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Squirrel's Adventures

Update on our May Mouse

May 2nd 2009 8:08 am
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Well, yesterday Mom set up her "Mousemaster" humane mousetrap at the top of the stairs. Lucky and I stayed up all night hunting. While Mom was sleeping we were working real hard. When she woke up, Lucky and I were both sleeping in our loft bed. She knew we were tired because we didn't get up right away for our Fancy Feast treat. I eventually came to the kitchen but Lucky was too tired. So Mom brought her breakfast in bed! Then, I casually walked over to the mousetrap and said, "By the way, the mouse is in here." as I tapped it with my paw. Mom couldn't believe it. She walked over to look and just caught a glimpse of its tail as it hid. Then she brought it outside and opened it up. The stupid mouse would not come out. It has two places to hide in the trap and when Mom would try and shake it out, it would just dart over into the other hiding place. So she just left it on the ground and went back in the house. From there, we watched it take its sweet time coming out. Three times it jumped out into the grass then ran right back into the trap. Finally, it realized that the coast was clear and in ran into some thick bushes.
Mom is really happy about us having herded the mouse right into the trap. So it was a happy ending for all of us.
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