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April 25th 2006

Cotton, me, car rides, going to the park, toys

Not getting All of the attention

Favorite Toy:
her squeaky hamburger, Cotton's stuffed squeaky puppy, and balls

Favorite Food:
She'll eat anything but loves Solid Gold and Natural Balance dog food roll.

Favorite Walk:
park, ranch, river, lake, from the parking lot to flyball practice, anywhere with Cotton and me

Best Tricks:
sit, shake, sit-up, stay, lay, target, flyball, dance, roll-it (rolls a ball to me with her nose), roll over, combat crawl

Arrival Story:
Abby was found on a freeway by my sister's friend's friend. The friend's friend took her to a rescue but then went and got her. She then talked my sister's friend into taking her. My sister's friend kept Abby for a while but decided Abby needed more time than she was able to spend with her. My sister kept her for a while but did not have the time Abby needed either. I had been taking Abby for socialization, basic manners and flyball training so my sister gave her to me. Abby is now my girl.

Abby has really become part of the family. For a while, I was wondering if Cotton would ever forgive me for adopting Abby. The first time Abby met Cotton, she bit Cotton's cheak and wouldn't let go until I finally pried her off Cotton's face. My sister had just gotten Abby from her coworker who got her from someone who found her on the freeway. About a month ago (Feb), Cotton woke up and started searching under the covers for Abby. When she finally found Abby, she started wagging her tail and giving Abby kisses. Yeah, Cotton has accepted her and forgiven me. Abby has come a long way since being picked up from the side of the freeway. She had no socialization skills, no manners, and no basic obedience. She now plays nicely with other dogs, has some manners, will sit, lay, stay, knows a few tricks, and plays flyball. She loves praise and snuggles almost as much as the treats. She gets really excited about going to work with me and training flyball after work. She has a big life for such a small dog. I am very proud of how much she has overcome and learned in such a short time (As of Jan. 16, 2007 she was off the streets for one year. The thought of her living on the streets or being tossed on the freeway-whatever happened that she ended up walking on the side of a freeway, absolutely breaks my heart. I am thrilled that I am the one who gets the opportunity to love and care for her).

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If in doubt, bark at it

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April 25th 2007 More than 10 years!

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Ooh, I feel good!!!

September 29th 2009 8:53 pm
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Today was awesome. Really, it was just an ordinary day but somehow it rocked. We went to work with mom as usual which was usual but the weather was a bit cool. It has been so very hot for so long that the cool weather was very much appreciated. When we got home, mom's friend called and said the park was open again. We don't like the real dogpark. It is a bit dangerous and too small to even play fetch. There are large river rocks that go through the park and big holes down the middle where the sprinklers pop up. We go to the neighborhood flood basin. It has been closed for months and finally reopened. The mix of the cool air and getting to see my friends again made me quite fiesty. I noticed a couple dogs outside the fence and immediately went to bark at them. Mom came to get me and tell me to stop barking. She was amazed to see that they looked like me. By the time mom walked over, I was bored with them and went back to check for squirrels. I checked them out for a while then went to see what everyone else was doing. Cotton was playing fetch with mom and I wanted to play so I stole Cotton's ball. Mom took it back but mom's friend had a ball I could play with. There was a boy that wanted to throw the ball for me so mom gave it to him and he threw it a long way before mom could tell him not to throw it very far. He threw it all the way down the hill and into the basin. I tore off after it, slid into a diving catch and zoomed up the hill, ready to go again. That is a long way for my little legs. Everyone was amazed by my speed and how much better I looked. I was still a bit sick the last time I was there. I ran after the ball several times before I saw some of my friends playing wrestle n' run. That's my favorite game, I dropped the ball to join them. Then I saw a Doxie outside the fence and zoomed over to bark at her. Mom came to get me again. I kept barking and so did the other dogs as the moms tried to talk. When mom walked away she finally put me down. I ran back to the fence to stick my tongue out at the other dog then ran back to mom who told me that wasn't nice. Later they walked by again and I walked with them pretending to be a good girl, not making a sound but I made the other dog bark like mad for walking the fence with them. The other dog had to be on a leash because he was outside the fence. I then bounced off to see if I could find something to chase. By then mom was actually beginning to get cold. I can't believe it-cold. I was feelin' good! After a while longer, mom said it was time to go and called me to get my leash. I pretended not to hear. Mom then said she would just leave me, I came running as fast as I could. Can you believe she was just going to leave me? I hadn't even had dinner yet. I could never be mad at mom though, I love her too much so I covered her with kisses to remind her that she couldn't live without me either and she confessed she was only joking. She loves me way too much.
Mom has all the windows open so it is getting a bit cool inside, my tummy is full from a yummy dinner, and I'm getting all snuggly and sleepy.


Gettin' better!!!

July 9th 2009 8:22 pm
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Hey all, thanks for the pmails, well wishes, and prayers. I'm on the mend and getting better every day. I am pretty much back to myself. In fact mom is getting frustrated because I found a critter hole and she has had to drag me out three times already. Our computer is done so we are at an aunt's house. Mom freaked out the first time because she couldn't find me and it took me a long time for me to find my way out. I'm all dirty and happy though. Mom better not blink or I'll be back in there in a flash. So my terrier 'tudes have returned with everything else. I'm back to eating, running, swimming, playing... pretty much everything but a little muscle tone and my stamina is a little low but considering how far down I was, I am recovering remarkably quick.
Hehe, I tried to sneak off again but mom saw me. She isn't taking her eyes off me now... Doesn't she trust me anymore, what's her problem?
Mom waited until she cooled off (a lot) before going back to talk to that bad vet. At first they had attitudes about returning the unused prescribed liver diet food but when the vet noticed that his entire waiting room was listening intensely, he invited mom in to a private room to discuss the issue. She had a more in-depth discussion and more of his focus than when I was sick. In the end, he finally admitted that he was wrong and offered mom some of her money back. The office staff never found my chart though. The office manager told mom that the entire office was on lunch break so she was not going to require anyone to find my chart right then (they closed at 3:00pm and it was 2:30pm when the office manager got frustrated about trying to find the chart and made that statement. They had been looking for it for about 30 minutes before she came up with that excuse). Who makes all of their employees wait until 30 mins before closing to take their lunch hour? They were supposed to send it in the mail but it has been weeks and nothing has arrived yet. I doubt it ever will- I doubt there is one. I hope that vet took a long look at his "practice" and has made some changes to his policies and practices. I wonder how many pets have died in his "care" from neglect. Probably the biggest kicker to our conversation was when mom doubted something he said, he pulled out a book that was canvas covered (when was the last time books were covered in cloth? 1950?) and pointed out some statements as to possible causes of elevated liver enzymes. I was trying to be polite but I really wanted to ask for more recent information, maybe something written in mom's lifetime. In the end mom kept her voice pretty much calm but was in tears as she told the vet that what he did to me was unforgivable.
Thankfully, I am recovering and doing very well but who knows how much better I would be doing if he hadn't kept me there without treatment for 5 days. We are still worried about any long term effects from being so severely dehydrated for so long. We still have a month left before I go in for the first check-up bloodwork. Hopefully, that will be good news.


I'm sick. I have Valley Fever

May 24th 2009 1:55 pm
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We have missed everyone so very much. Life has been a mess... Our computer power port has a major issue- it won't connect to the plug so there is no way to power it. It was designed way to small to be practical and HP has actually recalled most of them however, mine is not on the list even though they have the same issue. We are dogsitting this weekend so we have use of the computer. This has to be the best job in the world. We get to go visit other pups, play all day, and mom gets paid. I wish we could do this every weekend.

Abby is sick. She was quite bad, we almost lost her. It has been a really hard month. I wish I had Dogster to help me through all of it. I took Abby in to the vet because she looked sick. She didn't really have any huge symptoms- not vomiting, no poo issues, she was eating but not as much, she mostly just looked tired and not well. My vet agreed she did not look well and said she was also dehydrated. He recommended and iv and leaving her there for a few days. Unfortunately, my finances have become pretty grim and I could not afford the treatment. I picked up a mouth syringe and some pedialyte to treat her at home. I forced fluids every hour but it just wasn't enough. The vet also gave her some antibiodics. After two days and no improvement, a friend told me her vet accepts payments. I was thrilled and immediately made an appointment. Abby was supposed to be on an iv to replace fluids. That was the most immediate concern. The bloodwork showed an infection but the vet didn't know what kind of infection. The only other abnormality was that her liver enzymes were slightly elevated. I left her to get the fluids. I went back to the vet the next day to visit and give Abby her blanket. They would not let me see her because they were too busy to bring her out and I could not go to the dog icu. That was red flag #1. They took the blanket (I don't know if they ever gave it to her). When I asked for an update, they told me that she was ok, she ate all her food and had a bm but was still pretty tired. I thought that sounded pretty good since she had stopped eating the night before we took her in to the vet. The told me that she had chewed her iv though. I just responded with, "Yep, that's my girl." I expected something like that. I called every day (sometimes twice a day) to get updates. I don't think they ever even checked on her. Sometimes I was told she was sitting up and doing ok, other times I was told she was still pretty lethargic one time I overheard them saying, "I think it's that dog that doesn't move". Once I was told that my "CAT" was doing just fine. When I went to pick her up 5 days later (they finally said she was ok to go home), she looked a lot worse than when I dropped her off. She was even more dehydrated, she had lost a pound and a half (that's a lot for a dog who only weighs 12 pounds), she hardly moved, and she had started to cough. The vet consultation consisted of a tech (or maybe just a random office worker) walking from me to the vet who was doing an emergency c-section in the room next door on a cat who had been in labor for over 24 hours. I was horrified. During this "consultation", it was again mentioned that Abby chewed the iv. I asked exactly how long she had been on the iv. They again said that she had chewed it out. I asked how long they left it in after they replaced it. The responded that she had chewed it out so she didn't need it. I was flabbergasted. They were telling me that they had kept Abby there for 5 days without treatment. Abby had already chewed the iv out before they had even checked on her the next morning. She may have only been on the iv for two minutes. At that point, I just got up and left.
I got half way home and couldn't stop looking at Abby. I truely believed she looked like she was going to die that day. Half way home I called the vet. I told them that she was still severely dehydrated and needed the fluids. They again told me that she had chewed it out and asked how I expected them to get her to leave it alone. It was so hard not to freak out and yell at them but I believed they were the only ones who would do anything without immediate payment so I didn't have much of a choice. I got about half way home again and called the vet and directly asked if they thought Abby was going to die. They said, "How are we supposed to know that?" I responded that since they were the medical professionals that they should have some idea of how grave her condition really was. They said they didn't know what was wrong with her and that her liver was elevated and they bloodwork showed some sort of infection. They finally said I could take her to the er vet to get an ultrasound of her liver. I called my regular vet to make an appointment and explained the situation. They said they would be ready when I arrived. I took Abby's crate into the vet and told them to give her to me without taking off the iv. They handed her over and I slid her into the crate and placed the iv bag on top. I reached over and took my atm card which was being held hostage for payment. I didn't think they deserved any more money than I had already given them (I really think they disserve to be sued). I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for it but I ran Abby into my regular vet. He looked at the paperwork from the other vet and couldn't believe that their idea is that if a dog chews an iv that they must not need it. He really didn't see the need for the ultrasound because her liver so so very slightly elevated. He said that the infection was more worrysome. He kind of shrugged but did the ultrasound. Abby was so weak that she barely struggled as we flipped her upside down on the cold, hard table, shaved her, squirted her with goo and ran the ultrasound all over her tiny inverted tummy. As expected, it showed nothing. I told the vet that I had no intentions of returning to the other vet. I said that although I didn't know how to use an iv, I would figure it out unless he would be willing to finish it. He agreed to keeping her to finish it. I left the room and before I sat down, he called me back. He said that he didn't like the sound of her lungs. I said I didn't either. When I picked her up from the other vet they were sounding like she was having a major asthma attack rather than just a small wheeze like when I dropped her off at the other vet. The other vet didn't even seem to notice and still didn't think much about it after I mentioned it. Reg. Vet asked if he could take an x-ray. Of course, I panicked on the inside because of money but I told him to do it. A few mins later, he called me back again to look at the x-rays. He lungs looked like white clouds. He said it wasn't pneumonia but there was definitely something wrong. He kind of hinted that that may be the infection but he also said that it could be something else. The only way to know would be to open her up and look. We both agreed that would not be quite drastic until after trying meds and all other options first. We went home with new antibiodics. A week later and she was no longer dehydrated but she was still very inactive. We went back and tried another med. A week later, still little to no improvement. They decided that maybe the cough was a hint of either valley fever or heartworm. Thankfully she had been on heartworm pills so we didn't have to test for that. Valley fever is caused by breathing in a fungal spore. Some people and dogs are able to fight it without much reaction but others have severe reactions and have even died from it. A week later it was confirmed that was the problem. We had a hard time finding someone who had the meds in a small enough dose for Abby. The vet said in about 3 days she could start feeling better. She didn't. A friend gave me the name and # of a friend in Az whose dog had valley fever really bad. They had fought the battle and were on the winning end. It wasn't completely gone yet but they were kicking it. She made me feel a lot better. she said most dogs don't begin to feel better until two weeks on the meds and even then it is an extremely slow recovery. She will be on the meds for a minimum of 6 months to a year. Two days before she hit the two weeks, she started to eat on her own. It is ups and down so far. We are almost at three weeks now. She mostly eats on her own but I have to scoop wet food into bite size lumps for her to easily bite them. Sometimes she just doesn't want to eat so I put kibble in my pocket and give it to her throughout the day. She is almost back to her normal weight but she looks a bit off because all of her muscle tone is gone. She tires really quickly. She has just started bringing me toys again and really wanting to play. She has a long way to go and it is very slow but she has moments of happiness and occasionally she is my brat again. It is amazing how much I missed her being a brat. I apparently love that side of her too.
Well, that's about all that we have been doing the last couple months. Poor Cotton thinks she is absolutely neglected. I have been trying to continue to take her to flyball. We joined the closer club because I just couldn't afford the gas to the other club. Now it is only 10 mins away and we get to do dock dogs there. Cotton loves dock dogs. The vet has cleared Abby to travel. We may go to a flyball tournament next weekend. One of my friend's dogs started limping so she asked me if Cotton could run in her place if she isn't better. She even got me a ride and is going to share a hotel with me so it won't cost much (I really need to find a new job). BTW, my vet is so nice, I still don't know why but the office visit where he did the ultrasound, x-rays, exam, finished the iv, gave meds, etc. only cost $35. I nearly cried when they told me that. The other vet that I took my atm card away from, ran the numbers from my atm card without my permission for more than double the amount I was told.
We have a long road to full recovery but I now believe Abby is going to get back to her normal and obnoxious terrier self.

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