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Getting a little sistercat

October 7th 2009 12:03 pm
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Thank you to all our friends for the great advice on going to cat #3. We made sure mommy read them all and thought long and hard about this.

We only realized today that mommy has already decided we are going to let Seybah move in (if she likes us when she visits). We were having treaty treats and we kind of have a routine, Winnie eats treats close to mommy and I like them across the room. When she went to give us our treats today she said without even thinking "where do you think Seybah will like to stand for treats?". We both stopped and looked at her. Mommy has started visualizing having three kitties and it seems normal to her. She has started thinking this like "will Seybah be big enough to jump up on the bed", or "will Seybah sit on the window bench with Chessy watching...well....nothing" . And if for some reason Seybah doesn't like us when she visits mommy is going to have Auntie Kaye finds us a kitty who does.

Seybah, do you want to come be our sistercat????????????


PS. Oh and our kitty nanny (Miss Tina) left mommy an article today on bringing a new kitten into a family, she is all ready for us to have a sistercat too.


Thinking about going from two to three

October 2nd 2009 5:49 pm
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There are lots of types of twofers out there, and ours seems to be an overthinker type!!! She has spent the last couple months thinking and thinking about letting another kitty move in. And she started double thinking abou it when Miss Seybah founded Auntie Kaye (Pooh and Biscuity's family). Now we are pretty sure we are at least going to let Seybah come visit and see how we like her.

Don't get us wrong mommy definitely likes change. But she loves us and is sooo worried how a third kitty might change our personalities or upset us (especially Winnie Bea).

We would like you guys to help us think about this, can any of you that has gone from 2 -3 (which mommy feels is a huge step, once you are over 3 that it is easier - NO WE ARENT GOING OVER THREE) but having more than 2 just seems a HUGE jump) chime in. Please tell us good or bad, tips you learned, anything that can help us think this through or help us prepare.

W&C (maybe soon to be W&C and little S)



September 24th 2009 4:42 pm
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If you can give anything, please help the houston animal shelter. They rescued OVER ONE THOUSAND animals today from a hoarder. This is a huge undertaking and the more people help the more purrs and woofs and other animals can be saved. st/post/2009/09/largest-animal-rescue-is-made-in-houston/1


Hmmm was this really a good idea - another episode of the losted mommies is unfolding!

September 18th 2009 2:11 pm
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So auntie Kaye got here this morning and we THOUGHT this was a good thng. But now the twofers are herding and it is looking mighty suspiscious. Mommy and AK are dressed and going out, and we hear they have called in Catster Mommy Reinforcements (aka Oreo and Odie's mommy) to get losted with them this weekend. This never ends well!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are all about a miracle for Calvin

September 17th 2009 7:21 pm
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Add us to the purrings that Calvin's dr is wrong and it isnt the C word. Maybe its just Tiki she is seeing???????

Calvin you are way cool and way loved (Winnie adds ...Even if you are a brother cat!).

We love you and are all about you getting better!



Auntie Kaye coming to Visit

September 16th 2009 6:23 pm
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Only one more day til Mrs Pooh's mommy comes to visit *jumping up and down* its too good to be true!!!! We know the Carolina Crew will miss her while she is gone and that makes us feel bad. But she was supposed to come to our town for the past two summertimes, so we are glad she is coming now.

We have two big surprise for her, but what they are I can't say, for now.


we know a secret

September 13th 2009 9:58 am
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*dancing and singing* we know a secret, but we're not tellin, its for Pooh's mommy, she's gonna love it...

Mrs Pooh and Rascal and Biscuity and lots of other purrs mommy *giggle* is coming to our house on Friday. She doesn't know why or what for but she is brave and coming anyway *giggle*. We cant wait to see her.


Please remember more than us on 9/11

September 11th 2009 1:40 pm
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We always have mixed feelings on 9/11. It was a horrible day and lots of innocent people lost their lives, and that is so sad. But sometimes we feel like here in the US where we have it so good, we too often forget the rest of the world. We had one day of terror, while innocent people in some countries have lived with DECADES of 9/11's and it seems like they have been forgotten.

So on 9/11 makes make it about more than what happened to America...on 9/11 lets us remember ALL the innocent people who have been killed because of terrorist attacks..may they be in Ireland, Scotland, the UK, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Africa, the United States or hundreds of other countries around the world.

If we make 9/11 about world wide understanding and rememberance maybe we will have less attacks and less people we have to remember!


Lazy Pets Photo Contest - help us help other cats in need

August 22nd 2009 5:36 pm
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Hi friends. We saw the contest today and thought, hmmm, we dont eat that food so almost didnt enter. But then realized we could donate the food to help strays. So now we REALLY want to win.

The contest is judged, but high ratings have to help....

If you don't mind, would you stop by and give us a high rating ctrl:id=window.default.ContestWindow&ctrl:type=render&ctrl:w indowstate=maximized&op=vpic&user=1190937&ccomm=36929&offset =0&cPicId=99120

We really want to be able to give a years worth of food to cats in need!!!!!!!


Thank you Mr Ted - Happy Father's Day

June 21st 2009 9:54 am
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For being Catster "dad" to the million of us purrs on Catster!!! Since there is no "thank Mr Ted day" we will thank you today!!!!!!

Thank you for giving us our safe home on Catster, Thank you for our monthly allowance of zealies, thank you for keeping us well fed with treats!!!

You are a great dad!!!!!!!!

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