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I sent a kitty to Momma for help

January 4th 2008 6:58 am
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Well, I just knew that Momma was missing me so much. And she has so much love to give, it was such a shame to have a vacancy in our house.

After I crossed the Bridge, I told this stray in our neighborhood to try out our house for awhile. I told him that Momma would feed him real good, and make sure he had plenty of fresh water to drink. But Momma just wouldn't take him in, her heart hurt too much missing me and all. So she just kept feeding him every day. He had been around -- he seems to be an older fella, but never visiting our house until after I crossed, and told him to go.

Yesterday, I saw this kitty was hurt, he was bleeding. Well, I told him not to delay, to go see Momma because she'd make sure he got all fixed up. Yup, I was right. He went right to Momma's house and she whisked him off to the vet. He spent the night there, she's getting him all fixed up and cleaned up and stuff. I knew she couldn't resist a kitty in need.

Now we are just waiting to hear back from the vet if it's okay for this kitty to join my earth family. Keep your paws crossed for him, you all, he's had a really tough life on his own!

I'll keep you posted.


What I am thankful for -

November 21st 2007 12:15 pm
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I heard about this thru the RBK group, and sure wanted to make my list, too.

1. I am thankful that, even though I was not wanted at my first home, Momma was right there to take me in. I am very thankful that the first time Momma looked into my lavender eyes, she fell in love with me. So I had a forever home from the time I was about 10 weeks old, and never had to go to a shelter or live outside all alone.

2. I am thankful that while I was on earth, I was never, ever really sick. I was blessed with a very healthy life, Momma is grateful for that, too.

3. I am thankful that I always shared my home with 3 others, I had plenty of company to pal around with and play with. I am such a friendly guy, it would have been a shame for me to be the only one.

4. I am thankful that I lived long enough to be friends with Johnny, one of Momma's first cats -- all the way through to Buster, our newest addition last year.

5. I am thankful that although Momma moved across the country more than once, I always knew I was going with her -- no matter where. Momma told me once that when she takes a kitty in, that's a contract for LIFE. And so I knew that her home would be my final home, I would always have the same Momma to take care of me and love me no matter where we lived.

6. I am thankful that I got to see all kinds of places, too. I was born in the desert and lived there a few years, then off to the east coast - where I saw and played with snow for the first time, then to the plains!

7. I am especially thankful to have known my "brother" Felix, with whom I shared 10 years of my life. Although separated in age, we grew as close as littermates. He even held me as I made my way to the Bridge..

8. I am thankful that the last few months of my earth life were better than they had been when I grew older, that I felt better and much more interested in new things, including that little Buster. It was so sweet of him to include me in his games, and how gentle he was with me!

9. I am thankful that my crossing was brief, and that the Rainbow Bridge Kitties came to greet me and welcome me right away.

10. I am thankful to have found Catster before I had to cross, to have shared a little bit of my life with my new kitty friends. And to my new, Rainbow Bridge kitty friends, I am thankful for the love you have given me since I've been here, and for all the kindness and care you have shown my Momma since I left her.

Thank you all so very much ...


Finding my way around at the Bridge ... and watching my- family

November 3rd 2007 3:10 pm
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I've been so busy meeting new friends here at the Bridge and looking around (yes! I CAN see again), I haven't been back to update my diary in such a long time. Momma's been sick lately, too, so I have been watching over her pretty close. My Momma has some bad stress related illnesses, my leaving just left her really wiped out.

Momma has been a little better, recently, and is finally able to talk about me a little bit, again. At first, she just couldn't deal with it and cried just about non-stop. It's still really hard, but I've done a couple things that make her feel better --

I've updated my page a little. Right away, after I crossed, I received my wings and lovely Bridge picture from dearest Abby. Didn't she do a wonderful job? It's so pretty, and it makes me think of the pretty seashore. Momma always thought I belonged at the seashore, and look -- now here I am.

My new friend, BeeJay (in loving memory) has been really kind to me and my family. I really appreciate it. He has been very understanding of Momma, and how she's been so quiet lately. All the kitties from the Rainbow Kitties were so quick to welcome me, and our other Catster friends are so kind and supportive, this is such a great place.

So in keeping with my new digs here at the seashore, I changed my background to seawater (I thought it was real pretty) and my song to "La Mer". My old song just made Momma cry so much she couldn't bear to go to my page anymore. I couldn't have that, so I changed it. Now it makes Momma smile, to think of me playing at the shore, romping with my new friends.

I'm happy to see my brothers, Tommy, Buster, and Felix, are getting along so well and taking care of my Momma. I know that they can still see me, and I love them every bit as much as when I was right there on earth with them.

Well, time to go look for sand dollars ...

From Momma - precious Lars. I miss you so much. I only wish I could visit with you, there, at the shore where we could be together. I love you.


Farewell for now, I love you

August 24th 2007 6:16 am
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Today I crossed the Rainbow Bridge while I slept. My dear brother Felix, lay by my side to guide me until the Bridge kitties could come and get me.

Momma knew yesterday. Late in the day, I began to have trouble using my legs. But I only had the one bad day. I knew it was time, Momma could see it in my eyes.

Mom can't type anymore right now, she is crying too much and her heart is breaking. I wish she could see that once again I am happy and healthy, and young, and I can see. I see my old friends here at the Bridge and we are together once more. Someday, Momma will be with me again, too.

Momma, I love you, too.


Tagged by my little brother!

July 17th 2007 1:56 pm
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Tommy tagged me! What fun -- not so often us old men get to play a game!

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diaries about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary!

Here are my seven random facts:

1. I have been with mom almost my whole life, except for the first couple months. I was born in Yuma, AZ; then mom's job took her to Columbia, MD (near DC, where she worked) -- I even flew on a plane! When mom had to retire a few years ago, we went to a ranch in Benson, AZ for 6 months, then we moved to Amarillo! So I have lived in a low desert, a swamp (ugh), and now, in the high plains!

2. I am the only one old enough to remember almost ALL of mom's kitties, including those who have gone to the bridge.

3. I don't play anymore, but my all time favorite toy used to be any kind of little balls, especially the soft ones. I still like to "watch" the youngsters playing -- whenever I hear a little bell, I come near to hang out while the fun is going on.

4. I like to have my face brushed with a toothbrush. My little arms are too stiff now to properly clean my face, my hair gets all crazy -- mom straightens it out for me. I think it feels like some kitty is washing my face.

5. I never could see very well. Even when I was little, I used to crash into the walls sometimes.

6. I have a dark grey/lilac stripe on my tummy that looks like a zipper to my cat costume. It has faded now, somewhat, but when I was little, it was real dark.

7. My eyes are pale blue/grey, they match my lilac points perfectly.


Blech! Grooming

July 14th 2007 3:34 pm
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In case anycat is wondering, the only reason there's not a lot of pictures of me here on Catster is that all my pictures are pretty old -- kinda like me! They are in the photo album and not digital. Plus all the photo albums are in storage, but that's another story...

Mom got some new stuff to groom me with the other day. I don't know why she makes such a fuss about this, I prefer the "wild and natural" look, myself. She thinks it makes me look like nobody loves me. I don't want to groom myself anymore -- I've been doing it for over 15 years, give a kitty a break!

So far, mom has bought a perfectly worthless dematting comb -- it isn't even sharp like it's supposed to be, there's no "blade" to this thing. So that one was just JUNK! It seems like everybody in this town is mainly dog people, they don't like cats too much, so the only stuff that's really available in the stores is DOG stuff, there's very few kitty things and they are of really poor quality. So mom has to order anything else in off the internet.

So far, she got some pretty good stuff from Dr. Foster and Smith; a MatBreaker, which works real well, but is such a heavy-duty looking tool that she is only using it a little bit at a time. Momma knows I am delicate! A long-haired shedding comb, to get through my hairs, and some Fresh n Clean Grooming Spray, to clean me up a bit and get thru my knots. They work good, Mom is making progress. It's slow work since she'll only work on me for maybe 20 minutes at a time, she's afraid of irritating my old skin. That's about all I am willing to put up with, too. I have other stuff to do.

I can't wait till I am all combed out again. Mom says she'll take some new pictures of me to put up then.


Hairy, hairy, hairy

June 15th 2007 11:08 pm
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Over the last few months, I have managed to develop some pretty substantial mat clumps! This is most likely a combination of the fact that mom had a bad attack of her chronic illness that lasted more than 2 months, my old cotton-candy fur, and that I am best known as "He who will not be combed." But since I am a mix, not pure Himalayan, usually my hair doesn't mat too badly. Not this time! Mom wants real badly to get rid of them. Just to be clear, my 3 mats are all pre-KumpiKat.

Well, Mom is SO excited. You see, my hair had been thinning badly, as well, Mom thinks it was that last bag of pre-KumpiKatfood I was eating, it seems to have been pretty bad stuff. At that time, my pretty fur just turned into this weird, knotty stuff that seemed like cotton candy. Nasty. Plus to her alarm, I began to lose/have very thinning hair on my sides. You could even see my skin there.

Well, we have all been eating KumpiKat for about 11 weeks now. I have been eating it real good. Yesterday, Mom decided to pick thru me (she was feeling pretty good!) -- she's got a thing like a cat afro-pick that's real gentle.Tons of cotton candy fur came loose, but best of all. besides the cotton fur being replaced by nice fur, I AM REGROWING FUR ON MY SIDES!!!I look MUCH better. Not bad for a 15 year old, eh? You can't see my skin on the sides at all anymore! I feel quite proud.


New legs

May 15th 2007 7:35 am
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Just this past weekend, mom caught me stretching my BACK legs for the first time. I can only do them one at a time, and real slow. but was she surprised! The first time, I kinda blew it and tipped over, but mom picked me right back up and I took off like usual.

The next day I really stretched out the other leg, and put it back all by myself -- no tippy Lars.

My eyes are still nice and bright, and clearing. Mom washes my face off for me, sometimes my tears get a bit messy, but I can see a bit better. I find that now I can see some stuff again, walking in circles isn't nearly as interesting as it used to be. I can't believe I was doing that almost nonstop for a while. Now I hardly ever do it.

Mom's been giving us some meat baby food (no garlic or onions or anything bad) as a treat a couple times a day, I like that a lot, too. Between that and my KumpiKat kibble, I am eating more than before. I may have gained a little weight. I was so skinny you could just about blow me over, bit more sturdy now. Still got a long way to go...

Now I need to get mom to cook up that turkey, broth and peas for me some more...


Old Fella with New Food

May 2nd 2007 5:05 pm
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Mom thought she'd start a diary for me here, so I can write down what all has been happening to me lately. To catch up a little, let me say I was real surprised last June when we got a new member in our house, Buster! I can't see him, of course, but I can smell him as new! He was real small, must be a kitten. He's real nice to me, too, very gentle.

I hadn't been feeling so spry the last few months, I am getting older. Mom was afraid maybe I would leave soon. Pretty much just sleeping all the time, or walking around and around and around. I sure was bored without Buster -- I used to yell a lot to entertain myself. But now that Buster plays with me, I am not bored anymore.

Here comes some neat stuff ... when the food recalls started in March, Mom got real worried that our food wasn't safe. At first, she just cooked for us for a while, till she could find something she thought might be safe for all of us to eat. We didn't like that much (except I found out I really really like ground turkey with broth and peas) -- because we all like kibble, too. Mom ordered us some new food on the Internet, we had to wait a while till it got here. It's called KumpiKat.

Boy oh boy do I like this stuff! The kibble is real small, which I like -- big kibbles are just too much for my little old mouth -- and real tasty, too. And I am feeling pretty good, again, too. Within two days of eating my new food, my eyes started to clear up - I CAN SEE some stuff again! Makes life much more interesting. Plus I climbed up on Mom's bed again for the first time in at least 2 years!!!! I was so stiff, I just didn't even wanna before. Mom just about fell over when she saw me up there. Got down all by myself, too.

After about two weeks of this stuff, I started eyeballing the countertop, too. I used to like to jump up there, think it's a bit high for now. First time I've looked up at anything in a long, long time. You know, I've been having a problem with the litterbox for a while now, but after 3 weeks, I am trying to get back in. Old legs are still a bit stiff, though, but at least I am trying. Sort of a "near miss" kind of thing. I had given up trying, before - Mom just kept cleaning up after me. Maybe soon I'll be back in all the way! Mom is thrilled. My coat is starting to fill out a bit again, too.

I'm on my fourth week, now, and I've been doing something new every day, it seems. I am able to stretch myself like a cat again (well, at least the front half of me)! I've been doing that a couple times a day now and it feels good!

The main reason Mom started this diary is because TODAY -- I have been SITTING!! It's been a few years, mostly I had just been either laying down asleep or walking around. It was just yesterday Mom began to wonder if she might find me sitting like a normal cat again someday. So I decided to surprise her today -- twice. Felt good, what fun!

I've been eating a lot more, too. Think I'll try to put on some weight. Wonder what I'll try next?

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