!, sitting in a lap, curling up on someone's belly, sleeping next to her people, watching birds, naps, having my owners' friends come over & sitting on them!playtime with Sabrina,treats

Sabrina eating her food, Sabrina following her to the litter box, traveling to the vet, getting her ears cleaned of gook, getting her eyes cleaned of gook, not being able to eat crunchy dry food like Sabrina

Favorite Toy:
race track with ball inside, soft toys, balls to play around the house with

Favorite Nap Spot:
in her bed, on someone's lap, on our bed next to us, in Sabrina's bed or sleeping with Sabrina

Favorite Food:
Felidae Platinum Canned- Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Herring Flavor; Felidae Chicken & Rice in Chicken Broth Canned, Felidae Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Ocean White fish Canned, Gerber's Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Veal baby foods; Merrick Granny's Pot Pie,

she responds to her name "MUSH MUSH" if you say it clearly and will look at you or jump on your lap


Arrival Story:
We we're interested in adopting another cat and decided fostering would be a good way of finding the right cat for us. Mush was on the euthanasia list at a city shelter and a volunteer at our local no-kill shelter rescued her with a couple of other cats. I asked the local shelter if they had any cats to recommend to me for adoption & Mush Mush was mentioned. They told me she had missing teeth-would need the rest of her teeth pulled because they were deteriorating, and badly infected ears. My boyfriend and I fostered her, and we decided to keep her because she's the sweetest cat you'll ever know. She gives gentle hugs with her paws and kisses on your nose. Sabrina wasn't too happy at first because she's the first cat we got, but as time went on slowly she lets Mush share the window with her in watching birds, she lets Mush sleep in her bed with her, and plays with Mush. She likes to sample Mush's food first before Mush eats of course and protects Mush by following her to the litter box.

And Mush is older than Sabrina- Mush is about 11 or 12 years old (although the shelter thought she was 8!-she's got a baby face!), she watches Sabrina play sometimes- if not playing with Sabrina, and will give a disapproving look if Sabrina gets to frisky; that's why we sometimes call her Grandma Mush. We celebrate Mush's birthday as April 6 th, because we adopted her April 6, 2007.

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Our beloved Mush Mush has now passed on...

December 3rd 2012 4:06 pm
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[Hello I am the ex-boyfriend of the women who started this page for Mush Mush way back in 2007 (which was the same year we got ol' Mushy). We have since broken up but, I have been looking after the cats (Mush Mush and her "sister" Sabrina) since. Mostly its been due to the fact that I have more space and such for them. Now the woman (my ex) that started this page for both Mush Mush & Sabrina has not updated their profiles in quite some time on this site (she's been very busy with work and such; you know how it goes), but I came across the web address for this site while going through all Mush Mush's information now that Mushy has passed on.]

Where to start now...

Mush Mush the cat passed away this passed Saturday December 1st 2012.

This was the cat that no one wanted (not even me at first). She was elderly and for lack of a better word looked "ratty". This was my ex's cat and when we broke up I ended up taking care of it. No person out there really wanted this cat and we knew if we gave it to a shelter they would most likely put her to sleep the very same day. So I kept her at first out of respect for life, but funny enough I learned something about her as well as myself.

What I learned about her was that while she might have been near twenty something years old she was extremely loving and docile. This was the cat wanted to sit on my lap every time I sat down and then later at night wanted to sleep next to me - whether I wanted it to or not. At first it was kinda annoying but after a while she became something of a real kindred spirit to me. Because no matter how bad my day was or what kind of mood I was in when I got home she always wanted to be near me. Since she loved loved me but what made it best was that she always had this chilled out relaxed attitude when sitting on my lap which seemed to put me at ease too.

Like I said she was very old and I knew that someday soon she would pass away and so when she got sick earlier this week I got myself ready for the worse. I had work that day and all the while at work I was nervous that she might pass on and die alone. Thankfully when I finally returned home she was still alive, but at same time I knew the end would be very soon. So I wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and held her in my arms like a baby. As she looked back at me I saw that even at the end she looked so at peace and relaxed; we both knew it was time. So she gave a big yawn, closed her eyes, and then just like that she passed on.

Her whole life before I had her no one ever truly wanted her and she never truly had a home. But on that day she died in the home she loved whilst in the arms of the person she loved most. I always knew that I made her life better by having her, but what I finally learned then was that she made my life better by having me as well.

Thank you Mush Mush and may you rest in peace...


Update: Mush's Surgery Friday-July 27th

July 25th 2007 1:34 am
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We applied for Care Credit weeks ago. We don't have Pet Insurance for Mush yet, but we will be adding Mush on to Sabrina's policy. Or, we may switch both Sabrina & Mush to another Pet Insurance company. Care Credit only gave us a limit of $1500, and the place I went to on Friday would not take that as a deposit. They wanted a more than half of the estimate-left as deposit. They said I can use my $1500 Care Credit but would need an extra $500 onto that or else they won't even consider the surgery. They want me to come in and place $2000 deposit down- which is more than half of the estimate. Estimate is $2626- a little over $3000 (I don't know how much a little over to them is, but figured $1500 is half of $3000 and would make a good deposit). The receptionist is always snotty when I call, I became so frustrated with her I said "Excuse me, but you don't have that kind of attitude with me, if I do decide to have the surgery here--I as a client will be paying your salary, where do you think your boss gets his money from"?!!

I took Mush on Friday to Central Vet Associates for a physical exam and if they could inform me if they were able to perform the surgery. They wanted to do the surgery that very morning! They did not inform me that they may do a possible surgery before I came. I felt so rushed and unprepared, as well did Mush. I though they were taking her off for tests because before they left the room with her thats what was being discussed. I did not like that they didn't ask me if I was ready to do the surgery that morning or not. They then showed me a tour of their hi-tech hospital, which was very impressive. I then saw Mush was already in a cage being kept in a room where they prep for surgery. That's when I realized that they did not care to ask me and just rushed her off. I then told them I need an estimate first, they told me to ask the receptionist at the desk. She laid the bill on the desk and before I could even look at it said"We need that amount now in full". I told her that I would need to discuss this with the office manager, since I couldn't increase my limit anymore ( Care Credit told me $1500 is all they would give me). They told me I would have to call Monday- 9:30 Am to contact the office manager. I went back and told the vet that she ate at 9:30 the previous night, and that she already ate at 7:30 that morning some of Sabrina's dry food. I didn't give her breakfast that morning, because she gets sick when traveling. He told me that it was OK that she ate the night before and whatever she ate after midnight she already vomited ( which she did, always vomits when traveling) and that the food is out of her system & not to be too concerned because surgeries aren't done until afternoon time anyways. Well, I paid the amount for the physical and left with Mush. I found out that this wasn't professional, what if she didn't vomit all the food up, it could complicate surgery!!

I tried calling then on Monday to speak to the office manager, the receptionist got nosey wanting to know what it was in regards too- I didn't feel like dealing with her so I said"Financing". She asked me if my pet was in their custody- I said "No, I would never leave my animal even if I did owe money- which I don't". She then made me hold for 10 minutes! When she finally got back to me she just casually said "Can you call back later". I told her that it's not right to tell someone an appropriate time to contact the office manager, make somebody wait on the phone, and then not inform them of the reason why the person they called to speak to is unavailable, and got snotty with her and said "Are you gonna let me know if the office manager is there or not?! Stop wasting my time!" She then snotty remarked "Well, don't waste my time". AND that's when I got really angry and said my quote from the first paragraph--how I would be paying her salary. I also asked that "If people can't pay their bills IN FULL the day of the procedure, but at least pay HALF of the bill as deposit, do they still keep your pet--EVEN THOUGH YOU ALREADY PAID HALF? The receptionist responded "Well, were not a government funded agency, what do you expect"? and hung up on me. AND THEY DID HAVE A LOT OF ADOPTABLE PETS WHEN WE WENT THERE!! COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT! I WONDER IF IT'S REALLY EVEN LEGAL TO TAKE SOMEONE'S PET AWAY- I KNOW IT'S CONSIDERED PROPERTY IN MOST STATES??? I COULDN"T UNDERSTAND THIS- YOU PAID HALF & THEY'RE STILL GONNA KEEP YOUR PET! LIKE IF I WASN'T GONNA PAY THE OTHER HALF, I PROBABLY THEN WOULDN'T PAY ANY. THEY SHOULD TRUST YOU MORE IF YOU AT LEAST PAID HALF!! My fiancee called from his job and again they put him on hold then told him that the office manager was busy- he then said "Well, I would like to speak with her by today and I can't wait all day for her phone call-I am busy too, and my fiancee called this morning". The receptionist snotty remarked "Well, Im busy too" and hung up on him. A lady I met in my regular animal hospital while waiting for Sabrina to get her vaccine shots, was talking about this place went to on Friday-she said her friend's dog went there for surgery she gave them a deposit of HALF they were unwilling to work in meeting her halfway about payment plans, she winded up taking out a loan within that same week--she did not want her dog staying any longer than necessary and until today is still paying off that loan from 2 years ago, but at least she has her dog! Then even charged her for keeping the dog-- which they did, for a few days, before she paid the other HALF by loan!

THANK GOD Mush is not terminally ill and needs immediate attention, urgent care and 24 hour monitoring. This place was telling me she would need to stay 3-4 days because she's older and skinny. So they did get me thinking that yes, indeed, she may need more recovery time. My experienced pet friends told me I really don't need the OVER NIGHT MONITORED CARE, she's very healthy besides the teeth & ear, she has a very strong heart & lungs. They told me that if Mush god forbid already had a serious health condition--that even going for a minor surgery would be a big concern, and then the 24 hour monitored over night care would be best. Then, I don't know what we would do, we would probably have to unfortunately still look around for places, or unfortunately submit ourselves to a bunch of jerks (like where she went Friday) w/ horrible bedside manner and horrible people skills. My pet friends told me that surgery no matter what it is, is always an important concern, but that it is a minor surgery & Mush has no serious conditions to complicate it. They also say the way we were treated was very unprofessional, intimidating, and inconsiderate of the animal's preparedness.

Thats why we decided to not go to them, we will have her surgery done at her regular hospital-- (July 27th- This Friday) where I don't have to get a headache or attitude from speaking with the staff. It will not be monitored over night care, however she doesn't NEED that--THANK GOD! It was just something extra special that I really WANTED to do for Mush. I feel if you're WILLING to spend anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 OR MORE & do everything , anything & beyond for your pet ( including living on a very tight budget, working multiple jobs, or putting yourself possibly into debt)--- the vet & vet staff should be willing to work with you & meet you in the middle somewhere. Maybe sign a waiver agreeing that you'll pay in full & if you don't pay in full- they can have the right to take you to court, or a payment agreement that specifies if you don't pay in full by this time we have to take you to court or whatever. This rude place we went to on Friday asked for your SS# and occupation description on the "NEW CLIENT APPLICATION". Has anybody gone to a vet hospital where they had to put this type of info on the form?? Sorry for the long update but we went through a lot of B.S. (BULL S***), and mommy & daddy were upset the whole weekend & Monday.


Update: Why Do I Get Sick Traveling in MY Carrier??

July 12th 2007 1:55 am
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Well i am off that awful tasting pink stuff(amoxicillin). The vet then gave me Tresaderm for 10 days (3 drops 1x a day into the right ear) to help reduce the swelling of that polyp. Well, the swelling did reduce slightly, and my ear feels less irritated, but I am still going for surgery. the vet will try the 1st procedure - just pulling out the polyp, but if for some reason this doesn't work the 2nd procedure will have to be done that same day. The 2nd procedure involves opening up my ear canal & draining it, as well as removing the polyp; because the polyp bleeds- it's not very noticeable at all, the vet warned mommy & daddy that tiny droplets of blood may be found on the floor from me shaking my head. However, mommy & daddy don't even notice it- so, I guess the blood is probably drying up very quickly inside my ear. The reason why the 2nd procedure isn't a good first option is because it's very evasive, very painful and a much longer recovery period. So we'll only do that procedure if we really need to. I will also be getting the few teeth that I have left cleaned & a few teeth that are getting pretty bad will be pulled, this will all be done while I am sleeping during my ear surgery.

Mommy, daddy & myself had a very interesting conversation with an animal communicator/behaviorist. They wanted to know why I become so sick when traveling in a taxi to the vet, as well as why it happens when I'm coming back from the vet's as well. Mommy & daddy love me very much & don't mind walking around with newspapers & pet wipes every time they take me to the vet & said it's not an inconvenience to them & would do it all the time if they need
to. They always give me a nice waterless bath when we get home with a foaming shampoo, which they massage & comb into my fur, it makes me feel really clean afterwards & it feels really good too! They're just more concerned as to the reasons why I might be getting sick & if there is anything they can do to solve it, make me feel more comfortable, or if nothing can be done-just to understand why I might do it. Mommy found out that my past was filled with horrible people. I was trapped in a locked carrier and abandoned with no food or water, and left defenseless in the streets. I was also put into tiny boxes that don't fit me by horrible people. Thank goodness my carrier is nice & roomy! I can stand up and move around in it. I associate the carrier with abuse & death- because I've witnessed my animal friends being abused in carriers, as well as I- ( I was abandoned-which is neglect-which is a type of abuse). I've heard stories from my animal friends how they and other animals they've known (YES, WE TALK TO EACH OTHER, SO WATCH OUT!) are abused in carriers, or either don't come back by traveling in a carrier. I am also old, I am healthy, but I do need surgery on my ear & teeth so don't feel very confident in myself right now-- I realize and have witnessed other animals who are old or/ & sick get given away or/ & then die. I FEAR this the most. Even though I feel comfortable with my owners & in their home and realize that yes..these people are not 'just saying' they love me & that they're my furrever is still hard to put aside these overwhelming huge fears I have about people, carriers, being old, getting sick. I do trust them, but it's hard to let so many big fears not take control. I am not afraid of the new vet, I do realize it is meant to help me. Although I didn't really like the last one, & neither did mom & dad, the communicator picked up on this. I have no fear of motions or cars- those things don't bother me. BUT I AM AFRAID OF THE CARRIER & NOT KNOWING IF I'll BE COMING BACK WITH MY OWNERS ( even though they " always take me back home & always will, no matter what"-that's how mommy & daddy tell me. I will be getting help from the communicator/behaviorist & her colleagues. I will be trying "Shining Spirits"- they are a more advanced version of Bach's Flower Remedies (a holistic remedy where Rescue Remedy originated from) & have personalized ingredients-customized especially for me & my issues. "Spirit Essences" are also like "Shining Spirits" except that "Spirit Essences" does not have vibrational healing qualities added to them( which are a very good benefit, a plus to have!), however "Shining Spirits" do have vibrational healing qualities added to them. If anyone needs any info on this or animal communicator/behavior please p-mail me. I was using Feliway to help calm me, but it was only helping a little- it was delaying the onset of me feeling anxious & getting sick not resolving it. I would start hyperventilating in the car-even though the windows would be fully open & my carrier is well ventilated. I would then start vomiting & poop on myself. I also did this on the way back home from the vet's as well. I really hope "Shining Spirits" makes me feel more confident, at ease, & less stressed,

Sabrina & I have more similarities than differences(probably because of the so many bad experiences we have had in the past, and what we've had to overcome in our lives). We nurture each other. Sabrina is just as affectionate as I am, & loves Mommy & daddy just as much as I do-WHICH IS A WHOLE LOT! THEY'RE PAWSOME PEEPS! We found out that Sabrina just shows her affection & love differently in different ways than I do--that's why at first, it may seem like Sabrina may not love mommy & daddy--she's not cuddly & does not love lots of petting for long periods of time like I do. She will not sleep with mom & dad like I do. She does not voluntarily jump on their laps like I do. If they do get Sabrina to sit with them,( which can be hard-cause Sabrina does not like sitting on the couch on them like i do), Sabrina will only stay for a short while. But, I know she loves them just as much as I do, she's just not very free or open with her love & affection as I am. This may have been because of her past negative experiences with people--she may have been really free with her affection at one point, but may have got really hurt or abused by a horrible human, so feels it's not worth it for her to be too free with her love- because doing that only gets her hurt. Mommy understands Sabrina so much, because mommy has had a lot of negative past experiences with humans as well...people seemed to like to treat mommy badly too, but that's why mommy( although a very nice lady, she's not very friendly or trusting of anybody & only has like 2 very good friends that she spends time with).

The communicator/behaviorist said we shape our personalities- half intentionally & half unintentionally with both good & bad experiences in life, but that some people -like pets, tend to have had more negative experiences than positive ones, but some have a personality based on the positive ones (like me & daddy have, we don't let the bad stuff get us down--no matter what!-- even though both of us have had a lot more bad experiences than good ones) ; & some people/pets have had a lot more bad experiences than good ones & will base their personality on the negative ones (like Sabrina & mommy).
I will be speaking with the communicator/behaviorist & colleagues again before my surgery- mommy is going to make an appointment this week to see what day the surgeons will be available. Hopefully, I won't freak out, as the communicator said I will see other animals being helped in their dying process & that I shouldn't freak out while I'm in my cage recovering after surgery, thinking my bad thoughts of maybe how mommy & daddy left me trapped here in this cage to die because they're not coming back for me!! Well...that's all for now, I will write another update after surgery...I'll just be spending overnight--first time since being adopted 4 months ago, that I'll be away from mommy & daddy!! Well...for now please just say a prayer for me that my surgery goes well, and that I don't freak out. I need some PUUURRRSS right now, and I would be very appreciative.

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