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I've been tagged! Now I am tagging some of my friends...

January 14th 2009 10:51 am
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Tag rules: Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them! Be sure to tag someone who hasn't been tagged yet!

1. I was thrown out, like garbage, with my sister Lucky.

2. When Mom found us, we tried to run away from her! We were so scared.

3. I am smaller but braver than my sister. Somehow, even though I am smaller, I am heavier than my sister. How can that be?

4. I have a twist at the tip of my tail. Mom noticed that I have a black freckle on my tongue! I can’t see it.

5. I have a white bib, white back feet, and a bit of white on my front paws. A few tips of my toes of my right paw and one toe on my left.

6. I like to go for leash walks in our front yard.

7. I like to get some lap time with Mom and I knead her soft belly before I settle. I also wait for her to get to sleep and then I sleep right on top of her shoulder.

We were tagged by Shai Ming who fetches!

And we are going to tag:

Ollie Popoki , the truck-stop kittie.

Kitty(koffekat) who has to put up with Boo.

Jake, whose arrival story has got to be read.

Smokey, who doesn’t like having her furniture rearranged.

Flubber, who gets along read well with his dogs.

Lightning Strike, who has a lightning bolt on his back!

Angel, our tiniest friend.




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