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My sister

August 18th 2007 10:11 am
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We were seperated at 10 weeks to go to our new houses....but Molly my sister rejioned me this week as her owners dod not want her.

I love her....she growls at me at the moment, but shes getting used to me.
Glad to see her again, we are a happy family,
Mummy will put some pictures on here soon


King has come to stay for a week

May 28th 2007 12:16 pm
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Hi mum and Babby, how are you?
I have king to stay...I am very happy about it as he likes to sleep with me.
When I am awake I like to fight with him, though sometimes it is only playful.
Human mummy has added some photos of us for you to look at.

Love you lots



My new house

May 9th 2007 5:08 am
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Well here I am, I moved to my new house yesterday 08/05/07. I cried all the way there, but once I got out of my carrier I had a good sniff around.
the children were very happy to have me, but I was a bit shy.
When my new mum and dad went to bed, I cried because I missed the company, and miss my brother and sisters and cat mummy.

When the family woke up, I was really happy and wanted to play with them all, every time my new mummy disapeared I cried for her.

We went to the vets today for an injection,I was very brave and had a tablet to, I didn't like the car drive but the vets was nice, and mummy said I was very brave. After the injection I jumped up at mummy for a big cuddle.

I am a bit sleepy now, but the vet told me I would be.

I miss my brother, cat mummy, granny and sisters and send them my love.


Here I am!!!

April 24th 2007 6:00 am
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I am only 7 weeks old, and my Granny says that I am learning all the time.
In 3 weeks I will go and live with my new human and leave my mummy, granny and brothers and sisters.
I will be a bit sad, but my new human has bought some nice things for me and I am looking forward to my adventure with her.
I can't wait to have my tummy tickled by her I just love the tummy thing.
I will be able to keep a diary on here so that my Granny can read it, and if she wants she can come and see me.
That would be Purrrfect!!

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