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Time With Tony


May 27th 2009 4:28 pm
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Amazing ~ absolutely amazing!! I am overwhelmed by all my Catster friends who have come by to visit and leave gifts.

Mom is really trying to send out thank yous for me but our internet isn't cooperating very well. As some of you know we have dialup which means 'slow down'. Where we live cable isn't available so we have learned to be patient. I just don't want anyone to feel we don't truly appreciate all the sweet Concats and gifts they have sent. We will eventually send a personal pawmail thank you to each and every one of you.

Until then a big 'group hug' and a huge group thank you to all those who came by to visit:

Eddy, Tutti, Norman, Sky, Chandler Ray, Greta Grace, Buddie, Riley, Tessa, Jillian Grace, Lily, Sir Sonny Bono, Presley, Paris, Wally, Alfie, Peter J, Teddy Bearz, Karma Kitty, Bobbi Boi, Punkin Pooh, Charlie Clarence, Precious Muppet, Alex, Callie Rose, Hazel Lucy, Lily, Sweet Pea, Alfie, Mercy, Hooch, Kaci, Riley, Toby, Wally, Chai Latte, Lilly, Arnold P, Stogie, Macaroni, and all their family members!

and please if by chance i have forgotten anyone forgive me! I do love you all and am really honored to be your friend.

we even have made new friends ~

Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky , Sugar and Newman
Tutti - LAF, Junior Fluffkins, Tethys Fluffkins, Jake, Samantha and Adoptable Priyanka
Macaroni, the Curious and Francis A Sinatracat
Zack, Harry~, Riley~, Jack~, Enzo~, Hannah~, Stinky~, Sophie~, Xerox~, Angus MacFangus~, Annabelle~, Cary~, Kate~, Queso~, Copy~, Sissy~, Wally~, Lily~, Ivy~, Charlie~, Matilda~, Bubba~, Pete~, Emme~, Violet~, Claire~, Kira~, DC~, Lucy~, Griffin~, The Texas Wild Bunch~, Larke~Pink Princess!, Dalton~, TWB Birthday Page and Fisher~
Arnold P. and Boomer
Tiskers "Needing Purrrrs", Boogers, Hondo, Fido, Mittens and PorkChop

luv and purrs Tony


♥ Tony ♥


Family Pets

♥ Anna

♥ Sammy

♥ Cleo
♥ Ashe



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