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My Zoe Life - Purrfect in Every Way!

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Belated Thank Yous for my RB Annifursary 26 March

April 7th 2016 10:42 am
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Mamma was not able to log on to Catster until last night so better late than never!

Manx so much for remembering me. This year I got to celebrate with my Sisfur Jobél who came to join me exactly 3 weeks before. We are Together Forever Happily Ever After!

Red Heart: Rebby, Princess and Kody
Butterfly: The Binkley Bunch


It's Not Every Day a Girl Turns TWENTY!!!

January 27th 2016 7:26 pm
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While I celebrated with all my Angel Furiends the Gala Event of my Twentieth Birthday Ball, it was a bittersweet day for me.

My darlin' Sisfur Jobél has been very ill. She has lost a lot of weight and Mamma has been crying and praying a lot. Jobél started antibiotics and we are hoping this will "reset" her digestive tract. Please keep her in your Prayers and Purrs.

My lovely Catster Furiends helped to celebrate my Birthday with beautiful gifts. Manx so much.
Cupcake: Anna and Furryones
Big Hugz: The family of Mac, Angel, Ivy, Legolas, Zander and more.
Red Heart: 1)Wanda and 2)Beepers
Snowman: 1)Rebby, Princess and Kody and 2)Birthday & Gotcha Club
Rainbow Star: Callie Rose, Goldie, Handsome "Paws" and Herbie


My RB Annifursary Thank You's

March 28th 2011 10:45 am
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So many reached out to me and my Mom with such kindness to "half the sorrow and double the joy".

Diary Comments: 1. Georgina 2. Cleo 3. Socks Rainbow Bridge
Crown: Alfie & family
Cupcake: Tutti & family
Heart: 1. Angel Rebby 2. Robby 3. Wanda 4. The Gang of Furs
Rainbow Star: 1. Mercy 2. Anna 3. Scooter & family 4. Biggles & family 5. Teebo, Callie and Rose

Manx so much to my little sisfur Jobél for always being such a sweetheart and making Mom smile.


Today is my 4th Annifursary of my Rainbow Bridge Day.

March 26th 2011 6:17 am
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Life is so purrfect here.
So many Catster furiends have joined me here in recent months and weeks. I know their Pawrents are sad but if you could see how healthy and full of zoomies we are ... it would make you smile!

Annifursaries can be hard on our loved ones so I'm sending Angel Kisses to all.
Remember the fun times. We were blessed with so many.
*sprinkles Angel Dust on sweet Jobél my darlin' little sisfur*


Three Years Ago Today I Left My Life On Earth

March 26th 2010 6:53 pm
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This morning my Mom was missing me and her eyes were leaking. Jobél understands and they often remember all our fun times together.

I guess it's how I filled her arms when she hugged me. How I would come running to keep her company when life was a struggle. I just knew.

As devastating as it was for Mom to lose me ... far far away was a young kitty all alone giving birth to two babies. She also was devastated to lose her family. They moved and left her behind.

Who can ever understand how life brings about good from bad? The sun really is behind the storm clouds. Today started out kind of gloomy but then the sun burst forth.

I love you Mom. Keep holding Jillian even if she squiggles and pretends she wants to get down. Maybe she will always run to bar the front door so you can't leave her. Maybe that's her way of filling your arms when you reach down, scoop her up and promise you will always come back home to her.

Angel Kisses to you all and especially dear Jasper who "just happened" to grace this earth as I departed. *winks*


Today's My Gotcha Day!

November 2nd 2009 7:07 am
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Mom woke up this morning thinking of that wonderful day in 2000.
She and my Uncle picked me up at the Airport. When the man brought out my carrier I was calm and I even said Meowlo!

Mom got me home and rushed to email my furrst Mom that I arrived safe and sound. It was a short flight and I loved travelling. I did a bit of that when I was shown in Cat Shows and also when I would visit Seniors to cheer them up.

Oh and did I mention the surprise? There were two budgies in my new home! And when I looked out the window there were lots of squirrels to watch!

I knew right away I was going to be pampered here. In January I would be turning 5 and I'm so glad that Mom adopted me. Older kitties can adjust very nicely to a new home when it's filled with LOVE!

Manx to the Birthday and Gotcha Club for sending me a Party Hat to celebrate my very special day. You're the best!
*spinkles Angel Dust on all of you*


Two Years Ago Today Our Purrs Were Answered!

July 20th 2009 9:41 am
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20 July 2007 Mom finally got the news she had been waiting for ... ALL the legs of Jasper and Jillian's transport were filled! Woo Hoo! Our third and final request for volunteers was successful and now their Miracle Journey would take place 21-22 July 2007.

Dreams Do Come True! Manx so much for efurryone who purred so my dear baby sisfur Jobél wouldn't be so lonely without me. She sure got lottsa company with those two cuties from West Virginia! We couldn't have done it without our Catster furriends!
*Angel Kisses*


I give Mom permission

March 20th 2009 9:21 pm
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to move on and enjoy Spring again. I think she's getting closer to being able to take that leap of faith.

We always hoped that Mom and Jobél and I would move on to our New Beginning together. But it didn't work out that way. I think it will be harder on Mom when that day finally arrives and they have unpacked in the new location and I'm not involved like she always imagined it would be.

But Jasper and Jillian will jump in and out of the moving boxes and chase each other through the piles of scrunched up newspaper. They won't understand what a big move this is for Mom but I will!

I'm so proud of you Mom. And I know how hearing of recent losses in the families of Catster friends can send your little row boat careening off course for awhile. And then you are calmed by the "knowing" that none of us are suffering anymore. We are all in purrfect health surrounded by God's loving arms.

This March 26 I give Mom permission to focus on Jasper turning two and to be grateful for all that she has. She will always have me and I will always have her. So enjoy Spring, Mom! The Manxsters will see to it that it's filled with LIFE .... just the way you like it!


I can feel the LOVE! Furrst my Birthday and now I'm a DDP!

January 18th 2009 5:50 am
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Mom, of course, totally missed the announcement. She was in such a rush to send a 1st Birthday greeting to Jack Matthew Cash, that she never checked our email. Thanks to my dear furriends Wanda for my Red Rose and to Hooch for my Red Heart.

Mom did wake up this morning with me on her mind. Wonder why? MOL She actually thought it had to do with putting a Valentine's Day counter on my page..... But Catster HQ had already bestowed the LOVE on me.... Purrhaps it's my furrst Valentine for 2009! ** Angel kisses to all **


I'm a DDP! And the one I wrote of is the one who let me- know...

January 11th 2009 8:17 am
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Yes my dearest Gracie Mae took time from all her new activities learning to be an Angel to send me a Red Rose with the Happy News.

It's been quite a week fluttering beside Gracie Mae but now she's with her Mamma Kitty and her sisfur Biddie. Wow! What a Homecoming! It brought tears to my eyes in a very special way to see the love between them. What a moment to see a furmily re-united for all eternity.....

And wonderful Hooch sent me a Red Heart and Congratulations from that amazing furmily of his. ** Angel Kisses to you all **

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