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What's new with Chloe and Coco

June 5th 2011 5:36 pm
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Wow, we can't believe we're 4 years old! Last week, Mom went to PetSmart to get some treats for us and she saw a kitty for adoption that looked just like Chloe. She was so excited and talked non-stop about her. Today, she took Justin back to the store and the kitty was still there. The kitty also has another sibling that is a Siamese. Interesting!

It's been almost 2 years since we moved to our new house. We like it but we really miss the sunroom in our old house where we could check out the squirrels and all kinds of birds. I know Mom really misses that house too. Occasionally, she'd tell Justin that she drove by the house and looked at it. How sad.

One good thing about this house is that the neighbor's cat always naps in the back of our house. He found this spot under the maple tree and he naps there every day. How we wish we could go out and play with him!

Can't wait until summer when we can see Mom's flowers bloom.

-Chloe and Coco


All Settled In!

November 13th 2009 8:38 pm
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So, we finally moved to our new house and we won't have to move again for a very long time. Moving twice in 4 months was a nightmare if you ask us!

We get to play with our cat tree again; however, we kinda like this window in Mom's room that looks out to the backyard, so we added a picture of us to show you. We watch the squirrels run around every morning. How we wish we could chase them!

Coco and Chloe


New house!

October 8th 2009 9:53 am
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From Coco and Chloe:

What a summer! It was so sad when Mom decided to sell her favorite house -- our first home, so we could move into a smaller house. It was a nightmare for us because we had to stay with mom's cousin, Kim, for one night while Mom was preparing for the Open House. We refused to eat the whole day and protested that we didn't like Kim's cat, Chunky. Our house sold within a few days after the Open House. We had to put up with all the commotion during escrow....movers, contractors...boy oh boy.

On our last day at the house, Mom cried as she put us in our carrier and transported us to our temporary apartment while our new house is being remodeled. We didn't like this place one bit at first. We missed our cat tree which is in storage and especially the windows in the playroom where we used to run around.

Rumor has it that we'll be moving again in a couple of weeks. We hope we'll get to see our tree again and can't wait to have more room to run around in. We'll share more pictures once we get settled.


What's Up with Mimosa

February 10th 2009 7:19 pm
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I just received this email about Mimosa. I always love hearing about her and hope to get some new pictures soon. What an awful thing to happen to Cheryl.


Sorry to not have contacted you sooner. I can not believe that Mimosa will soon be 2.

I went into the hospital for a simple biopsy and the surgeon made a tremendous error like slicing thru the bronchi and lung!!!!!!

When I came home, Mimosa sat at the foot of my bed and did not move for 3 days unless I would get up. She then followed me if I went further than the bathroom.

She is amazing. She still knocks on the door to get in, but rarely goes out anymore. She and Casey play at least once a day chasing each other with Casey barking and she swatting at him.

Felicia has gone off to SDSU but when she came home the first nite Mimosa sat and watched her all nite.

I watched her one day as she stalked a bird. She was so careful the bird never knew whe was there, but it flew off.

She is also very vocal when she wants something or I move her when she sits on me. She likes to drape over a shoulder which inhibits my drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

I hope the others are doing well.

~ Cheryl


Coco and Chloe's Annual Vet Visit

October 18th 2008 10:37 am
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From Coco and Chloe's mom:

I took C&C to see their vet for their annual check up today. We have a new vet. Dr. Lawrence was so excited to see Coco as he was well known as the only male tortie cat at their facility.

She looked at his behind to make sure that he's really a male. She even called another vet to check him out to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Anyway, it was so much fun watching them analyzing his X&Y genes. They suggested that I donate his genes to a facility where they study genetics for cats. It was so much fun talking about Coco.

Chloe was so good. Dr. Lawrence said she's got perfect teeth and her fur was so smooth and pretty. She was very pleased with their progress except for Coco's weight. She thought I should give them less food.

Coco has gained more weight then he should (though he doesn't look heavy). He's now 14.5 lbs and Chloe weighs 10.50 lbs. They both had their vaccines and rabies shots today. The minute I took them home, Coco went straight to his hiding spot, but they're both happy to be home.


The Wayward Teenager received a DUI!

September 15th 2008 3:07 pm
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A short but funny email from Mimosa's mom today....

The teenager did not make it before she turned 18. She received a DUI......yes, she bought a dead bird home!!!!!!

~ Cheryl


The Wayward Teenager!

September 12th 2008 8:43 pm
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It was a nice surprise to get an email about Mimosa from Cheryl. I asked her to send me some new pictures!

Just thought I would let you know, the wayward teenager who stayed out all nite has now decided to be in the house more often and is usually on my lap. Mimosa begs to be brushed and petted. She rarely goes out anymore, thank goodness, but when she does go out through the pet door, she knocks to be let in! I was always up at nite checking on her.

She and Casey play more now that she is spending more time in the house again. I can't believe she is over 1.5 years old now!



Update on Mimosa

June 19th 2008 4:59 pm
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Mimosa's mom pleasantly surprised me with an email today:

Just an update......

She is so smart!!!! Mimosa was tripping us in her anxiety to get out when the door was opened. I finally gave in and put a pet door in the back door. She is unbelievable, she does not go off our property and usually sits on the back porch. She does crawl under a tree sometimes but she has learned to walk around to the front door and Casey tells us she is there. We let her in and she does it again, runs like mad out the back door. One evening she set a record of us letting her in 10 times through the front door. She has a 7:00pm curfew and she knows it!

The other reason I put a door for the kids in was because Mimosa learned to open the bedroom door. She would climb up and jump on the handle repeatedly until she got it to open. One night I was up all night with her. She also opens the sliding glass door. She is persistent and just keeps pawing at it 1/10th of an inch at a time!!! She is the smartest cat I have ever seen.

I am so glad she is so good as I have never had an outside cat, they have always stayed indoors. She has decided to sleep on the towels under the sink now. Casey and her still get along, although sometimes they tease each other by running and biting. She will meow and Casey growls. She is such a pleasure.

OH yes, she sits on my chest about 15 min both am and evening. She loves to be brushed, especially on her face!!



A Girl Like Jennifer

April 25th 2008 9:04 pm
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Okay, so I've mentioned before that Coco and Chloe's mom and I work together. Jennifer and I chat daily, usually on our internal instant messaging system, about our cats, music, and sometimes even about work! Today I even exchanged instant messages with Morgan the Pirate Gato's mom, as she also works for the same company in the east coast. Fun!

Jennifer and I talked about how we like UK pop music, and she mentioned the song, A Girl Like You, by Edwyn Collins. This song was in the movie, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. So, because she visits this page regularly, I've added the song to their playlist, just for her. Actually, I've asked her to pick some other songs as well!



Update on Mimosa

March 31st 2008 10:46 pm
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For Mimosa's 1st birthday, I made her a big pillow-shaped, no-sew, fleece bed. This is the email her Mom sent:

Mimosa was very happy with the great pillow; she and Casey share it. It was kind of a crazy time, as it was also Felicia's 21st birthday and I had a bbq for 60 people. Mimosa thought it was for her! Then we left for San Diego for 2 nights to go to San Diego State University for an open house. Mimosa has figured out how to run out if the door opens.... she is very funny. She runs out, comes to front porch, and lays in the sun or stands at the door to be let back in. Then she collapses as if she had run the marathon. She is really good and does not leave the house at all. Of course we try to keep her in, but now she really slips out fast. If she does not come right in we tell her "treat" and she runs for it. They both know the word "treat". I think she is a very intelligent cat. She loves to have her ears massaged and will sit for an hour being brushed.

Casey took the birthday cake catnip toy you sent. Now it is hidden somewhere.


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