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A sad farewell to my Momma

July 24th 2013 2:36 pm
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Everything happened so fast. Momma can't write much right now. For now, let me just say that my beloved Felix suddenly became very ill. Within a few days it was obvious he couldn't get better.

He passed away quietly with the assistance of our kind vet. I will always love him so. My beautiful tuxedo, my best friend for 17 years.

My heart has a huge hole in it right now. I can't stop crying.


My happy birthday

March 15th 2011 6:47 pm
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It's been a long while since I've updated my diary. I've been so busy with all the new kitties here and everything.

Today is my 14th birthday. Momma adopted me when I was only 1 year old. She cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by.

Tonight, I am having my favorite dinner (duck and green pea, canned, mmmmm). I had lots of extra chicken treats today, and got some new fluffies to bury my face in and play with.

Momma says I am doing well, you'd never guess my age. A little more white around my muzzle, just a wee bit thinner than at my peak, but I still romp and play like the dickens.

Last summer, I started acting a little strange (well, stranger than usual). I was yelling in the middle of the night, very busy with all the toys. I began to eat like I was starving to death, yet did not put on weight. In fact, I started to lose a little weight. So off to the vet we went.

Turns out I am/was in the beginning stages of hyperthyroid. My vet put me on some thyroid medicine twice a day, and it really has helped me a lot! I am not hyperactive now, I eat like a normal boy, and my weight is stable. Why, I just feel better all the way around, I guess. I am even playing with toys when the other boys do again.

The vet says since we caught on to this hyperthyroid thing early, my prognosis is real good. Momma hopes so, and wishes to have many more sweet years with me.

Love to you all, and my purry best wishes to all my friends.


Just a remarkable day!

June 10th 2008 7:52 am
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Hi everybody. It's been a while since I last updated my diary. I've pretty much just been hanging around, but today was a little bit special.

As you may know, my brother and dearest friend Lars crossed the Bridge last summer. Even though there are other kitty boys here in the house, I've not really gotten as close with any of them. I guess I sorta took to our little Buster the most in the meantime, I mean, I am his beloved uncle and all. We have started playing and wrestling a little, but I don't like it as much. I will groom him, that is my primary job around here, keeping the baby clean!

But ever since Tommy moved in a few years ago, I pretty much kept to myself, except for Lars. Why, Lars and I were almost like littermates, the way we behaved. I even waited with him, comforting him when he crossed.

Ever since, I have been alone.

I don't like any kitty to fuss on me, don't really like to play, and most certainly did not want anybody to lay down with me and cuddle.

Then Chumley moved in last January. I actually began to relax a little bit, and play again. I have a renewed interest in toys (by the way, I sure do like that darn DaBird thing). I started hunting our catnip toys at night and Ricky Rodent and all. I started hanging out with the fur family more. But I still did not want to cuddle.

Well, I gave Momma quite a shock this morning! Many, many times before, when I was relaxing in the red bed Chumley would climb in there with me, but I always just left immediately. No snuggling for me. Not without Lars, anyway. But this morning, Chumley was all curled up in there, taking a nap after our breakfast. Wonder of wonders, I climbed right in beside him AND CUDDLED UP with him for a nice long snooze.

Momma is so happy. She knows that Lars sent Chumley from the Bridge to be with us. She is happy to see I have a friend to snuggle with, again. And I am happy, too!

Well, I gotta go. We're all trying to get ready for Buster's birthday soon. He will be 2 years old on the 28th. I must think of something special to do for him on his extra special day!

Purrs to you all,


It's my Birthday!!

March 15th 2008 4:07 pm
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Hello everybody! Guess what? Today is my 11th birthday!

I am one happy boy. I am pretty much spending the day just hanging out, relaxing. I got to have my favorite Merrick's California Roll for snack this afternoon -- I suspect that is what I will get for supper, too! We just got a big shipment in yesterday of Pit'r Pats, too -- I know there is some extra kitty candy in store for me today.

I got extra special birthday smooches this morning from little Buster, even though I don't really think he knew it was my birthday. That's fine with me, I take all the extra loving I can get.

I've been with Momma now for more than 10 years. I spent my first 6 months or so as a stray in Maryland, then Momma adopted me thru a PetSmart rescue group in Columbia. I was so happy to find a furrever home that day. I remember staying by myself in the third bedroom (there were other kitties and a DOG! in the house), and my very first toy, Frank the sheepskin mouse. I had never seen anything like him, I played with him a while, then tried to hide him away so I could keep him just for myself.

My first years were dangerous for me, I blocked up with crystals twice! Me and Momma made two very scary trips to the ER. But I have been fine ever since, I was never quite as sick as Tommy was with that stuff. And (knock wood), I have been completely crystal-free and normal for more than 8 years, now.

Some silly stuff about me: even though I am obviously a well-grown kitty man, I still like to nurse on Momma's sleeve at night. Every night I sleep at the head of Momma's bed, too. Sometimes I get pretty goofy after everyone is in bed, and go on the hunt for 'nanners or Ricky Rodent -- and when I catch one of them, I put them in my mouth and run around, singing my head off as loud as I can for a little while... then I go back to bed.

My coat is still luxurious and glossy, I am still Momma's handsome tuxedo! I still love to play with our toys, and catnip is one of my very favorite things. My big yellow eyes are still clear, and I continue to eat like I am starving to death -- I have always eaten like that. As the most senior kitty in the house, it is my most important job to be the alarm clock for our meals and Tommy's medicine! Every day without fail, I will go and grab at Momma, pulling and meowing for snack at 3:30 pm (and I will not stop until we all get to eat); I do the same for our supper at 9 pm. If I see that Tommy is asleep somewhere at 9 pm, I go pop him one to wake him up because I know he needs to take his medicine before we get to eat!

How on earth would Momma ever know what time it is unless I came and told her?

I lived with Momma and The Painter for 3 years in Columbia, MD, spent 6 mos with them in Arizona, and then we all moved here to Texas together. I know that no matter where Momma has to go, I will always be with her, because she promised me that when she adopted me. That she would care for me the rest of my life.

I love Buster very much, I am his "uncle." I take care of him by carefully cleaning him several times a day, which he just loves. I do not, however, like it when he tackles me. I used to be terrified of Tommy, he used to bully me so badly! He likes me now, I know, so I am not afraid of him anymore, but I still don't really trust him. Chumley is a very nice young fellow, too. I know that my dear late brother Lars sent him to us from across the bridge, he even does some of the things that only Lars used to do! He is kind to me and we play and nap together, too. All in all, I am a very happy kitty.

I know my Momma and The Painter love me very, very much, and I intend to stick around for a long time! I am so happy to be celebrating another birthday. Thank you for sharing my birthday with me, my dear Catster friends.

Love and purrs,


A friend for me

January 14th 2008 8:51 am
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This has been a very interesting week! Momma brought us a new brother, Chumley. She and The Painter were kind of hoping Chumley and I would hit it off, I've been lonely since Lars Crossed the Bridge.

Her first indication of Chumley's nature came his first night in the house. Rather than romping wildly with the toys, Chumley plays like I do -- kind of rolls up with the toys and nuzzles. And he's not bossy at all.

Well, I tested him out as soon as I met him. The first thing I did, after sniffing his muzzle, was hiss right in his face! Chumley just stood there and looked at me! He didn't hiss back or anything, but he sure didn't back away, either. I thought to myself -- hey, I kinda like this guy.

He even lets me steal food from his dish, so I let him steal food from mine. He comes and sits beside me a lot, I like it a lot. Now, when Buster and Tommy start their antics, I have somebody to pal around with again. He has a quiet, friendly nature that I find refreshing. Why, I've even been playing with him a bit.

I think we are going to be great friends. I'm really happy that Chumley moved in, this is gonna be lots of fun.


Our friends, our Momma, and us

December 21st 2007 8:29 am
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As this holiday season approaches, me and Momma have been reflecting a lot lately.

We have lost so many friends recently here, it breaks our hearts. And as the most senior member of the household now, I think it is up to me to express what Momma has been telling me.

We lost our Lars late last summer. He is deeply missed, and this will be our first Christmas without him in 15 years. So many of our friends have also crossed the Bridge since then, and our hearts go out to them. It makes every day we have together even more special, important and poignant. We have been so fortunate.

But Momma sees me, and prays that we have many more years left together. She is grateful for all the years we have already had, all the memories we share and the different places we have been together. What would she do without me?

I am the only one left who knew Momma before she got sick (when she was Somebody), I stayed with her when she got sick, and even when she had to retire because of it. I have loved her just the same, no matter what happened. Once it was determined that she would never be truly well again, she lost just about everything. Her friends ran away, she lost the career she loved, and her whole family (except for The Painter) abandoned her.

But not me. I think I may love her even more as she is now. I know I sure see a lot more of her! Out of everything, only her kitties loved her just the same. I guess us kitties just love you for who you really are, not for what you can do.

The younger ones, Tommy and Buster, well, they came along AFTER -- they never knew her Before, so it's not quite the same. I provide Momma with her link to her past till the present. We found each other in Columbia, Maryland at Christmastime -- 10 years ago, now. When she had to retire early, at first we went to Arizona for a while, then we all moved here to Amarillo, Texas. I like it here, and I am happy.

Our house may not be so big as it once was, but I don't mind. That kind of stuff doesn't really matter to us. I have plenty of good food to eat, Tommy to fuss at and Buster to clean, and I still have my Momma. When she was really, really sick, I stayed glued to her side. I was very worried about her. She does a bit better now, but still I stay very near, just in case.

I love it when she pets my dark, glossy hair. And the kitty kisses on the top of my head. I sleep next to her head every night, just in case she wakes up and needs to pet somebody. I am the first thing she sees every morning. I am the one who makes sure everybody eats on time, just like a clock!

When I want to be petted, I'll just reach out a paw and pat her on the arm. When it's time to eat, I holler. I make sure Tommy takes his medicine every night (because we don't get supper until after he takes his medicine). If he's sleeping somewhere, I'll bop him and squawk till he gets up to take it.

Sometimes Momma whispers in my ear to please stay with her, to never leave her. I'll do what I can, but who knows what the future brings to anyone? I promise to stay as long as I can, and to wait for her forever beyond.

I am Momma's beautiful boy, her precious Tuxedo. I know she loves me so much her heart nearly bursts.

Momma, I love you too. Merry Christmas.


What I am thankful for -

November 22nd 2007 2:42 pm
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Today is Thanksgiving. There's a few things I am very thankful for that I'd like to put down in my diary ...

1. I am thankful to have had my dear brother, Lars, as my best friend and companion for over 10 years. While he was here with us, our days were filled with romping and playing and assorted kitty antics.

2. I am thankful Momma adopted me from a PetSmart rescue so many years ago in Columbia, Maryland. As one of only two cats left that day, I was sure I would never be adopted by anybody, so many people had passed me by. When Momma came in, I just lifted my head and looked into her eyes with my big yellow eyes, and her heart was mine. Lucky me! I had just found my furever home.

3. I am thankful for the excellent veterinary care I received when I blocked up -- twice -- with crystals when I was about 2 yrs old. I am also thankful that Momma was able to recognize the signs quickly and speed me to the vets! And especially thankful that I have not ever been blocked again.

4. I am thankful that we were able to move to Texas together. I am much happier here.

5. I am thankful for my two younger "brothers", Tommy and Buster. It's fun to have them to play with, even if Tommy picks on me sometimes. Not so much, anymore! And Buster thinks of me as his "uncle", I like to play with him and keep him very, very clean.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Move over, Ricky. Nanners!

November 4th 2007 1:45 pm
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There is exciting new prey here.
I have abandoned Ricky Rodent for now, having successfully banished him back into the toy box. My fantastic hunting skills are needed elsewhere!

I've found there are NANNERS IN MY BED!!! Nanners do NOT belong in the bed, these are very naughty. They are big catnip bananas, three of the darn things, and they keep getting in my bed at night (are they crawling up themselves, or is Momma putting them there?). Okay, so it's Momma's bed too, but still. They sit, arrogantly, on top of the quilt. I hate them, I love them, it's a complex relationship.

I try to be nice, and just lay down and sleep, but the strong, heady smell of that catnip is too much for me. As soon as the lights are out, I begin to beat up the bananas. Attack!! One by one, I must remove them from the bed and carefully arrange them around the living room. I carry them in my mouth while yodeling, deposit them in their proper places and then sit and yell at them for a while. I am not surprised that after I remove them and scold them thoroughly, the bananas remain in the living room for the rest of the night. I am quite formidable. Oddly enough, though, I keep hearing Momma giggling while all this serious hunting is going on, I can't imagine what is so funny. But I am too busy disciplining my nanners to really look into this.

Please understand, during the day, nanners are docile things that are fun to play with occasionally. Most of the time, when I spot one, we just roll around together for a while and I bite them as hard as I can.

But not at night! And not in my bed!
Such naughty nanners...


A Mystical Cat -- Deeper than you know

August 25th 2007 11:18 am
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Yesterday, I really stunned my Mom and her son, the Painter, too. Actually made her sit down suddenly and gasp out loud, and completely overwhelmed her. Of course, I don't know why she was so surprised, things like this seem completely natural to me. It is just my nature. I don't think Mom realized that my kitty soul runs deep and understands more about things than you might think. Perhaps it is best expressed by explaining that some cats can see all sides of life, and both sides of the bridge, in a way that humans cannot.

As you may know, my dear elder brother Lars -- my best pal and beloved playmate for my entire life -- crossed the Bridge yesterday in his sleep.

What Mom could not know was that I had a role to play in easing his transit. Or that she would be fortunate enough to actually see it ...

You see, Lars did not want to leave Mom and her son. He struggled so hard to rise and walk, Mom was unable to get him to relax. He was torn between this world and the next. For the first time in a long time, I went to Lars and lay close beside him. I cuddled with him like we used to, when we were young -- like littermates. I let him know that I would take care of Mom for him, so he wouldn't worry about her. Of course, I knew that he and I would always stay connected to one another, even across the Bridge.

I lay close against him throughout the night, purring. I knew that Lars was having a hard time seeing his way to the Bridge, because he was blind. But I could see the way. So, together, I walked with him right to the edge, guiding him until the Bridge Kitties could greet him.

As they left together, Lars turned to me with his sweet chirble, and our eyes met. And I could see that he was healthy again, and that he could SEE again. I remained alongside his earthly body as his spirit moved forward, and beyond. I wanted to make sure that Mom would see that Lars had been lovingly guided by me to his new life ... and she did.

How deeply we are connected. What things we understand. Mom is deeply grieving our Lars, and yet, feels privileged that she was allowed to see a glimpse of something we might usually conceal from humans. I felt she needed to see.

Since then, I have tried to comfort her as best I can. I have even climbed on her lap, purring loudly -- although I am not, and have never been, a lap cat. I can tell that my attentions help to ease her heartache.

Mom will never look at me quite the same again. A certain depth to my nature is now visible to her. I believe she never dreamed that I, Felix, was a deep, and mystical, cat.


Tagged by my own brother!

July 17th 2007 9:57 am
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I AM surprised. Tommy got tagged and tagged me, so I would get to tell some stuff! I didn't think he even liked me ...

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diaries about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary!

My seven random facts:

1. I was born in Columbia, MD, where mom adopted me. I lived there, and stayed in Benson, AZ w/mom for 6 months, then we all moved to Amarillo.

2. Even though I am 10 yrs old, I still have some kittenish behaviors. Every night before I go to sleep, I MUST nurse on mom's pajama sleeve till I get sleepy, then I lay down beside her, finally. Mom doesn't really like it, but I have her trained.

3. I like to have all the tiny mousies piled up in a pyramid for me, I just can't stand it. When I find a mouse pyramid, I have to dive right into it and slay all the mousies!

4. I WILL be petted. If no one notices that I am coming around for love, I just smack them one with a hard paw (but without claws out, I am not a meanie!), preferably on the back of the head.

5. I tend to go into a trance when I am doing something -- for example, in the litterbox, I get so wrapped up in digging and throwing litter everywhere, I can paw in there forever before I come back to myself and stop it. The same thing happens when I start making biscuits -- I get this dreamy look on my face and keep going, and going ...

6. I am the only tuxedo kitty mom has ever had. She had wanted one ever since she was a little girl, but never saw one until she had moved to Maryland -- for some reason, there are lots of tuxedos around there!

7. To keep me out of the cupboards, mom had her son put really strong magnetic locks on them. Psssh. I showed her! I am very strong, I can just pop them open with one paw and get in anyway.

Don't worry, kitties -- Tommy is the one who was initially tagged. It wouldn't be right if mom had me tag 7 more, too -- other cats would think we were pesky! So see Tommy's page to see who else was tagged by him!

But I will tag just one -- she looks just like me:
Miss Poppy - 372230

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