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Catster Presents......AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine The Movie

July 21st 2007 4:34 pm
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I just finished watching "Aquamarine" with my mommy, she cried at the end, and me I only enjoyed hearing my name, hehe. It is quite sad you see, Hailey and Claire discover a mermaid in Claire's pool. The mermaid got in there because of a HUGE wave that washed her in. Her dad, the "Weather Merman", makes storms and he was mad at her so he made a big huge storm. He was mad because Aquamarine swam away from home. She didn't want to marry a "squid freak merman" as she called him. So she "swam" away. After Claire and Hailey find Aqua, they have to help Aqua find love, because she has to prove to her father that love is not a myth. So Aquamarine has three days to find love.
At day one Aquamarine, Hailey, and Claire set off to find someone, but when Claire and Hailey notice that Aqua wants to find love with Raymond, the lifeguard who Hailey and Claire like, they regret ever agreeing to find her a love. But when they notice that friendship comes first, they decide that it would be the better way to go. Aquamarine, who doesn't know what it's like to have feet and be on shore, walks up to Raymond and asks him "Do you love me?" and he says "No but I think your hott.". Aquamarine who was being too stupid told Hailey and Claire he thought she was hot. She touched her forehead and actually thought that he thought she was BLAZING hot.
Still at day one Hailey and Claire teach Aquamarine the basic steps of love. First they went to the fair just to see if she and Raymond could actually get together. Aquamarine and the girls walked by Raymond giggling and laughing, trying to get his attention, and then Aqua did the "Fluff and Retreat" she walked up to him complimented him and then said "Bye". He came running after her saying WAIT!!WAIT!!, they got some cotton candy and then it started to turn sunset when they were on the Paddle Boats, and Aqua and the girls had to run as fast as they could to find a safe place to where Aqua's dad couldn't pull the currents to come to him so she would come home. They finally found a place at the Big Water Holder (the big thing that says the towns name on it), Cecilia, a spoiled brat, told Raymond that Aquamarine had a boyfriend, just so she could get him.
At day two Hailey, Aqua and Claire went shopping, they bought many clothes for Aqua to wear to the "Last Splash", some place that Raymond asked her to go with him to. They got clothes and came home.
The Same Day they did the "Walk or Ride By", when they rode by Raymond's house, pretending not even to think it was his street. But when he looked out and saw Aqua, she accidentally put on the brakes and went flying forward. He then gave her a bandage, the girls said he liked her.
Still the same day the "Pool Party" was going on. Claire went to the party to tell Raymond he was supposed to be there with Aqua. When Raymond said Cecilia told him Aqua had a boyfriend, he ran over to Claire's house, not expecting her to be in the bathtub (with her fins), so at the last moment, Hailey jumped in and pretended her legs were Aqua's. Aqua got out and talked to Raymond outside. (her legs were on and she ws covered) After she came out the girls asked her what happened, she said that he asked her to the dance.
Day two still Raymond and Aquamarine went to the "Last Splash" and Aquamarine learned how to dance and other stuff. But at sundown, she asked him to meet her at the pier at 9:00pm, she kissed him and told him to tell her what he thought of that at 9:00.
Day three and Aqua met with Raymond at the pier. The girls were hiding under the pier to see what they were saying. But when Claire was almost walking over in water (for she hates water because her parents drowned) she said to go on the top. Aquamarine asked Raymond the question she wanted to ask him the last night, "Do you love me?", unfortunately he said he liked her. Then the evil Cecilia came and pushed Aquamarine in to the water, because she knew Aqua was a mermaid. When Aqua got pushed she was pulled away by her father's currents. Not only did Hailey jump in after her, but so did the frightened Claire. They swam over to Aqua (it was storming real bad), and stopped at the bogey. Aquamarine told them the first day that they would get a wish if they helped a mermaid (but they didn't help her yet), Aquamarine asked them why they saved her, and they said the one important thing, "Because we love you Aqua.". And then the storm calmed down and Aqua really did prove to her dad that Love Truly Is Not A Myth.

Aquamarine - Sara Paxton
Hailey - Joanna (Jojo) Lequeste
Claire - Emma Roberts

Thank you for listening to my movie.



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