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Hello All ...

March 18th 2013 8:03 pm
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It seems like no matter what we do, we cannot get Catsters to fix our problem.
No mail. None for a long time. This has happened several times before but it started working again. We also got responses from HQ.
This time, we got a generic response, and nothing is working weeks later.
Especially sad because little Squirrel turned ten and we did not get most of her happy birthday wishes.
We love all of our Catster friends but fear that we may drop out.
If we do, know that we love you all.


Out of Touch

January 25th 2013 10:48 am
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Not getting our mail.
I hope we don't have to go through months of this again.
Come on Catsters! What is going on? We emailed you twice and got no reply.
This might be the end of us being involved with what was once such a wonderful place to be. We are just too weary to figure out what is wrong and try and resolve it yet again.


Thank You all my wonderful friends!

August 2nd 2012 9:19 am
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I just want to thank everyone who has given me one of those cakes. We tried to thank everyone personally, but we just cannot keep track! The cakes don't stay in the same order when we go to my page. So we cannot just go down the line and respond to each one. We would end up missing some and thanking some twice! Anyhow, thank you to all my friends and know that it was appreciated.


We Feel Tricked by Catster

April 9th 2012 9:53 am
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They turned the free Easter Egg rosies into 20 zealy rosies without warning!
So we are broke as we were trying to respond to our friends that gave us these gifts.
So we won't be giving away rosies for a very long time.
We are miffed by this because we like to give permanent rosies (the 10 zealy kind) to kitties that can really use them, but we used up all our zealies on what we thought were free rosies.
When we hovered over the Easter Egg rosies in the last day or so, nothing came up saying how much they were, so we assumed that they were still free and we were still on a special Easter promotion.


I'm Angel Olde Furt of the Month!!!

July 2nd 2011 3:01 pm
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In the most wonderful group, Olde Furts, I am Angel Olde Furt for July 2011 while my friend Balty is Olde Furt for the same month! He is 20 and a dashing Olde Furt.
I must admit that Mom is crying a bit about it. Happy tears, of course.
Since I passed, we have lost Tasha and Lucky. Mom is now facing the reality of Lobo's decline and what that means.
As the Angel Olde Furt of the month, I want to show Mom and all of you old timers that our eventual passing is not the end. It is super sad for all of us, but it is not the end. We do live on in each other's hearts. We all have to go at some time. We just have to give and receive as much love as we can before and after we pass. Think of each other fondly and we continue to give each other life. On my side and on yours.
Love & purrs,


Christmas 2010

December 25th 2010 4:00 pm
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Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.


I Am So Happy!

October 18th 2010 6:45 pm
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Navin just told me I am Bud of the Week! This just happened today after I helped post Pooters cartoon and Mom and Lobo's Salmon Run video. Mom lingered on my page and was about to post my Halloween photo when we got a rosette from Navin! It said I was Bud of the Week!
Thank you so much. I am a happy little angel.


This is the Kitty!

February 25th 2010 10:32 am
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This is the Catster page for Bobbi... The kitty who had a peaceful transition thanks to her parents loving her so much.
Bobbi had a long and loving life with the best parents ever.


I Helped Someone

February 19th 2010 5:55 pm
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Mom has friends whose kitty was getting near the end of her life. They knew Mom had been through this with me and Tasha. They asked her a lot of questions. Before talking to Mom they were just going to drop their kitty at the vet and leave her there to be put to sleep. They didn't think they could handle being there for the procedure. After talking to Mom about me they changed their minds and were there for Bobbi. They are very glad that they were. They know now that it was the right thing to do in their situation. They have been thanking us ever since. They are picking up Bobbi's ashes today. I just met Bobbi here at the bridge. She is an orangie. She is feeling much better now.


It is Thanksgiving in the USA today ...

November 26th 2009 10:04 am
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Us Canadians have it earlier in the year. We don't know why. We think we should all celebrate it on the same day. But anyhow, we have many, many American friends so it feels like Thanksgiving for us today too.
I am thankful to have so many friends and be remembered.

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