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Its not easy being wonderful

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Been gone a bit over 3 years, new life to look over.

August 1st 2012 11:00 pm
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On 7/26th I have been here at the bridge for 3 years. My day and week was very busy and I did not post before now because on the 25th my human (Jmatt)had his third child, a baby girl. I had to watch over the proceedings.
The little stinker needed quite a bit of intervention see, because two weeks before she went breech, then they turned her, then she went breech again the week of the due date. She was scheduled to be removed by c section on the 24th...but they found her to be not breech again so they induced the momma. Well nothing progressed very fast so the baby decided to go breech again! on the 25th she was evicted from her home by c section. So I understandably was furry busy with watching over this little one business from the lowest clouds I could manage.

I also came down and played some tricks on AnnaBelle and Misty once I knew the baby was safe and sound. AnnaBelle's mommy noticed that both the kitties were getting the zoomies at a really odd time of day and they kept meowing at something she couldnt see. Yup, that was me, the old timer. Had to play in the water fountain too- though I think I left a mess. (AnnaBelle's mommy found water all over the floor and niether of the girls were in the kitchen when I did it! Whoops- cover blown!).

But now that Ive gone down and watched over my family Im furry tired. Hazel lucy and Calvin brought me over some special 'rest up and restore your angel strength' goodies. Alex joined the 3 of us and we napped on the fluffyest old timer cloud out here where we can see our loved ones and feel deeply loved.



July 29th 2011 4:59 pm
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Alex-Sweet comments
Rose-sweet comments
Tink Moneypenny - Crown for a queen cat, sweet comments, and helping me find my entry!
Anonymous- sweet rainbow gift.
AnnaBelle and my Furless family- for the crown and all the love.

Thank you all for all your purrs, love, and kindness to me and my family in remembering my bridgeday.


Two years tomorrow- the real entry has been found.

July 25th 2011 3:53 pm
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First- the entry was found, on AnnaBelle's page. This is what I get for having humans post for me at 4am. MOL!

Tomorrow 7/26/11 it will have been 2 years since I left for the bridge. This oldtimer thought it was time to put up some more pictures so I asked AnnaBelle to get her mommy to do it. My headstone picture will be up as the main one this week, but on the subsequent pages we have added more pictures that we have found. I invite you to take a look.

You can see in the last picture that was taken in June 2009 (It may have been the last picture taken of me actually) - that I looked pretty rough towards the end. I actually lost more hair on my tail and got skinnier before I left just a few short weeks later.

On one paw it seems like it all happend just yesterday and on the other paw it seems like its been many many years that I have been here at the bridge. I know I have made some amazing friends since I have been here.

The hard thing is that on days like today AnnaBelle's mommy cannot help but wish that she had known what she does now 3 years ago. She still somethings thinks that maybe if she found out sooner she could have saved me, or at least extended my good years so the end would not have been like it was.

She knows she should not feel guilty, I tell her not to, AnnaBelle tells her not to, even her catster friends tell her not to, but on days like today- I doubt there is any stopping that nagging feeling. Ill just have to fly down and give some extra comfort to my family this week. I am very happy here on my oldtimer cloud, but I miss my family very much too, so the visit will be nice.

I have already visited Misty and AnnaBelle, and have played with them. I got AnnaBelle all rialed up and she was having a blast this weekend. We even played chase. I won- becuase I used my wings. She said it wasnt fair, and the humans just laughed and laughed at the antics they were watching as Misty and AnnaBelle zoomed around the house for the few hours I was there.

So if you are going to remember me, remember that even as an oldtimer I loved to play, and loved my catnip. I could purr for hours, and loved to lay on my humans and purr on them when they felt bad, sad, angry, happy, or anything else really. I healed thier sickeness with my purrs. we napped together routinly. I would make them take a break from the computer by standing infront of the monitor for petting. I loved to sun myself in the window or lay ontop of the computer tower. I could still run and leap, even at my oldtimer age. I was beutiful, to the very end. I had the sweetest meow, and while I mostly talked quietly I could really yell at you if I needed to. I could tell you if the person you brought home was a good or bad one. You could tell by my body language if I liked someone and If I really hated them I would make sure everyone knew it. There was such a thing as "passing the whispers test" for friends - and anyone who wanted to be more than friends must pass it.

I am the old timer, I am Whispers. Remember me as I was the best- a kitten trapped in an an old kitty's body.

I love you, my furry and furrless family and friends. You mean the world to me, thanks for standing besides me, and my family.


The oldtimer, at the bridge.


Two years tomorrow. (round 2)

July 25th 2011 10:25 am
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Oldtimer here.
I purred out an entry, it was really long too- but I guess it didnt save?

Ive been at the bridge for 2 years as of tomorrow. It hardly seems that long ago and yet it seems like its been forever.

Ive put up a bunch of other pictures that I have found, view my book to see them.

Remember me not for the sad times, but for the good times. Remember the way I would chase AnnaBelle and she would chase me back. Remember when I would lay on you and nap, how I would sun in the window, how my meow was so quiet but I could yowl like a lion, Remember the smell of my fur, the way I loved my wetfood, remember the way I loved you. I am watching from my cloud.

The Oldtimer


These angel wings are tired...

November 22nd 2010 10:23 pm
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The last day has been tiring for this angel. I started to earth as soon as I heard the news. I had to get there- fast. There was no time to waste, planning for TG day will have to wait. This is about family. My person cannot hear this news without me there by his side. I flew and flew through the stars and the clouds and raced to get there. I made it. I was sitting next to him (out of breath, but I was there!). His aunt called with the news. Jmatt's grandfather passed away just a few hours before.

I stayed close to him all day. He got the word that the viewing will be held on Tuesday and the funeral on Wednesday. I was also there with him when he talked to his father for the first time in ages, only to have his father say that he dose not need to come, in fact that he would rather that he do not come- "And dont bring your kids - I am not interested in meeting them." his father said. I heard it all and quietly headbumped Jmatt to comfort him. My being an angel made this a bit difficult so I used my angel dust and got AnnaBelle and Misty on his case to purr and headbutt him for hours on end today. They are good angel helpers.

So its set, Nana and Jmatt are leaving Tuesday morning to drive 7 hrs to the viewing. They will (hopefully) be back in Texas in time for TG dinner- although they will be going out to eat instead of making dinner at home this year.

Nana had rented a 14 ft ladder today to put up the Christmas lights on the house, I stood watch as she climbed to the top while AnnaBelle's mommy held the ladder on the ground. 6 strings of lights were put up, it took 3 hours - and they need 4 more strands to make it the rest of the way around the house. But for this year they are not going to worry about that.

Misty and AnnaBelle assured me that they will watch over things, which was good because being on earth tires an angel out. I flew back to the oldtimer clouds and I am resting now. Alex met me here and gave me some powerful catnip tea to restore my strength.

I dont often make a trip to earth like that, but all the furless ones as well as Misty and AnnaBelle knew I was there and why. I love my family. *purrs to Jmatt for the loss of his grandfather* And now I must rest my angel wings, though I will be watching from the lowest clouds as Jmatt and Nana make their driving trip this week.


An Oltimer's Turkey day preperations

November 21st 2010 3:40 pm
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There have been many barks and purrs up here at the bridge this year about TG day preparations. The angelfurs have decided to get together and celebrate in high class style and have asked the old-timers among us to help with the planning.
We have decided to serve smoked birds, fried birds, roasted birds, smoked hams, roasted hams, pheasant, rabbit, duck, ostrich, bison, boar, roast and salmon as proteins. We will also have sweet-potato and pumpkin pies.
For the Family clouds we will serve green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, cheesy broccoli rice casserole as well as the above mentioned goodies so that our furless angel family members can enjoy a yummy TG day as well.

Heres hopeing that all our Earthly family members get to have a tasty TG day dinner also!
Please remember there are many furless and furries less fortunate than ourselves this year and that food banks are always in need of donations and volunteers. Some churches even do TG day boxes of food to make a complete dinner for people. If you know of somewhere that you could donate time or foods to, please consider it.

I may be an angel fur but I am thankful this year for all the love and support and knowledge that has come from the wonderful friends we have here at Catster. You are all special, thank you, each and every one.


First Angelversary 7/26

July 25th 2010 11:36 pm
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Here I am again writing you from the clouds. One year ago today while recovering from a procedure at the vet's office I left my earthly body and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I was met with catnip bouquets and tuna souffles. It is a real party up here all the time. I have even joined the old timer's welcome committee, where the parties can be a little more refined and calm. We show up whenever the rainbow flashes though, to welcome each new furr to their new home here on the bridge. The addition of the brighter pink for girls and brighter blue for boys was a great upgrade and everyfurr likes it.

Today I want to have a bit of a party to celebrate my first Angelversary, but the ones I really want to have here are still down on earth. They dont know it on earth but I went home and left them some invitations and even joined them on their car trip this weekend (even though when I was with them I hated car rides!). I just wanted to be with my furless family for a bit. I can sense that this has been a hard week for them, thinking of me how I was a year ago. Knowing that today I will be very much in their minds I will whisper to each of their hearts how much I love them. I will see them soon here at the bridge. But until then I have met many friends from Catster to keep me company and to play catnip bingo with.

To my Furless and AnnaBelle who I knew in my lifetime on earth: I am still with you, and I love you. To Misty: As the furless have thought, I paw-picked you back in December because I knew that it was time. I am glad that you and AnnaBelle get along so well and that you have brought that kitten life back into everyone's hearts. Keep it up kiddo. But remember, youve always got more to learn.

Well its time to get things set up for my celebration today. Im making catnip cupcakes.

Signing off from the clouds.
The old timer,



Entry from the clouds.

August 5th 2009 5:44 am
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Looking down from heaven I see that I have made diary pick of the day. That, my Catster friends, means so much to me and to my human family. The wonderful welcome I have received up here at the bridge has been so amazing. The kindness shown to my human family down on earth has also touched my kitty heart. They are so sad still, and every nice thing helps the healing for them. I snuck down to sit and Whisper in to each of their hearts that I am happy and I am Ok, and that I love them. I felt I really had to do that because Sarah tried to take food to feed me in the other room last week and they all were crying off and on. I didn't want anyone to be sad. So I whispered to them and told them how brave I was and how brave I still am. I whispered deep into their hearts how much I love them and that I am just a whisper away. I think that it will still take time, but they are healing a little more each day. At least they all seem to know how happy I am up here. Its amazing how we can still feel the love sent by our loved ones. Everycat Ive met has someone special that they know loves them. Well Ive got catnip bingo to go to, but I wanted to say Thank you to all of you.


The Rainbow Bridge Poem

July 26th 2009 2:18 pm
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Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...


To my loyall subjects Ive left behind

July 26th 2009 1:07 pm
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Dearest furmally and loyal subjects,

Thank you for taking care of me as well as you have for the past 16 years. We've made many great memories together. Thank you for recognizing that I was feeling sick even though I could not tell you myself and taking me to to the vet last week. Staying in a vet cage for a few days is never fun, but I knew that they would try to help me. They kept me out of pain during all thier testing and procedures. Iwas told that I was backed up from my colon to my adam's apple this time, much worse than last time. They did a procedure to try and remove that. Unfortunately dear family my body just couldnt take the stress from this. So instead of coming home to you a happy kitty I am now writing this from the rainbow bridge.

But dont be sad! I no longer squat when I walk becuase my joints are like new! My body is filled out and not skinny- you cant even feel my ribs or my hips! One day Im told that we will all meet up here again and be together and you will get to see then just how marvelous and regal I look. I wish I could take a picture and send it to you, but they tell me that If I try youll just find a blank paper back at home. So any time you find loose paper laying around the house just think of it as me trying to send you a message.

AnnaBelle you little furr ball. You have grown up into a very nice kitty. Take care of everyone, its your job now. I will play with you and pounce you again when we meet some day here at the bridge.

Please dont blame yourselves for my passing. You have helped me go in a way that was not painful or hurtful. You have all loved me very much and I feel that love even now.



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