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Playing with the pawrents.

July 6th 2008 5:58 am
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Meows every purr!

I sure hope every purr, meow, has had a purr-fect July 4th weekend and that you all, meow, got to spend extra time playing with your pawrents. It's always, like, meow, sad, isn't it, when our pawrents have to go back to work after a long holiday and we don't, meow, get them all to ourselves anymore? *sigh*

Ah, well, I did get to play with my humans because I DID get an entire bag of meow, marshmallows ALL to myself this weekend, meow! I can always, meow, count on daddy to leave the bag out at some point....and meow! Last night, he did! Soooo.....after everyone went to bed, I snatched 'em, like meow, off the kitchen counter and chewed a hole in the end that wasn't already open, in order to liberate, meow, as many marshmallows as possible. Then I dragged the, meow bag into the living room where I shook the bag really good, meow, to begin marshmallow liberation.

When a good number of them had managed to meow, escape, I took a, meow, brake, and made sure my teeth marks were all over each one. Then, meow, I waited until precisely 6:30 a.m, grabbed the bag and charged up the stairs making as much, meow, racket as possible and liberating more marshmallows along the way. Then, I, meow screeched down the hallway and galloped into the bedroom where I launched my 17-pound-self into bed, meow, with mommy and daddy, tossed the bag up in the air, meow, and peppered mommy and daddy with marshmallows! *Falls on the floor laughing and holding her sides at this point* Meeeeeeoooowwww!!!! *wipes tears of laughter from her eyes*

Well, of course, mommy noted immediately, meow, aloud, that daddy had "LEFT THE BAG OUT LAST NIGHT!!!!", meow, but daddy only grumbled and went back to sleep. But, meow, mommy immediately got up and fed us all our breakfast.

*Sly smile*

Mission, meow, accomplished.

Love, purrs, chatter and many more meows,


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