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More about the Easter Mouse

March 24th 2008 6:07 pm
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The Easter Mouse
Part Two
After it became light outside, Mom opened the living room blinds. Us kitties were just chilling up there while Mom was watching TV. Lucky was chirping at birds for a while. Then, I growled a big growl. Mom looked out and saw what I was growling at. It was that nasty black cat that thinks he owns my yard. And, he was playing with a mouse! My mouse! Mom grabbed her binoculars and saw what I already knew. She said she wasn’t sure, but thought it was indeed the mouse she had released 4 hours earlier. So, without taking me along, she went out to save the mouse yet again! But, to my displeasure, she talked to and petted the intruding cat. She said he is a nice kitty. I say otherwise. Anyhow, she put the tired little mouse in a box and moved it to a spot in our back yard that is not accessible to dogs or cats. She said she wasn’t sure how it was doing as it looked pretty dopey, and is very young. Anyhow, she went to check on it later, and it was gone. So it must have survived and scampered away. That poor mouse must have had just as sleepless of a night as we did! Later in the day, Lucky, Mom and I took an afternoon nap ... all together in Mom’s bed. Doesn’t happen very often that all three of us are in one bed together at the same time.




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