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My Sweet Sixteen Pawty in Heaven

September 5th 2016 6:44 pm
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Well dear Furiends I left for my Tenth Life exactly six months ago today.

I woke Mamma up from a dream this morning with the photo of her holding me and Grandpaw holding Zoe in front of the Christmas tree many years ago. I wanted Mamma to know that this year I celebrated my Birthday with Grandpaw and Zoe. Mamma shed a few tears. I know she misses me but I'm so happy to be pain free and running and jumping again.

Jasper and Jillian celebrated my Birthday by enjoying some tuna. I know they miss me too.

Manx so much to the following Furiends for remembering my Birthday:

Golden Heart: 1. Family of Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny, Buddy and more
2. Carol & The Binkley Bunch

Butterfly: 1. Family of Anna and Furryones
2. Rebby, Princess and Kody

Birthday Cake: 1. Birthday and Gotcha Club
2. Family of Merlin's Magic Kane, Faithfully Yours, Bertie, My Little Demon, Dust in the Wind II and more


Mamma Let Me Go Today - It Was the "Right Thing to Do"

March 5th 2016 7:24 pm
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Today I let Mamma know that it was time to let me go.
Please keep her in your Purrs.
Just because losing me is very hard after all the love we shared.
I celebrated turning 15 years and 6 months old earlier today!
I drank some Tuna Juice but i didn't want to eat.
I'm now celebrating with my Sisfur Zoe who I've missed for almost 9 years.
We are now Together Forever Happily Ever After.


Please PURR for me dear Furiends!

January 27th 2016 7:53 pm
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I started losing weight around Christmas time. Mamma took me to the Animal Hospital on January 18. There was NO mass felt in my abdomen and my blood work was so awesome that at first my Dr. couldn't believe the results were for me! So that was all good to hear.I got prescription food.

On January 26 I got some antibiotic pills to take for seven days. Mamma is believing they will help to "reset" my digestive tract. I sure hope so. My weight has gone from 10 pounds in my prime to 7.5 pounds.

Manx so much for the Get Well Wishes from my dear Furiends.
Paw Prints: 1.The family of Buddy, Friday, Bobbie, Bijou and Bailey 2.Hazel Lucy 3.The family of Sam, Mr. D, Raza and Balster and 4.The family of Mac, Angel Ivy, Legolas, Zander, Zey and more!
Power of the Paw: The family of Alfie, Albie, Lucy, Jack, Queenie and more!


Birthday Thank You's

September 8th 2014 6:19 pm
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Wow! This has been quite the week!

I turned FOURTEEN and soon I will be our furmily's Longest Living Cat!!!

I also got to decorate my page TWICE ... once for my Birthday and now for Autumn. Up until then my page still had Happy New Year decorations! MOL

I wasn't able to log in to Catster until today but wanted to thank my furiends for celebrating my Birthday with me.

Callie Rose and Herbie are so faithful to make beautiful mementos on behalf of the Birthday and Gotcha Club and the Canadian Kitties group.

Manx so much for the gifties from:

Blue Bird from Princess, Rebby and Kody
Cupcake: 1. Hazel Lucy and 2. Gimli, Django, Nikola and K.C.
Big Hugs: 1. Family of Mac, Ivy, Legoles, Zander and Zoe
2. Family of Sam, Mr. D., Raza and Baltster


Don't Change Your Fun Stuff Boxes!

January 7th 2014 12:34 pm
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We got this info from our furiend Stormy.

We have had a lot of our furiends lose everything in their fun stuff boxes they have worked on for years. there is a glitch in Catster so please don't even go to your Fun Stuff Boxes until it is fixed! Fortunately we had our pages up before this happened.

we feel so bad for our friends. we know how much time and work it takes to do pages. this is a message from the Watch Cat ~

[Just did some testing and confirmed what has happened to a few of you with your extra bio fields.

For the time being, do not, repeat DO NOT make changes to your extra bio fields until we figure out what's happening. Existing scripts to bio fields will continue to work, but adding a new script wipes them all clean. We do not yet know why.

Turning the display off and back on for a bio field seems to be OK, at least during my initial testing that did not cause a problem, but to be on the safe side, I wouldn't make adjustments of any kind to the Fun Stuff section until Lori & I have had a chance to do more extensive testing.]

Please everyfur post this in your diary. if we can help just one friend not lose all their work it will be worth it. purrs


Birthday Thank You's and DDP too!

September 15th 2013 6:32 am
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Wow! I am a very blessed girl!
Manx so much to my dear furiends for celebrating my 13th Birthday and DDP!

Birthday Comments on my Diary: 1. Xena -Princess Warrior 2. Tiny Tot 3. Jezebel 4. Hazel Mazel (Mazie)
Birthday Paw Mail: 1. Mika and family 2. Jezebel and Travis
DDP Paw Mail: 1. Angel Buddie Always Loved 2. Smiley Cassanova

Birthday Mementos: 1. Birthday & Gotcha Club 2. Canadian Kitties
Bouquet: Ka-Zar
Butterfly: 1. Lil Muppet, Sampson, Nakita & Chico 2. Cocoa Jo and furmily
Cupcake: 1. My precious Charley who promises he is watching over me *tears* 2. Gimli, Isis, Tabi, Django & KC 3. Tigger and the Gang
Rose: 1. Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy & family 2. Reebok, Callie & Rose 3. Molly Angel & family 4. Norman, Wanda & family 5. Indiana
Ice Cream: 1. Angel Sam, KiKi & Em 2. Ginger
Lemonade: 1. Maize and HL 2. Tiger, Tiny & Beauty 3. Pooh Bear and the Carolina Crew
Pink Ribbon: Ozzy & Harriet
Watermelon: Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny, Buddy & family


Life at Thirteen - A Birthday Tale

September 5th 2013 5:40 am
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Manx so much to my Catster furiends for celebrating my Birthday with me.

Later today I'll have my Birthday portrait taken and Mom promised me some Tuna and some Tuna Juice.

Life is pretty wonder-full for me. I have real good sleeps and my appetite is still really strong. I demand my fish oil capsule every morning.

Every so often I run down the hall with a burst of energy. Mom helps me get up on the love seat when I want to enjoy some snuggles there.

I still LOVE being brushed! I got a pre-Birthday bath and now my fur is all shiney again.

Every day Jasper and Jillian give me kisses and sometimes they wash me. I've had them for half my life now. They keep me young at heart.


Great News From My Vet!!!

November 2nd 2012 11:07 am
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My vet just called Mom and there is NO MASS in my bladder!!!

My bladder wall is very thick and inflamed so I`ll be coming home with a different anti-inflammatory that I can take for a longer time than the last one I had. It`s a pill but I don`t mind pills.

We`re all very happy and now we can celebrate my Angel Sisfur Zoe`s Gotcha Day.


I'm At The Vet's Today. Please PURR.

November 2nd 2012 10:18 am
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Thanksgiving weekend I was having problems going to the litter box frequently. I had to wait to see the vet until Tuesday Oct. 9 and I was put on an anti-inflammatory. The good news was no stones showed on the x-ray and there was no urine infection.

Since then I've been feeling great except for sometimes I pass some mucous globs.

This morning Mom called the vet at 10:10 and we got an appt. for 10:30 which was a miracle as they are closed on the weekends.

Mom had to leave me there so they could wait for me to have a full bladder and then I get an ultrasound.

I might have an infection in the bladder wall or it could be much worse.

Mom is waiting to hear.


I'm TWELVE on September 5th!

September 4th 2012 7:38 pm
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Wow! I'm now Mom's second longest living cat. Two more years and I'll be Numero Uno for longevity.

I got some Happy News! For a long time I've been over grooming three of my legs (I can't reach my fourth because of that arthritis stuff).

While I was on my holidays at Grand Paws I didn't have one of my usual flavors of wet food. After we got home, Mom noticed my fur was growing back in where I over groom my legs! So I'm never going to eat that flavor again! Especially on my Birthday!!!! MOL

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