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July 6th 2016 1:58 pm
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Mommie and I said our goodbyes last week. I wasn't feeling well, not eating and having trouble breathing and was very tired. So we talked on Wednesday night and on Thursday we went to the vet. Mommie held me while I went to sleep and when I woke up she was gone, but BeeJay was there. He held out his paw and helped me cross the rainbow to a beautiful butterfly meadow. Many of our friends were there to greet me. And I felt so much stronger than I've been for a while. I was fitted with beautiful wings and BeeJay is teaching me to fly! I wish I didn't have to say good-bye to Mommie and my brofur and sisfurs, but I know that I can watch over them. Now I am told that we all have to say good-bye to Catster, but our memories will always be there and many of our friends have moved to FB, so we can always keep in touch. Just wanted efurryone to know that I love you all and will miss having fun here. Love you furever, Angel Bella



February 12th 2014 5:10 pm
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OMC!!!! What wonderful news-Catster is NOT closing down. Mommie told me that I needed to come and look at the computer and I saw a beautiful green light at the top of the Catster page! We still aren't sure what it all means, but we know it does mean that we can still play here with our friends, that my angel brothers and sister will still be here for us to remember, that our special threads will still be here. I get to really become a regular member in Pie's Breakfast Club at Olde Furts once Mommie retires and can let us play more on here. Coqui can go to BCCP and make breakfast with her friends, Fasa can start to write his poems again, and Chica can become a real Catster kittie. We are very happy. We are still going to try to play more at some of the other sites we have joined too. But we are happy to have our Community back!!!


End of Catster

January 17th 2014 6:21 am
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Bella's Mom here,
We are so sorry to hear the news that Say Media is closing the community of Catster (which we believe will be the first step in the end of the site)
I am spending most of my day today saving my kits pages as a memory of what was a very special place for us.
Catster was where I first found support when my angel BeeJay crossed to the Bridge. I was looking for information on grieving the loss of a pet, as I was devastated by his leaving. I found a link to the Rainbow Bridge Kitties group, joined Catster, and found a home!
Catster if where I found my orangie Mufasa-posted in adoptions. Without Catster, I would never have seen his little face or brought him home.
Catster was where I found Little Coqui. Without the connection of Catster and Facebook, she never would have flown from Puerto Rico into my heart. I would not have connected with so many of my Facebook friends, who are also Catster Moms. I would not have been in touch with the wonderful people who helped me find Coqui and my other gato, Chica (whose eyes amaze me).
Thank you all for so many wonderful years. I certainly hope the site could be saved, have signed the petition for it, am praying for it. But if not, I will have wonderful memories and will have contact with many of the wonderful humans behind the cats on Facebook.
Please feel free to add me as a FB friend if we aren't already-any Catster Mom or Dad is a friend of mine in spirit.

Love and purrs, Bella's Mommie (Cathy Audorff on FB)


Spring Tag Game

April 11th 2013 1:30 pm
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Hi furriends! I was tagged by my friend Flower

We're having a Spring Tag game. If you would like to play, just copy my diary, change my answers to yours, and tag five furiends!

Five things I love about Spring:

1. The birds come to the bush by the window!
2. when it rains, I can curl up with Mommie and listen to it and it's easy to fall asleep
3. The windows get opened and we can hear and smell the outside, instead of just see it
4. The world becomes green, like my eyes!
5. I can get warm almost anywhere instead of just in front of the heating vent or on the heating pad

I tag: Tucker (of course!), Mr. Biscuits, Tyler, Willow and Selina


Benefits of being the oldest kitty 4-7-13

April 7th 2013 5:21 pm
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So, I'm officially an Olde Furt. But being older has it's benefits. Here are some of the good things that I get because I'm the oldest.
1. When Mommie gives us our canned food in the morning, I get mine first. And she usually gives me any extra juice in the can because that's the part I like and she doesn't want me to lose weight.
2. I get to sleep on Mommie's pillow and she only complains a little bit about it. Sometimes, when she fusses about it, I move and sleep on her chest.
3. On cold mornings, before Mommie gets up, she turns the heating pad on low so it is warm when she leaves the bed. That way I don't have to get cold before the furnace comes on.
4. I get the best spots to watch out the window. If my brother or sisters try to fight me for it, Mommie tells them to leave me alone because I'm the oldest! (Actually, Mommie says I am the alpha female in the house and so the other cats seldom challenge me for space)
5. I have my special place by the heating vent in the living room that no other cat can use! Because it's warm and I say it's mine!


Reflections on being 10 years old.

March 25th 2013 11:56 am
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Today is my birthday, and I am 10 years old. This means I am a senior kittie, although Mommie says there are times when I still act like a kitten. I am the oldest cat in the house, which means I am in charge when Mommie isn't there. And that can be a challenge! Especially because I am also the smallest cat in the house.
I have lived here a long time-most of my life. But I didn't start out here. Mommie found me in a shelter (Touched by a Paw in Whitewater, Wisconsin) when I was about a year old. They told Mommie that I was found in an apartment after the tenants moved out-evidently they just left me behind. I am glad that the person who found me took me to a no-kill shelter and that Mommie came and took me home from there! Many kitties are not that lucky, and we all send purrrs every night for the many cats that are in shelters or are out on their own. (Just a reminder to spay/neuter your pets! also a reminder that when you adopt it pet-it is a lifetime committment!)
As I sit looking out the big window at the snowy ground outside, I am so thankful for the shelter, food and love that I have known for most of my life. I also feel safe in the knowledge that Mommie will love me forever and make sure I am taken care of for the rest of my life. I want to thank all the Moms and Dads out there that are taking care of my many friends here on Catster-you are all wonderful!!!


Long Time, no Meow July 15, 2010

July 15th 2010 5:25 pm
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Well, it's been furever since I've written in my diary. But Mommie and I are excited about what is happening with my asthma problem, so I decided to let my friends know.
I have had this stupid "asthma" problem for a long time. None of my attacks have been bad, but Mommie was noticing me having coughing spells at least four or five times a day. And they often occurred if I ran or played hard.
Some of our friends' Moms, who are Mommie's friends on Facebook, have talked about L-lysine and how it can help boost kittie's immune systems. So Mommie thought about giving it to us. Then one of them noted that some Blue Spa Select food has L-lysine in it. Mommie has been trying to find us a different dry food that we will all eat (some of us are picky-right Fasa?), so she decided to try it with us. Well, the first news is that we all seem to like it.
But this week, Mommie starting realizing that she hasn't heard me coughing very much, and I seem to be playing more (especially chase games with my furblings). So she watched really close and over the past three or four days she has only heard me cough one time! And that was just a brief little episode of coughing! The only thing different is the dry cat food, so she is thinking that is what is making the difference.
I hope that is true, cuz I like the new food and I don't like coughing spells!!


COTD!!! ME???

August 19th 2009 10:18 am
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OMC!!! I am so excited. Mommie told me early this morning that I am COTD! My picture is on the front page of Catster. I can hardly believe it.
I want to thank the people at HQ who selected me COTD. I also want to thank all of my friends, new and old, who have been sending me gifts and friends requests and p-mail. Mommie is at work today, but once she is home I promise we will try to answer everyone purrsonally.
I am thrilled. This little white girl never really expected this wonderpurrr honor. I want to let everypurrr know that I love you all. Purrrrs of happiness, Bella


August 15, 2009

August 15th 2009 4:25 pm
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Well, I got to meet my husband Tucker's Mom!! Well, sort of.....
Actually I got scared when Mommie's friends came to visit and I hid. After a little while, I did come out into the living room, but I stayed a little ways away from the ladies who were visiting. But at least they did get to see me!! Coqui hid and didn't come out until they were gone! I guess that makes me the second bravest cat in the house!

(Note to Tucker. I'm sorry I was scared when your Mom came to visit. I tried to be brave, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe she will come again sometime and I will try to be braver. I hope she knows that I love her and especially that I love you!!! Purrrs from your loving wife, Bella)


We are having visitors?

August 13th 2009 2:24 pm
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So, Mommie came home from work this afternoon and told me that tomorrow she isn't working, but she is going to spend the day with some friends. Then she told me one of the friends that she is spending the day with is Tucker's Mom!!!!! OMC, My mom-in-law is coming to visit!!! And guess what, she is actually coming to our house, so I get to meet her! I must go and clean my fur and Coqui's fur, and Mufasa's (well, he can clean his own, but I have to tell him to!) And I should look through my toys to see which one she might like to play with, and make sure we have extra food in the house! I'm so excited!!!! I get to meet Tucker's Mom!!!!!

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