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One year ago

November 17th 2015 6:35 pm
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November 12, 2015 was my 1 year anniversary at the bridge. They say its my Bridge Day. It has been a good year, it went by pretty fast, I keep a close eye on my family and my best friends, and I even get to fly down to participate in my TCT group sometimes. I do look forward to being all together with my whole family one day.

I have met Mischief, Adonis, Dixie, Arthur, and George and Charlie. They are just like mommy told me they would be. And Sheba and Knight and Flora are all here too - we are all together waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. There is not really any "time" here like on earth, it is more just kind of joy and happiness, but for those of us waiting for the rest of our family, there is a sense of something missing and a dream of how wonderful it will all be when we are all together again.

So Orangie, I'm glad to see you have taken over my old tunnel bed, and Creampuff Im glad you keep up my tradition for eating everything the parents eat. I miss you little Tony, you were my little tiny buddy. And Beatrice and Bobby, I didnt get to know you as well as I wanted to when you came to the family, but we will be besties when we are all together again, I promise.

Love you all down there in that sweet old world, and I'll see you all again one day and we will never be parted again.

Chadwick - Love is forever!


Rainbow Bridge

November 12th 2014 7:50 pm
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It has been a long journey, a wonderful journey, with my dear family who I love so much, and all my friends, all my adventures, all my memories. Alas, today, November 12, 2014 at 7:30 pm I was called home. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in peace from my sleep in the living room with my parents and siblings with me. I went to look for George and Charlie and the other pets who went on before, and I will be waiting for the rest, and for mom and dad, because one day we will all be together again there in Heaven forever.

Goodbye dear friends! I have loved you well.



I am 19 years old!!!

July 31st 2014 11:24 pm
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I am having my 19th birthday! I never thought I would see 19 but here I am. We are having a party tomorrow for all 6 of us Wanzenried cats, because they all get to share my August 1 birthday. We get to share a roast chicken - our favorite - and we get treats and the little ones get toys. Another year with my family - I have been and am a blessed cat. I hope we can spend more time together because I love my life. Doesn't 19 sound like a great birthday??


Still Here

April 21st 2014 6:20 pm
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Well it seems my imminent journey wasn't quite so imminent. I looked around and found my 9th life hiding in the corner of the cat bed! I said "well I'm gonna spend this life #9 before I go anywhere". So many of my special friends, like Jason Hopper and my friends at Hernandos and at TCT were all so worried and sad about my leaving - they were just not ready, and my family was sure not ready. So I just plugged in to this 9th life and I'm going to ride it as far as it will go. I don't know about tomorrow, but I am here today! And I should share this: I have been eating so much that I put back a pound that I had lost over the last year. I really love food so one thing Im doing with life #9 is eating all I want, and it all stays down and, well, there is no danger of my ever getting fat again, but that extra pound looks pretty good on me, and my fur is pretty shiny and smooth again. Nobody ever knows what tomorrow will bring, that is something I have learned in my almost 19 years, but today is such a wonderful time. I send my love to all of you and many purrs.



I am getting ready for a journey

March 7th 2014 4:14 pm
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I am just so very tired. 18.5 is a good age, and an old guy gets tired, but it is so hard to have to start the journey home. I have been in my cat bed, not on laps, which is unusual for me, for 2 days, not eating or drinking much, not getting up much, just so very tired. I'm not in any pain and I wish I could just lie here and watch the younger kitties run around and see my pawrents, mommy reading, daddy on his computer, my family that I love so much. It is breaking my heart to see mommy cry, and daddy cry, because they don't want me to go. We have been together for such a long time, been through so much together, and I have been able to help them through both of their mother's deaths, mommy's daughter's death, mommy's kidney failure crisis, and daddy's two bouts with cancer. I have been there every time to purr and kiss them and make them feel loved. I wish I could stay with them longer because I know they are hurting with my leaving. I will tell each of the younger cats to take care of them for me, and I hope they remember I will be waiting for them when I get to the bridge.

I will miss my home, my family and my friends, but I will be keeping an eye on everyone and I will be loving you just like I always have, I promise. I have so enjoyed this sweet old world.

Now it is time to rest up because soon I will be leaving on a long journey. For right now I am resting and sleeping and keeping peaceful thoughts.

Many purrs,


Goodbye To A Good Friend

November 25th 2013 3:26 pm
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Last night my dear old friend Simon crossed the bridge. It was peaceful, it was not sudden, it was gentle, but it still tore a hole in my heart. I am remembering all the good times we had together here on Catster when we were younger and crazier. I guess the Orange Cat Posse is formally retired now, and its time to put my Harley in mothballs, but one of these days we will all ride together again over the Rainbow Bridge, and I will play my purple piano so Simon and my other friends can dance and sing.
Goodbye for now Simon, but not forever. I love you buddy.


Nostalgic Memories

June 28th 2013 3:29 pm
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Years ago my good friends and I had a wonderful time in Big Leo's Alley. Around the same time I decided to open my own group for the writers and poets and story tellers among us, and I gave birth to TALL CAT TALES. Over the years we had some wonderful times there, but alas, like everything in life, it seems to be coming to an end with very few cats coming by any more, and the time is near for me to close the doors. Doing so makes me very sad. So, like the poet I used to be, I wrote this poem in limerick form to tell everyfur how I'm feeling as this era of my life comes to a close. I know that my kitty life is also coming to a close soon. I just hate goodbyes. And I hate endings.


I once hung at Cobblestone Square
A lot of my old friends were there
I wrote and I read
And made rhymes in my head
Thought I'd make a new group if I dare...

Though I figured it out all alone
Tall Cat Tales became my new home
I wanted to stay there
Forever and ever
But I couldnt stay here when at home

My daddy became sick with cancer
My parents were praying for answers
Mom didn't have time
To help me make rhymes
I said "I'll be back as soon as I can, sir"

But it is too late, I'm bereft
I wish all my friends had not left
But life does move on
Like a poem or a song
And memories are all I have left.

And memories are good for an old cat like me.
Chadwick 6-28-13


Passing on the mouse...

May 13th 2013 2:55 pm
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Quite a few Christmasses ago, my dear friend Elsa, now a bridge angel, sent me a laser mouse. It was one of my prized possessions when I was a playful lad. As I have grown older, I find myself sleeping more, and watching the other kitties activities from a comfortable lap or couch. Today I smiled and thought of Elsa as my mom got out the little laser mouse again, and I, in my age, watched my baby brother Tony, in his exuberant youth, jumping and chasing and having a wonderful rambunctious time with my old laser mouse. We get older and we slow down, but there is always some small one there to pick up the energy and take over where we leave off. And kitties to keep the laps warm.



Imagine their surprise.......

November 2nd 2012 4:06 pm
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Everybody knows I am a crumudgeon when it comes to sharing my home and pawrents with the other kitties, right? Orangie and Creampuff have let everybody know this about me. But the funniest thing has happened! The pawrents rescued a little stray kitten who they named Tony. He is rambunctions! He is bouncy! He is a real Tigger!! But....I really like the little guy. Everyone is shocked. I play with him even though he is so rambunctious that he knockes me over and he gnaws on my tail. I sleep curled up with him and let him use me for a pillow. He snuggles up to me and puts his little arm around me, and.....I love it!!! I never thought I wanted a little brother but he has become my little buddy. Mommy says he is just like me when I was his age and that we are a lot alike. Can you imagine how surprised everbody is? Everybody except Tony of course because he thinks he can win over anybody.


Goodbye Dear Elsa

May 11th 2012 11:58 am
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My oldest friend and first Catster friend, Elsa, went to the bridge today. I know she was ready and I know she is happy there. i also know I will see her there one day playing and running with the love of her life Max. But I am so sad today knowing she wont be here any more and so while Im happy for her being free of her body, free to be young and agile again, I am still, selfishly, so very sad for me and the rest of us left behind. When a kitty is as special as Elsa, 20 years is just not long enough. I am going to keep her alive by telling my little brother and sister all about her and showing them the presents she sent me. Elsa was the bestest friend ever.

Goodbye dear Emma, fly free.


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