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My life, the Rollercoaster

Humans have a STUPID language

October 15th 2008 7:33 am
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Meowmy brought home another CAT. Even after Grandpa threatened to throw Meowmy out (he WOOD INT, but didn't know how else to tell her no, Meowmy is VERY per-sis-tint). Meowmy and Grandma found her on the side of our road, and she is SCARY! She hisses at me, growls at me, and will NOT run away from me when I (fake) try to attack her. She is MEAN, and Meowmy keeps telling ME to be nice.

Meowmy doesn't understand the HUMAN language. I think she is an alien sometimes, and hasn't grapsed ENGLISH. I said I wanted a SEESTER, you know, the black and white kind that give milk and say MOOO?? Then she brings home Ruby, and tells me there is my seester. What kinda seester doesn't moo???

Ruby barely MEOWS!

This has happened befur. When Meowmy went to get me a GERBIL, she brought home Jack. Maybe Meowmy should watch more Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel so she will know her animals.

I guess I should furgive Meowmy for her pitiful ways. She does still play with me after all, and even gave me 7 rides on the rug across the kitchen floor last night. That's my all time favourite. I guess I have to be nice to this other cat now, cause there is no way I'm getting a MOOING seester. I don't really like this new pet. Anyone want to trade for a seester that says MOO?

I also learned what a time out is. I do not like time out. I do not like getting told no. I do not like leaves falling on my head. I am not a happy cat. I tried to tell Grandma that I wanted to run away, and she just said BYE. Do you believe that? Even my own Grandma turned on me! I tried to run away, but Jack and his puff and Puppy would not go with me. I got to the edge of the creek and got skeered. Then I ran back to my Meowmy. I guess I'm not going anywhere. I can't live without Treats, rug rides and Grandpa's chair.

I may be stuck, but I am still willing to trade Ruby for a Mooing seester!!!!


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