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So much stuff to get into, so little time!

Watching Over Them

September 4th 2008 10:28 am
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I have been up here at The Rainbow Bridge for two weeks now, and it is very beautiful. There are no cars or mean people up here, just animals who are waiting for their families. Every so often, one of my new furrends stops playing, looks up, barks or meows happily and runs to the big white, sparkly bridge. I see them dance around or jump up on their family purrson, and their purrson(s) hug them. There are tears, but they are now happy and not sad tears. Then they walk away, and I am happy that my furrend got to be with their purrson again, just like we all knew it would happen. One day my people will come up here, too. I know all their other furrends who are up here like Marcie, Brandy, Kaysie, Trixie, Lucy, Stella, Rainey, Crystal, Porter (who was hit by a car like I was), Grace, and others I haven't met yet. We all play together and talk about how much we were loved down on Earth. We don't want our family to miss us because we really are happy up here! There is always a place we can go to look right down on our people, through the big, fluffy clouds and send them our messages of love. We know that sometimes when they smile for no apparent reason or feel kind of warm and happy, that's when they get our message.

I can't wait to see my family again, but I really am content up here. I don't hurt anymore where the car hit me, and no one paints on my nose ;-) (Sorry meowmie). There are lots of things for me to chase, and at night, we all curl up together, say our prayers, and take looong catnaps.

Sending all our love to all of you,


A short life but a fun one...

August 20th 2008 7:50 am
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Hello, Everyone

This is my first and last diary entry. Today, when Meowmie let me out, she didn't know it would be the last time she saw me. I loved to go outside and explore the fields and yards around my neighborhood, but today I guess I just wasn't being careful. I got hit by a car and killed. A kind lady saw me by the side of the road and picked me up. I was still breathing and she took me to the nearest doctor, which just happened to be my doctor. Meowme had me micro-chipped just last week. They read my chip and the lady at the doctor's office called meowmie with the sad news that I had gone to The Bridge.

I loved to go outside and that's where I died. I will miss all my people and brofur and sisfur down on Earth, but I will wait for them to get to The Bridge. In the meantime, I will have fun exploring up here!


Not much as been happening. I've been behaving ;-)

February 15th 2008 10:50 am
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Purrs, Everybody!

I haven't written for a while because not much has been happening. I've been keeping to myself and behaving. Izadore gets into enough trouble for the both of us. Mommy says I'm grown up and mature now, so I can't really get away with some of the stuff I used to do. On March 19th, it will be a year since I was adopted and came here to live. Before that, I lived with one of Mommy's friends and her cats and dogs. Before that, I lived at an Emergency Pet Clinic in a cage. Mommy says she thinks she saw me there when she came to get some other kitties for the PetsMart adoption cages but she doesn't remember. She says she knows there has to be a reason why I wasn't adopted by anyone else--she means that I was destined for her!

This is the end of our first week of babysitting for our human sister's litter of one baby. Mommy is tired, but he is a good baby and doesn't wake us up too much with his crying and stuff. Mommy says taking care of a baby is a lot of work. She hasn't had a baby for 27 years since our human brother was a baby. She says that's why God doesn't let Grandmas have babies! Anyway, I think I'm going to sit on her lap for a little while tonight. I'm tired, too!

Ernest T.



November 14th 2007 6:53 am
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Hi, Ernie Enthusiasts,

I had quite an adventure yesterday! Mommy got ready to go to bed and all of the sudden, when she went to give us our midnight snack (at 11PM) she realized she hadn't seen me all evening! Seems SOMEONE forgot to count noses after supper and I GOT LEFT OUTSIDE!! Actually, I snuck out when Dad was doing the leaves and mom didn't realize it. Mom and my dog sis, Cady (who is the one who always finds me or Delilah when we escape) searched for almost an hour. Izzie says Mom came to bed in tears and told Dad that I was gone. About an hour later, Dad got up to go potty and went to the patio door in the kitchen. Mom heard him turn off the security and turn on the outside light...and there I was!!! Dad opened the patio door and said, "Get your a** in here!" (He's got such a way with words!!) And I sure did--it was COLD outside!! Dad told mom he heard me me-owing outside!! Wow!! Mom says she could be kidnapped out of the bed from right next to dad and be screaming and yelling and he'd never wake up, but HE HEARD ME ME-OWING!!! Dad went back to bed and told Mom that "He's back". Then he fell asleep. Mom jumped out of bed and spent the next fifteen minutes hugging and kissing me and crying (but this time happy tears). And then she FINALLY fed me. I told my friends Maggie, Lokie, Abby and Muffin that I'm not telling where I was until mom apologizes for painting me and laughing at me and also for putting that silly photo of me up on Catster for all my friends to see! But I did get a turkey rosette from Maggie and her family, so that's OK.

Whew. Mommy says she's taking a nap this afternoon after being up all night. I'm getting a head start as soon as I finish this. So far, this week has been exhausting and it's only Wednesday!!

Ernest T.


My Daddy Loves me, too!

November 3rd 2007 7:17 am
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Hello, beautiful kitties,

Wow. I was so surprised yesterday! I was outside and somehow wound up in the middle of our street. My dad called me and I heard him, but of course wasn't listening. He got really upset and yelled for my meowmie to come outside and told her to call me RIGHT AWAY!! She saw me in the street and yelled "Baybeeze!!!!" and I came running right to her. What's so surprising is that our dad doesn't really like kitties! We all like him, but he is still learning to be a kitty person.

Other than that, it is getting colder here in Cleveland, Ohio. And the other day it was windy and I didn't like that. I kept asking my meowmie what that noise was and hiding. She said wait until it snows. I think I'll be in by the fireplace when that happens from what I've heard about snow.

My meowmie says I've gotten to be such a beautiful kitty. My fur is black and very, very shiny and when I strut my stuff you can see how healthy I am. Well, it's 'cause they love me and take good care of me here!

Meowmie says I have to teach my little bro Izz not to scratch and bite her in the evening. Whew. That's gonna be a big job. Kids!!



My turn!

October 10th 2007 7:42 pm
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Hi, Fans of Former Little Bro Kitties,
I told Mommy she had to write some stuff for ME too, and not just for Iz all the time. I'm feelin' kinda jealous although right now, I AM playing with one of Izzie's toys--that ping pong ball in the round thing that humans like to fake us out with. It has a ringy-dingy and it's actually kind of fun.

Well, Iz is out of his cage and we're actually having a pretty good time together. I'm taking my big brother status pretty seriously. I taught Iz where to hide in the house when that big black dog with the big(ger) teeth comes after us. I also taught him how to jump on top of the entertainment center in the great room and on top of Mom's computer desk in the den. I know Mom is afraid I'm going to teach him how to bolt out the door, too.

I get let out now in the afternoon and unless I'm helping Daddy reduce the mole/mouse population in our yard, I'll usually come right away when Mommy calls "BABEEZE!!" Dad thinks it's pretty funny that I come running like one of my dog sisters (usually) do when Mom calls. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that there's a can of wet food waiting in the kitchen for me. Mom does not like it when I go out. I know this. But unless I get stuck up a tree it's a lot of fun. Yesterday Mommy had to help me get down and I landed on her face before I had a chance to put my claws back in. Ooops. I felt bad about that and sat on Mommy's lap today and told her about it.

I know that Mom loves me (and Iz and Delilah and the girl dogs) a lot. I hear her telling everyone how special I am and how friendly. I think Grandma might be coming to live with us soon, and I heard she doesn't like cats much. Well, she's never met me!!

Later dudes,
Ernest T.


Ernie Klein Under Wear??

August 11th 2007 8:47 am
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Hello, Everyone
Wow, it's been a while since I wrote. Sorry about that. Let's see, what's happened. Oh, yeah. Since the nice weather started, Mommy and I play "chase me around the yard" at least once a night, maybe twice. When I'm done teasing her, she calls "Babeez!, Babeez!" and I'll come to her. It's certainly not because I get scared out there in the dark. I'm a big tough guy! My human sister says that one of these days Mommy is going to pick something up in the dark (thinking it's me) and when she gets into the house with it, she's going to see it's NOT me. Mommy says she looks to see if it has a white stripe down it's back before she picks it up. Boy, THAT would be funny!

I have a new baby bro, Izadore. We trapped Izzie's mommy and then Izzie came to our door and I me-owed at him. He told me he was hungry and scared and didn't know where his mommy was. It was very sad. Mommy felt terrible about it. She got the trap back from the man and Izzie went into the trap. He is OK but I growl at him to let him know that I used to be the Little Bro, but now HE is and I am his boss. I'll wait for a while and when Mommy lets him out of the cage I'll show him all the good stuff he can get into in the house. Mommy also trapped one of his brothers or sisters--we aren't sure which. I was very upset about that and my sister Delilah was also. But Mommy said that we could not keep Izzie's sibling because it was too wild. We all cried a little about it, but we're glad we have Iz. (I think)

Well, Mommy wired the screens to the window sills this morning, so now I can lay in the window upstairs without being tempted to climb back up on the roof. She said she had to do it ONLY because of me. Now, c'mon!!!

Paw pats on your cheek,



I want to go out...maybe not.

April 12th 2007 12:49 pm
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Dear Diary,

Will real Spring EVER come to Cleveland, Ohio? I heard Daddy complaining because they moved something called "The Tribe" to Milwaukee to play their games. I play games right here with my big sister, Delilah even when she doesn't want to. That doesn't bother me! I really want to go outside but it's cold and wet and I'm an indoor kitty, anyway, I guess. I probably wouldn't like it much outside anyway.

I tried to get up on the stove today when Mommy was making supper and she got really mad at me! I just wanted to see what was in the pan! She said, "No, no, baby! You'll burn your little feet!" I'll wait until the food is cooked and then steal it off Mommy's plate like I usually do.

Ok, well, nothing much is happening here. I'm going to back to my stare-out with the squirrel at the birdfeeder. If only that window wasn't between us, why, I'd...I'd....yeah,I really would!!!

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