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Backyard visitor

May 25th 2012 7:29 am
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I just added a picture to my page of a backyard visitor. Mom and Huey were outside and even though Huey ran around like he smelled something different, he never looked on top of the fence, but Mom did.

That cat looked alot like me, but I was too busy eating breakfast!

Purring for our friend, Violet.



My Gotcha Day!

April 28th 2012 7:27 pm
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Thank you to my friends for honoring my Gotcha Day today! Mom is always glad she made videos of us when we were babies and took so many pictures as well.

This afternoon, Mom took a catnap with ME! Okay, me and Huey. She rarely takes naps but was sitting on the floor watching TV with me on her lap and for some reason felt sleepy, so she got on the couch and fell asleep with me at her feet and Huey by her head. That made me feel extra happy today!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Our Birthday Today!

March 19th 2012 8:37 pm
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Guess who were the first ones to remind Enzo and I that is was our Birthday today?


Yes, Mom had actually forgotten, so she didn't wish us a Happy Birthday until we told her!

Mom picked up our Grandma on Friday to spend the weekend here. Riley spent the most time going up to Grandma to get petted, followed by me. Pebbles and Pixie were curious and would look at Grandma, but the rest of the gang stayed upstairs most of the time.

Grandma slept in the room downstairs that has french doors. We hung a curtain behind the door just so she could have some privacy but one night when she left it open a little, she saw Riley and I sitting outside staring at her. MOL!

So, we had a busy weekend, but found some time to put our Easter pages up Sunday, even though we're playing the "page freeze" game on and off during the site relaunch.

Anyway, the weekend made us forget it was going to be our Birthday today, so thank you for reminding us and for partying with us today!



Safety 1st!

January 9th 2012 7:01 pm
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Mom was near the kitchen the other day and heard:

click, click,, click, click

She recognized that sound right away and when she walked into the kitchen I was sitting next to the stove on the counter. One of the burners on our gas stove was "ignited". The knobs are on the front of the stove.

It was an accident and I think I know how I did it. I was walking across the stove and my back leg slipped and I somehow managed to push the knob in and turn it a little.

Well, this made Mom buy some stove knob covers made by Safety 1st for children. Boy, she was glad it happened while she was home and I was too because none of us would have known how to turn it off.

Mom knew it wasn't Huey because he was out walking with Dad and he doesn't counter-surf, or stove-surf! I was the only one around at the time.

Mom has had cats all her adult life and has never had this happen, but it was a wake-up call for sure!



Climbing the walls!

December 3rd 2011 5:20 pm
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Our new wall beds and shelves arrived earlier this week and Dad had already planned to take the day off today so it was perfect.

Mom had the side of her face against the wall several times just to see what she thought we would see jumping from one shelf to another so that we would have enough room.

I actually pulled myself up from the bottom bed to the middle shelf instead of using the bottom shelf, which made mom giggle. So far, I'm the only cat who has jumped onto the top bed.

Thank you, Dad, for putting them up for us bright and early this morning because you knew Mom couldn't wait, and even while your hair was sticking up in the air because you hadn't showered yet. MOL

Afterwards, my parents took Huey to go see Santa at Petco and came back with an ottoman for us. That was put in the master bedroom where our wall beds and shelves are, so Mom has to see if any of us are using it so we can add pictures.



Happy Thanksgiving and a Curve wall bed!

November 24th 2011 8:05 pm
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We hope all our friends are having a nice Thanksgiving! We sure appreciate all of the friendships we've made over the years. Thank you from all of us!

A couple of weeks ago, Mom got rid of alot of junk in the house and started rearranging our cat furniture. That was so exciting because it was like having brand new furniture. When we saw some of our cat trees all lined up, we thought to ourselves that it was starting to look like Zack and Zoey's cat room! MOL!

We've always enjoyed watching Beepers and Ashlynne enjoying their wall shelves, so Mom started looking around the house trying to figure out where she could give us some wall space for something like that. She finally cleared part of a wall in the master bedroom.

Mom ran across some wall beds and matching shelves on the internet that she really liked and Zack and Zoey's mom helped her find them at the best price, which was from Great Lakes Cat Furniture. They're made to order so we hope to get them soon!

In the meantime, for all you Moderncat readers, you've probably seen the Curve wall bed by Akemi Tanaka. Mom found them on at a sale price and ordered one on Sunday. It arrived yesterday and Mom cleared a wall in the living room for it. Dad put it up for us this morning and since I was the first one to get on it I get to add the first picture!

What's next? The ceiling maybe?



Gotcha Dates

September 25th 2011 2:20 pm
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While Mom was updating The Furbies page for the fall season, she decided it was time to add their Gotcha Date. Since Enzo and I are one of the furbies, we felt our gotcha dates should also be added to our pages which led to having all of our gotcha dates added!

Geesh, it only took years for Mom to do this. Our profile information in general needs updating as well. Maybe that'll get done in a few more years!

We're still getting sunshine, but the past couple of days have been a little overcast as well. Lots of leaves are falling and I think I even saw a few raindrops today.

Oh, and we think a squirrel has been messing around in our potted catnip plant outside---the nerve!



Bowled over!

August 24th 2011 12:42 pm
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We are bowled over with excitement after receiving a purple Kitty Bowl bed from Zack and Zoey today! Half of us have checked it out already but Mom said the first kitty who actually curls up in it gets to write the diary entry about it, and that was me!

Thanks for sending us some purple passion, Zack and Zoey!




March 21st 2011 5:20 pm
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Well, what a surprise to be a DDP today!

I never caught that fly I was watching the other day so I don't know where it went or who might have eaten it. We sure had alot of rain and wind though and it knocked one of the screens off the window!

Glad there has been a little bit of sunshine today and I sure hope we have better weather the rest of the week.

Thanks for all the congrats!



My Birthday!

March 19th 2011 10:47 am
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Today is my 4th birthday, can you believe it?

I'm the lap cat in the family and these days my lap time is being interrupted by this Dood in the house! Every time I try to sit on a lap he's got his nose under my tail. I was the one that used to play with Quincy the most, but I'm not ready to do that with the Dood yet. I'm not afraid of him at all though.

Well, I gotta go now. It's raining today but somehow a fly got in the house and I'm busy waiting for it to land somewhere so I can catch it!

Thanks for coming to my birthday celebration and leaving me pawsome comments, pawmails, and gifts!


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