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You can throw your hat on.....

April 29th 2009 11:44 am
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'Cause it's my birthday! Today I turn 4. Yay! Four years old.
Actually, it's a bit of sarcasm on the "yay" portion since we can
live quite a long time (oldest living cat was 31 by the way).
It'd be cool to live for 30 years. Older, wiser, handsomer.....

....That's me.


Intrepid Explorer Tiger

February 26th 2009 7:58 pm
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When you enter uncharted ground, in my case aka "Kiara's Den".
I went times before, never been this close before 52 pounds of
lioness-like husky diving for you. I swear....wolf in sheeps clothing?
How about lioness in husky clothing.

She went to agility practice again and I'm snooping around.
Her den is a big, fluffy pink and royal-purple bed with a pillow
to rest her head on and....what's this? I knew it. She's been hiding
greenies again. Snack hoarder. I will now say that I'm not taking
the fat jokes back, hee-hee.

*a shadow of Kiara looms behind*


~Don't worry, I'm fine. I ran away anyway :)


Feline Evicteth Canine? That sounds easy.....

February 12th 2009 5:41 pm
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Easier said than done, Now how am I gonna devise a plan for
luring a 50 pound demoness of a husky out the door.....that is
what I'll have to looketh on.

That cat knows what he (or she) is doing. But that's a doggie
door and we have nothing like that. And given my standing
to Lady Kiara, I'm nothing but her Fool. Her flunkie. I guess
if I can't evict her, I'll just learn to live with her (like I did for the
past 3 months). C'mon foolin a husky is no easy task.

Have you ever tried fooling some demoness to do your bidding?
Oh yeah, like the sirens' alluring song, you're the fool.
Never trust a she-devil canine. They're nothing but trouble.

With that being said, I have some toyish prey to chase.


I'm tired of running...

February 5th 2009 10:47 pm
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Usually I'd read up on my literature with my title relating
to the work of Chief Joseph who quoted this. But no one's dyin'.
I not for sure, I'm tired of being chased by small humans.
Mom's not paying attention, Kiara's laughing at my misfortune
{agh, that wench >:(} and I'm running out of hiding spots.

You know what? I'll do what scares my mom out of her shorts,
I'll rear up on my hind legs and swing. It makes the kids scream
when I do that. Betcha they didn't know cats can strike back.
Doesn't matter if you're five feet taaler than I and outweigh me
by a good 100 pounds, I'll still get you.....maybe in your sleep....

....That'll send a message.


My Zen

January 21st 2009 9:20 pm
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What is my zen? What makes the great devil cat known as moi
at peace? Well let's see.... (well they are my wishes I guess...)

~Tasty Tuna/Salmon Cakes on a platinum platter for myself.
~A lady friend to accompany me (That doesn't reek of husky...)
~Stronger human manipulation powers
~Venting out my opinions
~A Mane (C'mon, I'd look daunting in one of those bad boys)
~Resting by Mom's rock fountain catching up on some of my
friends diaries I have been unfairly deprived from as of late
~Kiara to stop referring to felines housed with dogs as "infidels"

See? There's many things that help me find my Zen. Let's see
how many "Queen Vicegrip-Jaws" can come up with.

I challenge you Kiara! *shakes paw at his husky sister*


I guess she is more charitable.

January 19th 2009 6:56 am
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The humans ordered some pizza for their dinner. The Mistress
fixed the occasional tuna ball. Guess what? I got neither :0(
Kiara got her share, I didn't. Gah! She comes running at me,
breath stank all that be darned of Tuna. The lovely lady dragged
a napkin of one piece of pizza and one piece of tuna ball for me
to eat. she drops it and walks off.

Why, my charitable queen!

Actually, I'm not soundin' like a kiss-arse, I'm doing this out of
mutual respect(and fear of the lady myself) She's lethal, I tell ya.
Lethal. Think Lady Macbeth(for those who read it). I know for a
fact how lethal Kiara is, hence her AKC name. She's slayed squirrels,
two cats, and several crows bigger than me.

This is her Pride Lands....and she's the lioness. I'd love to
see what male canine has the guts to stand to her. I'd salute you,
if she doesn't vault at you and bowl you over that is.


The War At Home (in reality)

January 15th 2009 3:57 pm
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Looking down from my lofty perch I see the constant tug-of-war
between the elder humans and the teen human (my mother),
and the husky (Better known as Lady Kiara). I'm Lord Tiger his
excellency of course. The adults fight with each other by verbal
hissing and yowling about chores, bills, etc. The youth argues
her rights before she turns the big 1-8 (For God's sake, give the
woman what she wants, please!). The Divine Lady Kiara sitting
there wanting to be the dominant of the pet kingdom (Fat chance).

It's safer sitting from my lofty perch overlooking the whole
charade, reading up on some new kitty trends this year.
I tell you it's going to be another Cold War (Mol) before
the junior human gets her way. Or maybe it isn't. Only
time will tell. I'll just let the fray crap it always does.

Tiger, His Excellency Lord


What's in a name? (I want a new name!)

January 4th 2009 8:45 pm
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I check on Catster and there's like a gazillion(this is a exaggeration)
cats named Tiger. Why couldn't you give me a better name?
(Looks like someone's lacking originality here....)
I want a cool name! I think I'll let people hop on my middle
name than my first (It's Jovanie by the way). So now
me Jovanie, and the nickname is Tiger. 'Nuff said there.

I digress here.

Anyhoo, what's up with you?


My title is nice, but Ignorance is bliss.....

January 4th 2009 11:43 am
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....When you want to let go of what's goin' on in reality.
For once, slip into the world of what you imagine
how you want your life(ya know, the world called "fantasy-land")
Here, let me try for once. Blowin' off some royal steam here, folks.

Hmm.....I imagine:

~That I made Diary of the Day instead of Kiara
(lucky sap got it the day on her birthday, just a few days
after she joined Dogster. I've been here nearly 2 years! Whose
wall I have to mark and spray to get it?! MOL!!)
~I was indeed a dog for a day
(Maybe a brazen bold German Shepherd, or a Sighthound,
which matches my personality...a Saluki maybe? Those dogs
are lovely beasts...I recognize that. Okay, okay Kiara, a husky
too. Don't shred me. Huskies are cool too.)

Kiara: I pity the fool, who doesn't think huskies rule! BOL!!
(Nice Mr. T reference ya did there sis)

~That I get the sofa instead of Kiara

Kiara: Hah! Fat chance, over my fainted (not dead) body!

Tiger: We shall see about that.

Ya know, Some people wish for things outta me that they
expect for me to pull out my "vent"(Good term, Dex!).

I tell them that I too, wish for things I never shall recieve unless
I have to sling my sharp talons for. Keep that in mind;
That's why I'm referred to as the great "claw-slinger". Humans
have gunslingers, We have claw-slingers.

So if you need a hand, call the great Claw-Slinger! Known as moi!


I don't sleep on a lounge spot of gold...but my perches- are gold.

January 1st 2009 10:04 pm
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Is it not fair?

That I get to have portions of the bed or the chaise lounge to
myself? That I have to share it with a 45 pound husky? Or a 132
pound human? Mau! This is fair. I do not adore sleeping on the
floor(see what I did there?). That is a dog's job, not mine.

My perches are always.....above ground. Better to observe the
world down from my high spots. If I was a human, I'd probably
be a pro sniper from what the Mistress tells me. I can easily pick
off prey that way anyway. I can't help it if I'm looking down upon
you. 'Tis what I do. And besides, I don't want you getting a creak
in your neck from looking up at me so much. It's not looking down
to me. Why is it looking down when there's no one above me?
This is the word of Tiger.

This, I ax you. Do you value your perch like gold?
Do so. It'll do ya some good in sticky situations.

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