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Taking Some Time Off

August 27th 2015 12:45 pm
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Hello my Furiends ~ we just wanted you to know since mom started to work again she is going to take some time off catster. we are all adjusting to her new schedule. so we are all wishing you wonderful birthdays and sending lots of love.

see you later, lots of purrs Anna, Tony, Sammy, Stormy, Grey, Cleo, Ashe and Bagherra



August 10th 2015 8:18 am
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Mama went thru the 'account' page to edit my sisfur Stormy's diary and it put it on my page! she did it twice just to be sure it wasn't something she did. when she tried to delete it from my diary it would't leave so i've got it too.

then she went thru Stormy's page and it worked ok ~ so ~ be sure to check if you use your account page to add a diary entry. laughing purrs Grey



April 2nd 2015 10:29 am
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Mom was very purrplexed yesterday and it was all my fault. I was just hanging around while mom worked on the computer but i decided i wanted to be closer to her so i sat down right on the keyboard. All of a sudden evfurrything got smaller and smaller. Mom started to make me move and i hit something that made her screen turn totally upsidedown!! she couldn't figure out how to fix it so she call my furrless sisfur and she got on her computer and talked to Mr. Google. He advised her to hit control ~ alt ~ up arrow key. It worked!!

So if any of you kitties turn your computer upsidedown now you know how to fix it.

happy purrs and have a Blessed Easter! Grey

Easter Chicks


How to win at Catster Page Scramble

October 3rd 2014 9:07 pm
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Our beautiful furiend Tu Two told us about how she wrote a diary and all her pages came back to being the right kitties. so mom tried it with Tony and it worked!! now she is putting this message in all our diaries in hopes we all return to normal.

if you are having the problem too try going to your account then do a diary entry from there. big purrs


How Cool is This?

August 2nd 2014 5:49 am
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Well here we are again ~ i am just so honored and amazed, i got DOTD yesterday and DDP today (mom thinks the DDP needle may be stuck MOL) thank you to all the wonderful friends who came to congratulate me and huge thanks for all the beautifur pictures i received for my birthday and DDP's. here are two more. Thank you Tundra and Rory!Tundra's Wonderful DOTD Memento

This is so Cool Rory! i love it!


WeBees Made This Furbulous Picture for my DOTD

August 1st 2014 12:29 pm
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Me? I'm DOTD ~! Wowzers

August 1st 2014 5:21 am
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Well Shiver Me Whiskers! i'm DOTD today. my first ever! i think it was because i put that really pawsome picture Manytoes made me for my birthday in it.

mom says we will celebrate with tuna, my favorite. many thanks to the Diary Gal for choosing my diary.

'Grey zooms down the hall to tell Sammy and Tony the exciting news'


My Birthday memento from Manytoes

July 30th 2014 8:23 am
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Thank you Manytoes for this totally pawsome Birthday Picture! i tried to add it to my page but it wouldn't work. i really love it! purrs GreyAwesome Pic from Manytoes!



January 5th 2014 6:14 am
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We have had a lot of our furiends lose everything in their fun stuff boxes they have worked on for years. there is a glitch in Catster so please don't even go to your Fun Stuff Boxes until it is fixed! Fortunately we had our pages up before this happened.

we feel so bad for our friends. we know how much time and work it takes to do pages. this is a message from the Watch Cat ~

[Just did some testing and confirmed what has happened to a few of you with your extra bio fields.

For the time being, do not, repeat DO NOT make changes to your extra bio fields until we figure out what's happening. Existing scripts to bio fields will continue to work, but adding a new script wipes them all clean. We do not yet know why.

Turning the display off and back on for a bio field seems to be OK, at least during my initial testing that did not cause a problem, but to be on the safe side, I wouldn't make adjustments of any kind to the Fun Stuff section until Lori & I have had a chance to do more extensive testing.]

Please everyfur post this in your diary. if we can help just one friend not lose all their work it will be worth it. purrs


WooHoo my good Buddy Sawyer tagged me for the Spring Tag- Game

April 5th 2013 3:58 pm
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Here is how to play, I will name five things I like about Spring and then "Tag" fur furiends to play,

1) April, when the hummingbirds come for the summer

2) Crashing thru the cat door to go out on the screened porch to lay in the sun

3) Fresh catnip grown in our own pot

4) Open windows to smell the fresh air.

5) A spot of sun for a cozy nap

I am tagging:

1) Muppett ~ 624959
2) Harley ~ 1177272
3) Lily ~ 647722
4) Pooters ~ 294072
5) Klee Racer ~ 367570
6) Gentleman Jack ~ 478226

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