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What a Break!!!

February 27th 2010 2:16 pm
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First i want to thank all my Furiends who came to visit and congratulate me on getting DDP. It is such an honor and always such a surprise for us. But it is also a whole lot of fun. Thank you each one, we love you all.

Now about this break our mom was talking about. it seems Mother Nature has a real strange sense of humor because our mom truly did get a five day break, just not the one she had imagined.

Dad had to go on a trip for four days so mom had all these plans, mostly cleaning and sewing and stuff. Dad left Monday morning and by Monday nite mom was thinking she had never been quite so sick in her life. She had picked up some kind of stomach virus. Day two, she slept and slept. She was kind enough to feed us and clean the litter boxes though. Day three, she laid on the sofa, fed us and cleaned the litter boxes, day four she was suppose to go to work, but she was very grateful to see lots of snow, meaning she couldn't get out to go to work LOL. so she laid on the sofa some more and fed us and cleaned the litter boxes. Day five she is much better and able to go to work. The up side? she lost three or four pounds so now she can eat lots of chocolate and pototo chips.

But not her idea of a break. Nevertheless, all is well, we are fed, our litterbox is clean and mom is all well again.

Hoping everyone soon gets Spring, us included. love and blessings Tony

Purred by: Muppet (Catster Member)

February 27th 2010 at 10:50 pm

Glad that your mom is feeling better, Tony! They say, 'You must be VERY specific when you ask for something!' *giggles* And tell your mom that my mom seems to have found the pounds your mom lost! Mol!
*seriously, glad that she's feeling much better*

~hugs & love~
Purred by: Penelope (Catster Member)

February 28th 2010 at 10:58 am

Glad to hear your Moms better ! I know y'all took very good care of her !!!


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