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A Lover Girl's Thoughts

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A Poem From Cesar

May 29th 2010 1:52 pm
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My handsome orange friend, Cesar sent a beautiful poem. It got momma crying again because she misses me so much, but the poem says everything so perfectly, we thought everyone should read it too.

How can I bear to lose you, my precious gentle one,
To know that you will not be here when my day is done?
So much of my heart, my love, have I given up to you,
How then can I stand the pain now that your life is through?
My sorrow overwhelms me, the tears so freely flow,
How can I carry on my life, with a heart that's laden so?
Then the answer comes to me from the stillness in my soul.
Remembering the love we shared will help to make me whole.
I'll hold you in a special place, so deep within my heart
And in these loving memories we'll never be apart.
You will not be so far away, your presence I will feel.
I'll wrap myself in your memory and so very slowly I will heal.
The years we shared, the little joys, the laugher and the tears
My love for you will never die, but strengthen with the years
So fare you well, my precious love, I gently let you go
And pray to all the Gods there be that you will always know
I loved you so, my little one, that love will never cease
I gave you warmth, I gave you love, and now I give you peace.

~ Constance Jenkins~

Thank you, Cesar, and Cesar's daddy. You have a heart of gold...or maybe orange...which is gold with sunshine added.

We love you.
Lucy Angel and momma


Flowers And Butterflies!

May 28th 2010 8:54 am
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I am in a beautiful place now, full of flowers, butterflies, ladybugs (giggle) and warm sunshine. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a stream, and I am gorgeous again! Purrrrr.

I have a new background on my looks a lot like what I see up here. I have had a reunion with my angel brothers, and with my sister, Claire. Claire and I will be learning all the new Angel things together.
Calvin met us, along with a whole group of our beloved Catster friends. Thanks Cal!
Anna sent hundreds of fireflies to help me find my way. It was beautiful!

Everyone has been writing me and mom such nice notes. We haven't even finished reading them all yet. I don't know how I will ever get to send proper thanks, but I am going to try. When I get my wings, I will come for a visit.

That's all I have time for now. They keep you real busy here at first. I think that's so you don't miss home as much, but I still do.

Love to you all, and lots of orangie kisses,


Saying Goodbye To My Brave Angel

May 26th 2010 5:32 pm
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~From Lucy's momma and daddy...

Our precious and brave girl was helped by her lifelong vet this afternoon, to quietly cross Rainbow Bridge.

We possibly waited too long, we wanted to keep her with us so badly.
She wanted to stay just as badly, and did not complain, ever.

Lucy was an exceptional cat. We looked back over her years, and she never mis-behaved a single time, she was such a sweetheart.
We would have given anything that this cancer did not happen to her.

I love my orangie girl, and I will miss her every day of my life.
I will look forward to seeing her run to me when the day comes that God reunites us.
I will open my arms wide for her and Claire, and Zack, Harry and Riley, my beloved angels.

Lucy, my in peace, and know my heart is yours.



Time Has Run Out

May 25th 2010 9:51 pm
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To my friends,
Everyone has been so good to me since I have been sick.
I have made so many new wonderful friends, and it has made me very happy.

Mom and dad stayed around the house all day today. I have not been doing well the last couple days. My face is so uncomfortable, I can't lay down very well, my head is lopsided. I have grown so thin, even though I have been eating. It is harder than ever to eat, and I haven't finished my meals the last several feedings. My eyes have clouded over, and I squint. The light hurts them, so I have been staying in the back bathroom which has a dimmer on the light.

Mom had hoped I would make it past May. This month was already sad with Zack's 1st Bridge anniversary, and now Claire's sudden illness and death. It looks like I will get to see my angel sister soon, possibly even tomorrow.
Please don't be sad for me. I don't want to be a quitter, but I knew going in that this was a battle I could not win. I am tired, and I will only feel worse from here on. I looked at mom tonight, and my eyes were watery, like tears. She stroked my head, but I ducked, and acted like it hurt. Then I laid my head against her.
If I do not look, or feel any better, tomorrow, then it is time. It is going to be very hard for her and daddy. Too much pain, too much heartache.

I hope this will not be my last goodnight to you all, but if it is, please know that every purr and every pawmail and every comment and every rosette gift have been so wonderful to receive. I will never forget the kindness, and I will always remember the love.

Orangie kisses goodnight,


A Few Quick Purrs

May 15th 2010 8:09 am
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I will make this short because my parents are leaving soon to "bring home the bacon".
Mmmm, bacon. Doesn't everyone love bacon?

PetSmart ran out of my favorite canned food.
Can you believe that? So last night mom gave me a different flavor. I ate a few bites, then backed away, and my little brother Fisher said, "You done with that Lucy?" Yep.
So mom fixed me another flavor and I ate that all up! Nothing wrong with my appetite.
I will have to get another bath later today, though.
Sophie said "Honey, I don't mean to be rude, but you smell".
Yeah, I do.
I told her, "I smell better than the DOG".
Sophie said, "OK, I'll give you that", and then she started grooming my ears.

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing okay.
Thank you so much for all the purrs...see they do help!

Orangie kisses, Lucy


Still Purrin'

May 13th 2010 5:21 pm
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Hello my special friends,
I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about all my thank you's! I started a list, and I am beginning to send them finally!
Yesterday I had mom a little worried because I slept all day, and did not come out for breakfast. But last night when she called "Lucy...SUPPER!", I came running down the hall, yes running! I jumped up on my shelf and finished my plate of food, and asked for more! So even though I am starting to look a little like "The Elephant Man", I am enjoying my dinner.
Today I slept in the kitchen window sill. The birds were singing and the wind was blowing so there was a nice breeze. It's starting to feel like summer around here. Oh, I found this cartoon image. I laughed when I saw it because it's how I feel, MOL. Lucy...the Lion. Hear me roar!
Take a look...


Goodnight my friends!
Orangie kisses, Lucy


More Honors

May 6th 2010 8:05 pm
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OMC, I was almost beside myself today when I found out I was a Diary Pick! Thank you Catster Headquarters for such a sweet honor. This little orange girl is blushing, and that makes me turn almost salmon colored. *giggle*
Mmmm, salmon, shouldn't have mentioned that...haven't had supper yet.
*licks lips in anticipation*
Speaking of supper, last night I polished off another whole can of FF Salmon and Shrimp. Not bad, right?

Sorry this is short, but tomorrow I will write more. know what is really good?
I have a tomorrow.

I love you all lots and lots.
Orangie kisses, Lucy

Oh, just a little something from me and momma...


Soft Purrs To Everyone

May 5th 2010 5:33 pm
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I have spent the day reading and answering pawmails. What wonderful cats you all are to write to me. Purrrrrs

I still have many friend requests to read and accept, but that will be tomorrow's project. Did I tell you that momma can only spend short periods on the 'puter now because her eyes bother her? Slowly but surely we will read every one. I still need to read all my rosettes too. Oh my, what's a girl to do? So many gifts and so little time!

I spent a quiet day today. I camped out in the back bathroom, near the window, and I could listen to the birds chirping. My mouth has not started bleeding any more, so far. The vet suggested that mom bring me in for an antibiotic shot to help prevent secondary infections. She said it's all about making me as comfortable as possible from here on out. I also will get some trans-dermal pain medication, which is a lotion that goes on my ear, just in case I appear in pain, which luckily so far, I haven't.

Once more, I thank everypurr for all their kindness.

Grateful orangie kisses, Lucy


Happy Tears

May 4th 2010 11:35 am
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Oh My, Oh My!
Meee? Cat of the Day?
Thank you HQ, for this pawsome and incredible honor.
I don't know what to say...I am overwhelmed with all this.

Thank you all for the congratulations and all the purrs. I am resting quietly again today. I ate a whole can of Fancy Feast salmon and shrimp last night. So far today, no more bleeding. We have not heard back from the vet yet, but I know it's not quite time...I have not given up.

Mom will help me read all my messages and accept my new friend requests very soon. Please understand if we don't write right back today, I treasure every pmail, we just have so much to do around here daily. Everyone of you is in my heart, and I say soft purrs of thanks all day for having the kindest furends on Catster.

Lots of love and orangie kisses, Lucy


Two Bad Days

May 3rd 2010 8:29 pm
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My furry friends,
Sorry I have not been back to write in my diary. The last two days have been pretty bad. My mouth started bleeding three times yesterday, and twice today. I am weaker, and less responsive, but I did eat last night, and I still bump my head into mom's hands as she pets me. I have been quiet most of the day today. Mom is afraid to leave me. Dad went to work on his own, without mom to help. He is worried too. My parents called the vet, and are going to talk with her tomorrow about what to do from here. My regular vet is out of the country, but his partner vet is wonderful and she will make the right decision for me.
Mom says she will answer all my mail tomorrow, she is very tired and pretty stressed tonight.

Thank everypurr so much for caring about me.

Orangie kisses goodnight, Lucy

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