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Time With Tony

A New Look For My Room

March 24th 2009 8:46 pm
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Anyfur who has dropped by to visit will have noticed my terrific new wallpaper. My sweet friend Muppet (who is now a certified wallpaper hanger) came over and helped us wallpaper and paint. she is also an Interior Designer, as you can tell because everything flows together so purrfectly.

Of course Grey was there, he was carrying and moving all the heavy stuff around because he is Mr. Muscles. Sammy hung around and entertained all the workers. Anna made us tuna cookies and catnip tea for refreshments. Stormy went thru and made all those cool colored dabs of paint on the wall with her big fluffy tail. It made a great paintbrush.

what you may not know is wallpaper paste and blue paint make for funny looking kitties. we all had blue splotches and hunks of glue stuck in our fur. oh ick! but after a little soap and water and lots of hisses we came clean and unstuck.

I want to thank Miss Muppet the Interior Decorator and Wallpaper Hanger for all her help. Mom says she wishes Easter weren't so soon cause she wants to keep it just like it is!

Well gotta go chase Sam for a while, don't want him to get fat and lazy. purrs my friends Tony


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