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Musings of a Teddy Bear Come to Life

One Year and Counting!

November 2nd 2007 11:39 am
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Halloween 2007 has come and gone, and with it marked my one year anniversary from when I first showed up here after trick-or-treating hours in 2006. I stayed far away from all the crazy stuff the people were doing to celebrate, even though Jigsaw stuck around and says it wasn't so scary. Wow, a whole year in my new home, and how exciting it's been!

When I first showed up the people treated me so funny. They kept taking pictures and posting me on the internet for people who lost their cats to look for. They gave me special food and tried to get me to come up to them. They were just very insistent I must have a home somewhere. But they should know from their own feral cats over the years that just because a cat is homeless doesn't mean they have to look as ratty as my friend Chibi. Some of us are very healthy and take pride in our cleanliness. At any rate they kept fussing over me through the winter while trying to find an "owner" until one day Jigsaw showed up! Sporting the same exact bold swirly pattern as me on a very similar body type they knew he came from the same place. And when they examined him closely and saw he was ear-tipped so they knew we came from a managed colony! But unfortunately I was not ear-tipped so they still had to trap me and get me "fixed."

What a weird experience that was. I walked into this little wiry box to get some really yummy food and the door closed behind me, I couldn't get out! Then the humans came and got me and put me inside their house where I had to spend the night in this crazy little box. In the morning they picked me up again and put my "trap" into a bigger, moving trap called a car. It drove me off to an even stranger house, called a "vet clinic" with dozens of other cats who needed this "fixing" procedure. They knocked me out and did something weird to me and before they took me off their operating table they noticed I had a badly abscessed wound on my paw that I could have died from if they hadn't treated it then! How lucky! When they were done I was starting to wake up and they handed me to my human Lindsay. She gave me some medicines, cleaned my ears, and posed for a few pictures while I was still groggy enough to be held. Those crazy people. But I still needed more medicine for my paw, so when she took me home she had to make a bigger trap for me in her "garage" where I stayed for 10 whole days. It wasn't so bad. She waited on my all day giving me canned food and fresh water, even cleaning a little sandbox she gave me to do my business in. She only tried to pet me a few times and just gentle pats on the head, and finally my day of freedom came. She ushered me into yet another cage, this one smallest of all with a handle for her to carry me. Then she took me out to the backyard and let me go right in front of my shed. I was so happy, I plopped out and went right in. My friends were happy I was okay, and I was happy my paw didn't hurt anymore.

Since then things have been great. The Orange'n'whites are a lot nicer to me now and I trust the humans more. Every morning they feed me and lately I sit by the bowl when they pour my food. In fact, I've started smelling their hands and letting them touch me on my head without making a run for it. It's not so bad. I've yet to see why Chibi, Hannah, and Jigsy like it so much, but they insist some day I'll really like it, too.

So I've officially acclimated to my new home. This year's journey will be the journey of getting tame. I don't want to be the only one of 4 who doesn't love being petted forever, so wish me luck!


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