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My life, the Rollercoaster

Humans have a STUPID language

October 15th 2008 7:33 am
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Meowmy brought home another CAT. Even after Grandpa threatened to throw Meowmy out (he WOOD INT, but didn't know how else to tell her no, Meowmy is VERY per-sis-tint). Meowmy and Grandma found her on the side of our road, and she is SCARY! She hisses at me, growls at me, and will NOT run away from me when I (fake) try to attack her. She is MEAN, and Meowmy keeps telling ME to be nice.

Meowmy doesn't understand the HUMAN language. I think she is an alien sometimes, and hasn't grapsed ENGLISH. I said I wanted a SEESTER, you know, the black and white kind that give milk and say MOOO?? Then she brings home Ruby, and tells me there is my seester. What kinda seester doesn't moo???

Ruby barely MEOWS!

This has happened befur. When Meowmy went to get me a GERBIL, she brought home Jack. Maybe Meowmy should watch more Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel so she will know her animals.

I guess I should furgive Meowmy for her pitiful ways. She does still play with me after all, and even gave me 7 rides on the rug across the kitchen floor last night. That's my all time favourite. I guess I have to be nice to this other cat now, cause there is no way I'm getting a MOOING seester. I don't really like this new pet. Anyone want to trade for a seester that says MOO?

I also learned what a time out is. I do not like time out. I do not like getting told no. I do not like leaves falling on my head. I am not a happy cat. I tried to tell Grandma that I wanted to run away, and she just said BYE. Do you believe that? Even my own Grandma turned on me! I tried to run away, but Jack and his puff and Puppy would not go with me. I got to the edge of the creek and got skeered. Then I ran back to my Meowmy. I guess I'm not going anywhere. I can't live without Treats, rug rides and Grandpa's chair.

I may be stuck, but I am still willing to trade Ruby for a Mooing seester!!!!



August 21st 2008 7:31 pm
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MEW! I've been gone a long time!!! So much to tell you.

First off, THANK YOU A BUNCH for all those GORGEOUS zealies I've received! I'd LOVE to send some back, but until meowmy gets some of that yummy money (its SO tasty, kinda tings in my mouth, but all her spare pennies have gone into MY piggy bank, ha take THAT Jack!), I'll just have to keep thanking you guys! I love them, more than I love FLOWERS!

Which reminds me. Meowmy keeps calling me a GURL. Do you believe that?! ME, a GURL! She says its becuz I love flowers SO much, I always stop to smell the roses (or petunias, peonies, tuplips, what ever is available)! I even follow her around while she's picking bo-kays for the house, even though they make her sneeze something awful.

Grampa has put new durt out in the back yard. Jack and I like to play in it, it gives me some cover when I'm chasing the burds. Well, at least I think so.

Oh! I caught a chipmunk the other day. Grampa was laughing at me, and let me try to eat it, but Meowmy came out, picked me up like a sack o potato (wasn't that so country?) and I fergot about it. Really ticks me off now that I think about it.

Jack has been catching mouses and EATIN G THEM. That's just gross. But he did catch some frogs for me, and I ate like 3 of them. It was AWESOME.

Well, its WAY past my bedtime, so I will talk to you guys later! Oh, to all Bo's friends who were so nice to him, he now has a new Dogster it is!


I'm NOT gone furever!

May 13th 2008 7:37 pm
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Hello to all my fuzzy furrends out there! I really miss all of you!
Its been a LONG time since I last updated, or even gotten to email anyone. Meowmy apologizes, she's been going through a LOT, and hasn't had much time to let me say hi to everyone.

My burfday was on the 2nd of May, and I turned 2 years old! Grandpa keeps telling me I'm such a big boy, but Gramma and Meowmy keep babying me. And I love every second of it.
I got some new toys for my burfday, and some mashed potatoes. But Meowmy said no cake, cause I just eat the frosting! MOL

Jack and I have been hunting like crazy. He always gets to go outside first in the morning (I stay in and have treats and special cuddle time with Meowmy), and he always catches things by the time I go out. He's gotten himself a few frogs, snakes and was even harassing a turtle!

I've only caught a few mice, but it was fun to chase them. Jack and I had a mousie massacre in Meowmy's bathtub. It wasn't fun getting in trouble for it, but at least we kept the mess contained.

Meowmy, Gramma, Jack, and I planted a brand new flower garden in the back yard last Saturday. Well, Gramma and Meowmy planted, and Jack and I patted down the dirt and inspected it after it was all said and done. Its really puuurdy, and its a nice place to play and lay in the morning sun! :)

I gotta get to bed, I'm being grouchy Meowmy said. So until next time!

Headbutts, Purrs, and Kisses,


1 Whole Year! WEE!

February 20th 2008 1:53 pm
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Sunday February 10th, 2008 was a big day for me! It was my 1 year anniversary! Yup, I've made it in my new home a whole year. Yup, I spent my first birthday here with my loving family, and I've overcome so many obstacles, its insane!
I had a little party to celebrate. I wanted Aunt Amanda to come over, but she had to work, so it was just me, Jack, Bandit, Zeke, The Fishies, Grandma, Grandpa, and of course, Mom. We all got a really fun cupcake, well, everyone but the fishies, and Jack and I got new presents! We both got 5 brand new bouncy balls each, a new ball that holds water and when we hit it, a fishy swims around inside, a plastic gun that shoots plastic balls out that we get to chase around, and a new fishing stick, with a bunch of felt fish on them! I had so much fun, and Grandma and Grandpa even made me a card!
I was so worn out after the party, I couldn't even stay up to watch the movie Mom had just bought. But I figure I can catch it another time!
Jack and I have been so good lately. Even though we've been really wound up, we haven't been rubbing on the lamp trying to knock it over, attacking the rugs, or tearing the plants apart.
Mom has been looking for a sister for us, but hasn't made any decisions. Jack and I have been catching so many mice indoors and out, that she figures a girl cat would really kill the mice, instead of chase them around and play with them like Jack and I tend to do. That's ok, as long as this new sister of our's lets us play with them after she's defeated the evilness of it all.

Oh the best part about everything, is mom has entered Jack and I into 2 contests! One isn't for money, its just for bragging rights. If we win, then we get to be on the Friday Afternoon News here in Michigan! Isn't that the coolest? And after all, since I watch the news, I'd love to see myself!

The second one is for money, but Mom doesn't care about that. She said that if she wins, she'll probably use the money to get our new sister from one of the high kill shelters around here. She's been sad, since she's been looking at girl cats, she just wants to save them all. She said she can't, but she can try to help bring awareness and make a difference if even in just one cat's life. She says they all look sad, just waiting for their previous owners to come back and get them. And those Pedigree commercials, OH THEY BREAK GRANDMA'S HEART! Darn Pedigree knows how to tug on heart strings! It even makes me appreciate the rescue I came from...who knows where I would be today if they hadn't caught me and saved me! :)

Anyway. Mom said that she'd appreciate it if you guys all voted for us in both contests. The first one you won't have to register for, but you can if you'd like to enter your own cuties! The second one you do have to register, but you get to upload 2 pictures for free, so it evens out, then you can link it on your page and we'll vote for you too! Just make sure that you link it, and let us know! Here's to hoping we win, both paws crossed! Here's Mommy's Note!

Hello there! First, thanks for reading Pokey's diary, and secondly, here are the links! We can use all the support we can get for these contests, both boys are WAY behind in the rankings!

This is the direct link to Pokey's WWMT Cutest Critter Contest Photo. When it comes up, please rate it at the top, and at the bottom under the picture, click recommend. Thank you! 4266-48ab-9c64-f2ad63693bf1&plckGalleryID=5e795e4a-a3b5-4e1d -bef0-0f0eb65da56e

And, here is Jack's WWMT Cutest Critter Contest Photo! Please do the same for Jack as Pokey's instructions say, so they'll get a lot of votes! 1-0ece-4903-8709-57387a342c36&plckGalleryID=5e795e4a-a3b5-4e 1d-bef0-0f0eb65da56e

Here is the direct link for Pokey's entry into Cutest Pet on Competico. I'm sorry they aren't direct links, but it won't allow me to do that. Please help out my boys!

Here is Jack's direct link for the Funniest Photo Contest on Competico. Make sure to vote for him too! He's ranked last! ongue#balance_table


Portable Cat Jail

December 10th 2007 9:21 pm
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Alas, I was yet another victim of the portable cat jail. I went in it AGAIN, 29 days to the day, just to go back to the SAME place they keep taking me to...the VET. Sounds scary, huh? IT IS!

Luckily, this time, I didn't have to go it alone. Puppy(Bandit) went too. He thought he was just going along for a car ride...he's such a stupid, smelly puppy. told me to quit calling him a stupid puppy. Sorry, STUPID DOG! Well, can you blame me? He won't play with me, but he plays with Jack. He won't even sniff noses with me...he's such a jerk to me!

I did go back to the doctor. Mom said they had to check my kid-knees(kidneys), liv-ur(liver), gluuuuue-cose(glucose), and pro-teen(protein), just to make sure that the try-am-sin-a-lone(triamcinalone) isn't making stuff fail or blow up. Well, she didn't say blow up, but Grandma said I'd blow a kid-knee if the dose wasn't right.

Anyway. We sat in the waiting room, and Puppy was being a Weenie Dog. He had to get weighed, and his Ox sized butt wasn't cooperating. It stayed on the floor while the rest of him was on the scale, then he just about ripped Grandma's arm out of place. Hey, did you know your arms and legs have sockets, like the ones your eyes fit in? I'll get back to that in a minute...we need to discuss this further.

Puppy cried, then panted, then shook like a leaf. Oh, THEN a HUGE ol German Shepard growled at poor Puppy. Puppy just looked at him, then ran over to a lady to have her pet him. She was holding MY girlfriend Cleo, and Puppy sniffed her! I bet she felt violated, because she hopped down and walked away into another hallway. Poor Cleo!

Anyway, after Puppy was weighed, we got to go in. I got my cat jail set down on the table, and Puppy got to go first. He had to have 2 shots. I felt bad for him, I hate shots. They hurt, itch and sting all in one! Its nuts I tell you...its a mild form of animal cruelty! But, he got to go first, then once he got his shots, Grandma left our room, taking Puppy with her. Then, a few minutes later, Grandma came back, WITHOUT PUPPY! I was upset, first off, I'd have to be the one to tell Jack his puppy got lost cause Grandma left him somewhere, then, I was also upset cause who would I hiss at now?!
I didn't have much time to cry about it, a few seconds later, mom opened the door to the jail, and I ran out...but I stopped on the table, then laid down. The doctor's assistant was new to me, but mom and grandma had met her before, and she was nice. She said I was so cute, and lovely, and adorable and soft, and she was fussing over me. I loved it, I sucked it up, purred my heart out, and even let her pet me a bunch. I never flinched.

Even when the vet came in, I never flinched. He rubbed some icky, burny liquid on my arm(rubbing alcohol), parted my fur, then JAMMED a HUGE needle into my vein! OH MY KITTEN, I thought I was going to pass out...but I hung in there like a trooper, and STILL never flinched. Just on the inside.

It was over in a flash, and I walked(mom says I waddle, not walk) over to mom and laid on the table since she was sitting in the chair. She petted me, then I got bored, turned around, and listened to all the puppies barking, but I was still silently wondering where MY puppy was.

I laid on the table forever, and even with all the noises, the door was wide open, and I never flinched. I never tried to get off the table, run, claw, hiss, dig, growl, bite, or anything. I laid there, because I was content. Then I got tired, and got back in the jail on my own. I was ready to go home and play with my brother and eat treats.

I guess it took about 15 minutes(that's what grandma said anyway) for them to do my blood work. Then we went out and sat in the waiting room for the results. I saw a boxer dog, and 2 baby boxer puppies. Oh, they were so cute, I just wanted to tear them to shreds. I mean...kiss them...yea, that's what I meant.

While we waited, I scanned the room for Cleo. She wasn't anywhere, then all the sudden, the vet popped up infront of the jail. He talked to Grandma and Mom, but I couldn't pay attention because I was so fixated on a Austrailian Shepard that I wanted to bite...I mean play with. I watched him come out of the exam room, and he was very good and polite. Then I wondered when I'd ever see my puppy again. I couldn't find him in the waiting room...I secretly hoped that he was already at home.

Finally, after the vet talked to mom and Grandma, we got to go home. When we were heading out of the office, I heard a familiar barking noise, then I saw our truck shaking from left side to right side. In the back....THERE WAS MY PUPPY!!!! I'd never been so happy to see a smelly, bug infested, stupid puppy. Oh, mom says I shouldn't say he's bug infested, because he doesn't have bugs. But he is a smelly dog...I just thought dogs were all bug infested. Guess not. I have to behave or I get my toys taken away.

When we got home, Grandpa asked how it went. Mom said, "Pokey is the healthiest cat the vet has ever seen." Grandma said, "He's as healthy as a horse." Grandpa asked if I was overweight, what ever that means, and mom said no. Yay for me! :)

Now, on to REAL business. Grandma said my arm has a socket. My eye also has a socket. So, I do believe you should be able to see out of your arm. Is this true? Am I blind in my arm?! Because, if I could see out of my arm, that'd be great, then I wouldn't trip so much. Did I get ripped off, and poked in the eye of my arm with a needle and now I'm blind in it? Because, I can't see out of the other arm either! Can someone explain this to me? Mom tried, but you know moms, they normally only tell you what you want to hear!

I'm going to bed now, Jack wants to say hello on his...wait, what is this? His DIARY. Night!!!!


Monsters, Porkchops and Pumpkins

November 26th 2007 11:02 am
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I HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS!!!! My mom and grandma seem to think its fitting to nick name me every possible thing that comes into their heads!

When I'm bad, I'm a "monster". I think a monster is one of those scary things that tries to eat you, like a mean doggie or something, but I haven't figured it out. When I sit up on my back legs, I'm a squirrel. When I'm relaxing by the fire, I'm a porkchop. I don't even know what a porkchop is! I hope its good. Now, I'm being called a pumpkin butt. Does my butt look like a pumpkin?! I thought pumpkins were ORANGE. They were on halloween anyway.

I'm so confused now, I come when my mom calls Jack. Or when Grandpa calls Bandit. Sad, huh? But want to know a secret? SHHHHH. This is just between you and me...I know they give me those names out of love, and I know the difference between Jack and Pokey, and Bandit and Porkchop. I know the differences between my name and my brother's name and the doggie's names! I just like the extra attention, plus, I don't want them to get something that I didn't get and then they won't share, then I miss out!

SO very much has been going on with me, that its hard to know where to start. Mom really hasn't had much time to get on here and help me update you guys on me and stuff, she's been REALLY busy.

Anyway, back to me. 2 weeks ago, back to the portable cat jail I went, and back to the vet. I was feeling well enough to NOT go back(I wasn't, but even if I had my arm caught in a mouse trap I'd chew it off before I went back into that portable cat jail!), but I was back to wheezing, coughing, and breathing hard. I even let Jack run me over instead of getting up to play. I just couldn't do much.
My new friend was at the vet's office again. She lives there permanently mom says. Her name is Cleo...she's that gorgeous calico I told you about when I went to the vet for my coughing the FIRST time around. She even got mom to open the jail door, and I hopped out and sniffed noses with her. Then, I ran back in my jail. I was scared!
I had a bunch of things done to me this time around. I got my temperature taken(I even GROWLED at the nurse, it was so much fun! She didn't seem scared of me though...its a pity. A wasted growl!), then, they put me on this cold table where a HUGE scary machine came down at me. They said it took a picture of my chest, they called it an X-ray. Then I was happy, I got to go back to Mommy.
The doctor brought in my X-ray and showed my mom and Grandma what my lungs looked like. I'm not dying. I don't have a fatal disease. Its worse!
I have Al-er-geez. I AM al-er-gick to myself!
I have to take medicine EVERY day, on the hour, for the rest of my life. Its called...tri-am-sin-alone (triamcinalone), a stupid, icky, pink steroid. I hope I don't turn pink now!
Once again, I take my medicine very well for my mom. I even open my mouth and let her drop it in, then swallow it. Grandma on the other hand, I fight. I kick, I claw, I push, I even attempt to spit it out. It still goes down, every time. Grandma's such a genius!

Well, now the holidays have passed, and so has the hectic stuff! I hope everyone had a good Turkey day and enjoyed the holiday with their family. I know I did!

Has everyone made out their wish list yet? I made out mine, I asked for new tub toys. I bit holes in all mine, and now they sink. It just isn't bath time without toys!

Oh yea, Jack wants me to say hi to everyone for him. He's decided to take a nap, so he won't be updating you all. Good news though, he caught a bird, a mouse, and 2 red squirrels. He's a real live hunting gerbil now!

I better go, mom is making mashed potatoes for me for lunch, I'll meow later!!
Have a purrfect day!


What's a second?

October 11th 2007 9:47 am
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I sort of, kind of, did, but really didn't get in trouble Monday. Grandma let me outside while she was cooking, but didn't fall for my "in and out" trick to get lots of treats. So, to pay her back, I went exploring. But everyone around here is saying I was being a brat! I don't understand.
Yes, I heard them yelling for me. Yes, I seen them searching for me. But I guess they didn't know we were playing hide and seek, and the rhubarb in the garden is the best place to hide! Nobody can find you there!
Until...Mom spotted me. She came towards me, then yelled, "Pokey, if you aren't up here in 5 seconds, KISSY is getting taken away!" SHE THREATENED TO TAKE AWAY MY BABY! That's gotta be some sort of animal cruelty.
But, I don't know what a 5 seconds is. I know what 5 is, but not seconds. And, I kept playing, but I at least poked my head out. Maybe THAT'S why they call me Pokey.
In all truth, I was actually pretty scared. A bird kept dive-bombing me, and the dogs were barking near me. I felt safe in that rhubarb. But, I ran toward Mom, and luckily didn't get Kissy taken away. WHEW! I guess I was within this 5 seconds.
Then I got wrapped up in a blanket, told how cold my toes were, they were freezing, and that I smelled like dirt! But, after I got inside, I got a nice warm bath, wrapped back up in the blanket and got to sit by the fire and eat the frosting off my cookie. I guess its not so bad being a brat!

So, onto serious matters. Guys, this shelter needs your help. Its called The Animal Rescue Site. They are having trouble getting those humans to click on the button enough. Each time those humans press the button, it feeds an animal through sponsorship. Each rescue pet needs food! I'd hate to have to starve! NOBODY should have to worry about that! I even told Mom I'd donate a treat or two, but she said that wouldn't help much. So she pressed the button once for me, once for her, once for Jack, and once for Bandit, Zeke and Bo. We fed some new animals!
So, you go to the clicky link below. Then press the purple button. It doesn't cost any money to push it, the sponsors donate food when you click! Help a hungry pet today! :) Pretty PURRREASE?!



October 5th 2007 8:45 pm
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First off, I'd like to say, I'M FEELING SO MUCH BETTER! And thank you to Mommy for the extra treats to make me happy, and to Grandma for the extra kisses, and to Jack, for not roughing me up too much.

Then I'd like to say, WOW! I WAS THE CATSTER DAILY DIARY PICK! That's SO cool, and all this time I really just wanted to talk! I'm glad someone wanted to listen, er, read! Thank you Catster, its an honor!

Then, I would like to thank Honey P. Sunshine for the brand new star! I think it really compliments my page, don't you? I feel so honored I have such great fur-ends!!!

Onto business. I am feeling SO much better now. Ugh. 2 whole weeks on that nasty orangish-bananaish flavored medicine is enough to make any cat attempt to play dead. Although, when I tried, I never got away with it.

I'm just REALLY glad I didn't have to go back into that portable jail. Its dark, and scary, and I feel like I can't breathe, even though there are holes in it. I just can't stick my nose out enough to get some air! And of course, nobody ever believed that I was dying, although, I like to act like it.

I ALMOST had to go back though. I escaped by a whisker, literally. Now though, I'm bald on my bottom lip, to my top lip, on the corner too, of the right side of my mouth. Well, that wasn't because I was sick. No sir-ee George, it was because I felt invincable when I was recovered, and being a GREAT hunter, I thought a bee looked tasty. And, you guessed it, I'm allergic to them.
Mom says I'm probably allergic to my own fur, I just don't know it yet. Grandma says I'm a big baby. They're both probably right. I just know my face really itches.

Other than that, things are really good around here. Jack says he doesn't want to type to all his friends, that he just wants to go to bed. We've been playing outside a lot this past week. Mom says only because its nice, and when you live in the country, you are supposed to love the outdoors. And Jack and I both do.
He's been staying out for 6 to 8 hours a day! Mom watches him from the window, and 9 times out of 10, he's chasing a squirrel. And hunting MY birds. That's ok, I'm too scared to chase them myself. I've been scared of everything lately. I also figured out that if I go outside, then come back inside, I get a treat. So, I hatched a plan.
I went outside, then 5 minutes later, pretended to be scared and ran to the door. Then, I climbed up the screen, got yelled at, and let in, then got some treats. The next time, I climbed up the window. I got a spanking. Guess the window is off limits. But, I still got my treats. Life is so good for me.

Oh yea, there's another thing I want to share with you guys! We had a visitor. Eric was over, and he had Bo. Bo is this HUGE dog, he's probably 7 stories tall(how tall is a story?), and he runs REALLY fast. He even runs over MY dogs, he's just in a hurry I guess.
Anyway, he came over to play. But, when you see this MONSTER running at you, you run away, especially when you're comparing ants to elephants. So I did run away. Jack, he wasn't so lucky. But, you'll NEVER believe what happened next...
Jack ran to the back deck, and Bo chased him all the way there. Then, they wrestled, Bo barked, Jack hissed, then they started PLAYING TOGETHER! And I watched from the window.
When Jack had to come in, Bo stood at the patio door and cried. Jack sat at the patio door too, looked at Bo and cried. Then, he tried to open the door. I knew he was trying to escape, so I alerted Mom by digging the carpet. We both got yelled at. I don't see how that's fair. I don't know how else to do an alarm call! Next time, I just think I'll bite him.

Alright loyal readers! I'm off to bed. Its time to get scratched, loved on, and the works, all the things cats need in life! Until next time!!!


Just a friendly hello

September 16th 2007 8:04 am
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Hello! Actually, I'm not really feeling very friendly. But, I do feel better than I have. It all started last Monday...
Monday, I had a bit of a cough. This isn't unusual for me, I like to cough when I go outside. But, I normally only do it once every 2 or 3 months. But this Monday, something was different.
I was inside all day. I didn't get to chase squirrels, or eat grass, or play chase with the dogs. I was just too tired. And I really felt like coughing. ALL day I coughed, and coughed. My mom and Grandma thought I had allergies. Then, Monday night, I was good to go, begging for treats, playing with my brother Jack, cuddling on people, kissing people, begging for a bath(I didn't get!), and carrying around my stuffed toys. Even after everyone went to bed, Jack and I stayed up and played, and played. Then came Tuesday morning.
I was STILL coughing, like I wanted to cough up a lung! I thought they were trying to escape, so I kept trying to swallow them back down into their own spots. They weren't listening, and the more I coughed, the harder it got to breathe.
I got short of breath playing with Jack, which really irritated me. And, I got short of breath attempting to jump on the table to rub on the lamp like I always do. I had to lay down after I walked 2 feet. My mom knew something was wrong. She called Aunt Amanda to come over to look me over, since Aunt Amanda is going to be a nurse or something. I don't know what a nurse is, but Amanda said that I had a bronchial thing, or allergies. Mom said she thought I had pneumonia. I'm not sure what those things are either, I just know I didn't feel well.
Mom and Grandma took me to the doctor. I was so scared when I saw the portable jail(cat carrier). I knew for sure they were taking me back to where they got me from.
We went in the same direction that we came from when they brought me to their house in that portable jail. I was scared, but didn't dig the side like I had previously, and lost all my claws. If you ask me, they're actually growing in nicely now.
Then the car stopped. I knew we didn't go far enough for them to take me back, but it was worse. Impending doom of....THE VET.
Mom carried me in. She said, "Pokey, you need to go on a diet, you're heavy." I didn't think I was heavy, but, I guess that's why Jack screams when I sit on his head while we're playing. I thought he was just a wuss.
While we were in the waiting room(which wasn't long, mom pulled some strings to get us in between appointments), I met a new friend. I'm not sure what her name was, but she was a beautiful calico. And she rubbed on my portable jail! Do you believe it?! She liked me! I liked her, but not enough to visit again any time soon.
While we were in the examining room(the lady at the desk called it that!), mom finally took me out of jail. She let me walk around on the shiny, cold, metal table, then picked me up. I heard people coming, so I got really scared, and accidently jammed my newly grown claws into my mom's shoulder. But she didn't mind, she knows I'm still afraid of just about everything.
My mom had to put me back on the table, but I went right to the doctor. He's a nice man, and that's a compliment from me, because I'm terrified of men. I won't go to them, even if its Eric. I make Eric chase after me if he wants to play. And Grandpa? He's lucky if I lay within 4 feet of him. I can't believe he puts up with it! And still loves me!
Anyway. The doctor felt my neck. My mom was talking to the doctor's assistant. Then they took my temperature. That was NOT fun. I never had to have that done! But, I had a fever. It was at 104, and I'm only supposed to be at 101! I was in danger!
While mom explained my symptoms, and the doctor examined me, the nice assistant lady told me how cute I was. She didn't really have to tell me, I see myself in the mirror all the time, and I know I am! But still, it was nice of her to say so.
Once the doctor was done listening to a poker chip on wires(stethescope) against my chest, he told my mom I have pneumonia, and a bronchial infection. Doesn't surprise me, my mom and Aunt Amanda are always right!
So, he gave me a shot. It hurt so bad, but I took it like a champ. He said it was three anti-biotics, dex something, pen something, and some other one. I wasn't really listening to him, I was already panicked because I knew I had to go back to portable jail.
Grandma got to be my lucky victim when I was put back in my portable jail. I clawed, dug, hissed, growled, and even put my ears back. But nothing I do ever phases Grandma. She knows its all smoke and mirrors.
Mom had to wait for my medication. Yuck! I have that orange Clavamox again. Mom told me its like the orange soda I love so much, but it tastes like carpet freshner and Windex in one! I don't think she's ever taken it, but being a pharmacy technician, she said that she has mixed it before, and its not so bad. I take it good for her, but I try to fight Grandma off. She still over powers me.
I was still wheezy, coughing and very tired. Jack doesn't understand I'm tired, and just want to sleep. None the less, he still plows me over. And he was even mean enough to wake me up out of a really good sleep to push me out of bed! So I moved, then coughed a ton, so Mom picked me up and wrapped me up in a blanket on her lap. I slept there for 3 hours. When I jumped down, Mom got up. She can't sit still that long. But it was nice of her to do it for me.
I had a little allergic reaction to where the doctor gave me my shot. My skin swelled up, and it itched so bad, worse than a flea! I ran around, biting it, itching, rubbing it on the floor. Finally, Mom put this pink, gunky, smelly lotion on it, and guess what! It stopped itching! I slept on Mom's bed for most of the day and night. I only got up when I had to use the little kitten's room, and grab a bite of food, and guzzle about 59 gallons of water. Mom tried to keep Jack entertained while I slept, but he kept sneaking in and trying to get me to play.
I had a bad day. I still couldn't breathe. I was still tired. I still felt horrible. And Jack, still wouldn't leave me alone. Mom kept patting me on the back when I started coughing, and it helped. She said it was breaking up, and soon I'd be back to my old self again. I tried to sleep all day and night, but Jack kept me awake because he kept playing in the bath tub. I didn't know he had so much energy!
Back to a good day. I had a great day. I didn't cough almost all day until Grandma showed up. Maybe I'm allergic to her. But when Grandma got here, her and mom were talking about leaving somewhere. I was ok with that, I needed to sleep some more. And I did, until they got home. And they even brought me and Jack presents! I got a cute little stuffed....I'm not sure what it is, a opposum maybe. Jack got a bag of catnip, he likes that stuff. And we got a new scratching board. It was great! I also go almost a whole bag of treats too, since I was feeling better. So much infact, I kept tormenting Mom by bear hugging her leg, and trying to get her to chase me. Then by 10pm, I felt bad again, and went to bed.
Mom and Grandma were gone almost all day. Grandpa came back after he got out of work at 10am(I know this because Bandit told me so), and I was having a good day! We had to turn the heat on this morning, because it was bitter cold! Only in the 40's! I was coughing at 5am, but after I got my medicine, I was a live wire! Jack and I were playing, I ran around....then got tired, out of breath, and started coughing again. Time to go back to bed. After Grandma and Mom got home, Mom fed me some treats, picked me up and kissed me, and I didn't cough! They brought in HUGE blue plastic boxes(Mom calls them totes, what's that?!) and they had lots of stuff for me and Jack to check out in them. I needed a nap, so I took one while Mom and Grandma did some cleaning. Jack told me he was playing in the cupboards, because they were empty. Apparently, Mom and Grandma took EVERYTHING out of them, and Jack got a new place to play for a while.
Grandma and Mom then moved their cleaning excursion(I learned a new word!) into the closet in the bedroom. I slept on the bed while Mom went through some papers and Grandma sorted through those tote things. I kept coughing, so I got down, and went and hid under the bed. I kept coming out though, just to supervise, then went back under. Eventually, they left, and shut the light off! I got scared, and ran out in the livingroom. Then I started to cough again, and Mom said something about taking me to Pet ER. I just knew I didn't want another shot, so I laid down, and tried to calm down. Then I felt better.
I was wound up, and Mom tried to give me some treats. But, I didn't want them to be fed to me, I wanted to chase them like I used to. So I did. And I was fine. I didn't cough, I didn't get winded. I just wanted to chase. Like birds, indoors. It was actually quite fun. Then, I even hopped up on the table like I used to, and still got in trouble, just like I used to. It was all back to normal!
I'm doing so much better. I only cough a little bit, once in a while. I'm not breathing hard anymore. I've been so wound up, since I haven't gotten to play with Jack in so long, we were chasing each other at 4am. And we just stopped about a half hour ago. We've been in the bath tub, we've been on the furniture, we've been biting, playing, wrestling, boxing, chasing, grooming...all the fun things I used to be able to do.
Mom said I'm still a little wheezy, but nothing too bad, but I still shouldn't exert myself! I'm a cat, I don't have a choice! With Jack, its play, or be bulldozed over! I'll be fine!


Always something...

July 4th 2007 8:50 am
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Jack and I finally got put together on June 30th. Its really been a LONG, antagonizing 3 weeks. I just wanted to play, but my mom thought I wanted to fight. He's a lot bigger than I am...I'm actually afraid of him, but I'm NOT letting on to anyone.
Our first encounter was fun...for me. I got to corner him, then sit up like a squirrel(my mom says I do that anyway, I'm not quite sure what she means) and bat him to death. Guess what? He fought back! I won't be doing that anymore. Then she yelled at us to stop fighting. We were just playing...I think. So we cuddled up in the window together, the best we could.
He's so BIG, I had to lay halfway on the floor! There was NO room for my poor butt...just my paws. At least he decided to be nice to me and move over, and give me some room.
Now we're inseperable. I still get jealous, but Grandma says that's cause I'm a spoiled little brat. NO JOKE! What kind of Grandma says that about her grandkitten?! Well, it IS true. And I know it.
Jack got caught playing on the counter last night. He got yelled at. I got to just lay back and snicker, cause for once, it wasn't me getting into trouble. I finally found a scape cat.
Jack lets me jump on his head and play fight his tail. He just looks at me. I think he wonders if something is wrong with me sometimes, but THEN he does it, and he acts like its normal. Some adults, I swear.
Anway, mom, Grandpa and Grandma took Bandit and Zeke somewhere. Even though they stop by to pet us, feed us, treat us and give me that nasty medicine EVERY day, they're gone an awful lot. I miss them, but now, Jack keeps me company. We're trying to learn how to open the fish tanks. Jack already taught me how to drink out of the toilet. Aunt Amanda said I will fall in and drown because my head will get stuck in the hole. So mom just makes us play in the bath tub. That's fine, cause at least she puts some water in for us before she goes. How nice of her.
Today mom, Grandma and Grandpa brought Zeke and Bandit back!!! They keep talking about this camping thing they're doing....neither Jack nor I know what they're talking about. All I know is that I don't get to go outside as much anymore and chase the chipmunks. But, I have a lot of toys to keep me entertained, and its wet outside, so that's ok.
Well, my mom's home for a while, since its raining, so I'm going to curl up on the couch with her and hang out for a while until she leaves me to my own demise again! Good-bye!

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