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My First Dr Visit with Mommy

June 8th 2007 11:59 am
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I had my first Dr visit today. They transfered my files from my old mommy's file to my new Mommy's. They offically changed my name too. I'm Abigail now, but daddy still likes to call me WiiBoots!

Mommy asked about something called "Spay". It sounds really scary. I'm glad the Doctors said that I was still too young. I have to weigh 5 lbs at least, but I only weigh 2. I'm still too widdle.

Mommy was sorta disappointed because when she did research about this it said that if you "spay" before 5 months, it doesn't cause major personality changes that are involved with "Sexual Maturation". Mommy wants me to stay kitten-y all my life!

They gave me some medicine, and I was a really brave little girl. I'm so proud of myself, I didn't show any teeth or claws. MROW! But I would have, if Mommy hadn't been there, petting me! I'm a fiesty little one. No one messes with me! *mrow!!*

After the vet visit, mommy put me and my big sister in the same carrier for the ride home. We were much more quiet. It was because sissy and I were together, and we comforted each other.

When we got home, we laid down and took a nap. The vet always makes me wanna curl up and go to sleep.



May 31st 2007 2:45 pm
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Mommy and daddy think I have Narcolepsy, because sometimes i'll be playing a whole lot, and then i'll suddenly fall asleep right where I was.

They call me WiiBoots now, because i have to reboot like a computer sometimes, but the Wii is for the new game console daddy got. He plays it ALOT!

I have so much ENERGY that when it goes away, i have to boot back up. Mommy and Daddy think it's cute.

My sissy Allie still wants to play when I want to sleep and sometimes i have to give her a hint to chill out a little bit while I nap.

But, I am very happy, and full, and healthy! YEY!


Long Strange Day

May 17th 2007 7:19 am
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Yesterday was a very interesting day in my little tiny kitten life.

I was sleeping with my brothers and sisters, when I saw that a man and woman had come in the room that I had never seen before. The woman picked me right up, she was nice. I was sleeping though, so I got a bit crabby.

My old mommy and daddy were talking to these people, and my old daddy took a picture of me with the lady. Then they said some more things and then the new man and lady took me in the strangest human thing i've ever seen. My old parents took me in theres once, to take me to the doctors to make sure i was healthy (I AM!), but this ride was longer.

When I got to my new home, (i think it's my new home. I don't want to move around anymore) I saw another cat. She was bigger then me, and very very very playful. She kept licking me and playing a bit too rough for me, but it was just playing. I know that when she plays too rough i'm okay though, because my new mommy watches out for me. I had to stand my ground a few times, but Allie (my big kitty sister) doesn't listen. I was trying to tell her I was tired and had enough playing for one day, but she is just so full of energy.

Then, I fell asleep in my new mommy and new daddy's arms, at different times of course. They kept picking me up, but i was just so tired that I fell right back to sleep.

They had to keep me in a bathroom for the night. My new mommy set me up with a nice place to sleep. It's fuzzy and blue and very cushy. I'm glad.

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