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My Ups and downs....

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I've been Christmousie tagged...

December 8th 2007 7:41 am
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My good pal Tyke tagged me and I said I wanted to here we go...

Here are the rules:

The rules of the game are as follows.....I list what I want fur Christmas and then tag 5 kitties to write in their diary about what THEY want fur Christmousie!!!

So I will list 5 things I want and tag 5 kitties.

1. I want meowmy to give me FOOD whenever I want!! This sitting and begging business isn't working anymore....sniff sniff...

2. I would like MY own stash of nip cigars..not ones that Mikey has drooled all over...

3. hmmm....number 3.....okay...I wish meowmy would keep the birdfeeder filled, that is outside my I guess I need an endless supply of birdfood then....

4. Okay...let's see.....I wish all kitties the BEST of health and PLENTYof food!!

5. I would like some TREATS....I don't get any treats anymore and I WANT TREATS! How about that??!!! tee hee hee hee hee hee.....

Now let me tag 5 kitties....

1. Lucy (cause she's such a sweetie and dear friend)

2. Alfie (cause he's a wonderful dear pal that makes me smile and I am sure he'll get tagged by a ton of others so why not me too?? tee hee hee)

3. Fudge (what a smart pal he is...always guessing and winning games)

4. Sin (cause she's so sweet, she gave me Meow Mix food for a present!! Gotta love any pur who gives me FOOD!!! tee hee hee

5. Snowy......(what can I say? A beautiful kitty who gave me some OREOS...YUMMY!!)

Now I need to pawmail them so they can play along too!!


Turkey tagged....

November 21st 2007 8:18 am
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Not too sure about how to do this since I read the instructions the other day..

I have been turkey tagged by Dude Kitty, my pal......what a cool cat he is....he's so funny too..makes me laugh a lot....tee hee hee.............

okay..I know I am suppose to write down things I am thankful for,so here we go....

I am thankful for the wonderful vet, Dr. Martin in Springboro, Ohio, who helped meowmy get me better when I was so sick and yellow...(I was very lucky I survived that!!)

I am thankful for the vet assistants who were so sweet to me while I was there and truely concerned for me...

I am thankful for finding Catster and meeting all the wonderful friends I have guys are all such cool, sweet make my day fun!!

I am thankful for the nice house I have to live in here with my family and even Mikey and Punkin...I think?? tee hee hee...yea...they're okay I guess...

I am thankful for the yummy food meowmy gives me every morning...and the nice warm heating mat that meowmy bought for me to sleep on next to her and her computer...

and most of all...I am thankful for having a meowmy who will do whatever she has to do to keep me healthy...cause me loves me a lot and wants me around for a long time to come!! I go tag a few?? Gonna have to check on that....tee hee hee


I've been tagged

September 16th 2007 6:53 am
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My good buddies Alfie and Playful tagged me so here we go.........
*looks around the room to see what's up* what do I do?? hmmmmmmmmmm......

Need to go double check so I don't mess this up!! tee hee hee

back in a second! *runs off to go check out Alfie and Playful's diary.....*

I've been tagged again. This time by my good buddy Alfie and good buddy Playful. So lets keep it going! What do ya all think??????
OK? Here's the rules: if you are reading this, you've been tagged too! Fun! You'll read 5 things that are interesting about me here in my first diary entry & then leave 5 kitty pals names that you'll want to send paw mail to in order to let them know they've been tagged!!! This should be pawsome!

Five things?? about me......hmmmmm.....

1.) I am a very "big boned" kitty...some may call me fat, but I prefer to call
it handsome and hefty! Meowmy has me on a diet but I'll be okay...
almost 22 lbs is a little too big huh??

2.) I come to the rescue if Mikey has got Punkin all upset..he likes to bug
her and when the noise get a little loud, I will come in to take a look..
me being the big-boned kitty I am, Mikey knows he has to leave her alone!

3.) number three.....if meowmy doesn't get up in the morning and feed me
when I'm hungry I will either sit by the bed and meow or I will go lay in
the hallway by her door...just in case she doesn't hear me, I know she'd
trip over me and realize that I am HUNGRY!!! MOL

4.) I can really be a sweetie...I have been known to lay right on top of
meowmy and purr..while she pets me..and I have even made biscuits
on her bed! I also love to get my butt feels good...tee hee hee

5.) I am a very good boy when I have to go to the doctor... I am a real pro
there...I purr and rub all over the chairs and exam. table...I even have a
girlfriend there..she loves me and she even told me she's missed me since
I have gotten all better!

Now I get to pick my victims!! MOL....

1. Felix

2. Xander

3. W.C.

4. Jewels meow cat

5. Butter Lover Boomer


I'm gettin fat! Can you believe that??

August 13th 2007 7:57 pm
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8/14/07 Monday's been a while since I did this....I like food now..tee hee hee

I am all better...I gained weight back but don't really know how much...
Meowmy is wondering if I need to go on a diet. I still try to sit by the kitchen sink and wait for her to feed me several times a day, but I'm learning this technique isn't working right anymore. *rolls eyes*

I eat better food now...if there is such a fur is much softer and shinier....we don't seem to get treats anymore though..what's up with that??

Oh did I mention my new cat tree?? Well...I was told I had to share it but you know I get the top spot! Mikey thought is was for him but now he knows who's boss....I'm gonna have to get pictures posted so you can see me on my top circle! Daddy made it and it's purfect for watching out the front window..

well...I guess we'll have to stop back in here and add to this again all the kitties whoever get diagnosed with Fatty liver disease...please don't give up!! I made it and you can beat it too!!!!

See ya!!


I've been tagged!

May 23rd 2007 5:35 am
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The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and list the rules for the next kittyto read. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog

7 things about me:

1.) If I am laying on meowmy's bed and Mikey comes and jumps on it, I get mad and jump down!

2.) I go in meowmy's room about 7am and MEOW and MEOW to tell her to get up and FEED ME!! (I know she don't mind, since I do like food again)

3.) My human daddy use to call me fat ba$tard cause I use to weigh 21 lbs. before I got sick. (Now I am at a healthy weight and feel pretty darn good)

4.) I use to always go in Meowmy and Daddys bedroom when they go to bed so I can climb on top of Meowmy and get lots of pettins...I didn't do this when I was sick, but I have a few times since I got better.

5.) I will let Mikey eat off the same plate as me when meowmy feeds me. (but she always put a plate down for him so I know he ain't gonna get all my food!)

6.) Mikey annoys me.....he thinks he top cat, BUT I AM TOP CAT NOW!! MOL!!

7.) I snore........(but Meowmy thinks it's cute...???)

kitties I tagged:

1. Oreo
2. Oreo
3. Oreo
4. Oreo
5. Oreo
6. Oreo
7. Oreo


Oreo won the battle!!

April 28th 2007 10:59 pm
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April 28, 2007

Today Oreo had a vet appt. at 10am for another blood test. They focus on his ALT and ALKP to see how his liver is doing. Despite 2 occasions when I discovered that Oreo had vomitted earlier this week , his blood work proved that he is definately better.

His ALT is now at 130 and his ALKP is at 66!!! That is the best news we've heard !! The vet said Oreo is fine and that all the hard work really worked. No more forcing feeding, no more trips to the vet every week!! His weight is now at 16lbs. 3 oz. so he's really where he needs to be. I just need to keep an eye on him so he doesn't gain more weight.

So as of now, Oreo has won his battle and I can relax and stop worrying!!

Fatty liver disease is an awful thing for a cat to go through and to not know from one day to the next, if your kitty is going to live is so heartbreaking as well as nerve wrecking. Especially when you have to force feed your kitty even though they growl at you every time you pick them up...

I keep to keep my Oreo!!! His nose is pink and his ears are pink! He's truely a happy kitty and seems to feel better than he ever has.



April 22nd 2007 6:26 am
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12:38 PM

Well, here we go again. For those who have followed my Oreo's the lastest:

It's been 3 weeks since this all started and with the improvements he's shown, I was sure todays blood test would prove he was on his way to a complete recovery. Clinically looks better, he will even come to lick the food I have found him to prefer. (not that he really "eats it" but whatever he gets in his mouth he seems to eat) Even his yellow jaundice is fading. His temp has been normal and he's maintaining his weight at 15lbs. 6oz. (give or take an ounce)
BUT unfortunately, his ALT and ALKP levels are the same. One went up and one went down(just a bit) The vet is stumped and said he needs to talk to a liver specialist to figure out the next move. That won't be until Monday. SO it may be until Tuesday, that we decide what the next step is.

I am just so shocked and disappointed. It hurts and I can't stand this. He seems happier and more content and back to his normal self. I want so badly to hurry and fix him and this is now going onto 4 weeks..........
One thing that he may have now (or may be in conjunction with his fatty liver disease) is Cholangial Hepatitis. I don't know much about it, but the vet said it's something that is treated with antibiotics and it goes away. SO if we are lucky and the specialist suggests this treatment, then Oreo should be on his way to a full recovery next week. I also asked if he may need to do explority surgery to see what else may be wrong and he said he'd only do that if this specialist strongly suggests it. I would hate to have Oreo put through all that when he seems so normal on the outside.

4/17/07 at 05:50 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all real good days for Oreo. He’s proven he has an appetite and really "ate food" finally. (although he goes about in his own slow manner and doesn’t clean the plate off like other cats will) This morning I noticed a couple spots of yellow liquid vomit in the hallway. I wasn’t sure who had done it, but did finally catch Oreo doing it. Plus I also noticed he wasn’t interested in food at all this morning. So I looked up what yellow vomit means and it means it’s “bile” so that worried me.

He really has been better so his coloring has improved a lot. He’s gained 2oz. all on his own this past weekend! So that’s great. He had a slight temp. 103. The male vet was so happy so see how good Oreo looks, but said the throwing up has him a little confused and worried. He did talk to the liver specialist and she told him that we need to be patient since the last biopsy did show quite an improvement in his liver cells. (even thought the blood work doesn’t show that yet) she told him that some cats have been known to take up to 8 weeks to get over this. She also said that cats usually don’t get an appetite and start eating until most of the jaundice has gone away.

The vet gave Oreo a shot for his nausea and told me to hold out on force feeding until later today (which I did one feeding at 4pm) Oreo did get his appetite back, so I figured I’d feed him and get some vitamins in him. I take him in tomorrow again so they can check his temp. If his vomiting has stopped (which is has so far) then I will not need to take him back again until Friday. They didn’t give him fluids which kind of surprised me. But then again, I have seen Oreo sitting by the water bowls again and he has been trying to drink some.

As for the vomiting today, which we don’t know why he did that, he is doing really well. I am not going to stop worrying until his blood works proves he’s well again. I don’t know when blood will be drawn again, but it has to improve now. I did ask about milk thistle and this vet said he knows about it and said that there’s never been any real proof that it actually does anything for a cats’ liver??? I guess he’s never used it and doesn’t have any interest in it. ?? I have seriously been thinking about ordering some off the internet though. They make some esp. for cats. He did give me a recipe for homemade food to try for Oreo. Oreo’s been so picky, and only seems to like smelly tuna and salmon cat food. I don't know if I will make it or not. I need to go buy some chicken to put in it I guess.

That's about it. We don't know why Oreo threw up this morning. He seems to be okay now. I hope it was a one time thing and nothing more.

Looks like he's going to be okay. Once the blood works proves it, then I will feel better.

He's laying here next to me, asleep on a blanket, on my computer desk. I need to go grab the camera before he moves! (He's back to snoring again....)

It's been a rollercoaster ride, but he's finally starting to get his vocals back. He will look right at you and meowwwwwwwww.....his whole face scrunches up.
When he was real sick, he didn't meow or want any attention, hense the growling everytime I went to pick him up to feed him. Poor guy. Even my growling back at him, only made him growl louder! Oh well.........

He's a real sweetie and has put up with a lot more than I thought he would!
I get to keep my Oreo! aka. Double Stuff

4/20/07 1:19pm...
As of today......April 20th, he's doing great. He has now learned to come and meow at me to get out of bed in the morning and feed him. (I certainly don't mind one bit) and he's loves to go outside and lay in the sun. So right now he's waiting for me so he can go outside. He will usually greet me by the door and he was there when I got back from running some errands. He seems like a new kitty now. More alert, vocal and just plain content..........I can't thank his vet enough for caring so much and helping get Oreo better!

His next blood work is scheduled for April 28th. It has to show an improvement by now. He's just feeling so much better.



April 22nd 2007 6:13 am
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4/10/07 at 12:25 AM

Here's the lastest on Oreo, for those who already know what he's been going through since March 26th.

I took him in today, (April 9th) once again thinking he was pretty good. I can get up to 6 syringes of food in him at one feeding and he swallows it as he growls, but he lets me feed him. I figured his weight would be good. He was 15lbs. 7oz. last time they weighed him. Today he weighed 15lbs. 2oz. ??? Well they didn't say much about that. I had pretty much convinced myself that his teeth may be his problem and that it may be contributing to his liver problems. I had read a lot that a gum infection can enter the bloodstream and mess up a lot in a cat. SO I told the two girls who were admin.the fluids under his skin and they both thought his teeth and gums didn't look good. They also said that Oreo wouldn't be able to have his teeth cleaned since they have to knock them out to do it and he's not in good enough shape. So the male vet came in and checked him out. He didn't seem to focus on Oreo's possible teeth or gum infection as I was hoping for. He did say they would want to clean his teeth once we get Oreo better.

Well........the vet told me that he's surprised that Oreo hasn't gotten better a lot faster and that most cats who are sick like Oreo, usually die in a week or two. He did agree that Oreo appears to be getting better, although he still won't give in and eat. Oreo has been licking tuna juice and did eat a few cat treats. But he won't eat the "food" only the juice. I can feed Oreo with the syringes and when I'm done he will run off for a few minutes then I can count on him coming into the kitchen, which I then offer him several things and he will usually lick the juice off the food. There are only 2 kinds he seems to like to do that to. I have bought just about every "safe" food I can get and he likes the sauce from the tuna style that the FROMM company makes and the juice off the Meow Mix cups that are tuna.

Since this has the male vet puzzled and he wanted to see more he decided to do another ultrasound to check his liver out. (the first ultrasound was done back on March 26th) His liver is healing, he said it looks much better. So he then did another needle biopsy and checked. He said that the cells use to be about 90% full of fat and now he says they are about 40%. So his liver is definately getting better. He's still puzzled as the why Oreo won't eat and if he's developed an adversion to food since he's has people force feeding him. It's kinda like a no win situation since nutrition is what Oreo needs to heal his liver but yet you have to force him to eat which then can turn him off food. In a way I'm not so sure I agree with that since Oreo does show an interest in food, he just won't dive in and eat.

One other thing that has me worried now is that tonight after his last feeding for the day, Oreo went downstairs to the litterpan that he used before getting sick and poopied. It was runny and dark. It had a real different kind of smell to it. He has had a few bowel movements since getting sick but this is the first runny one I've seen. I worry now what it means and why it looks like it does. Could it just be the bile in his system since his liver has been messed up? I know poop color does mean something I just don't understand this now.
I take Oreo back tomorrow for more fluids so I am definately telling them about his runny, dark, greenish poopie. This is so nerve wrecking. I can't give up on him when he seems to be so much better. This just really stinks. I wish he would just get better so we could stop all this.

4/11/07 4:50pm...
Today I took Oreo in again and they weighed him and checked his temp. His weight went back up and his temp. was good. I did take in some of his yucky poopie from last night to have him check it. He said it's normal and that this food he's on will do that. Leaving a very fowl smelling poopie since it's now going through him. Up until this point Oreo had very few bowel movements and when he did they were very firm. Which they were probably just stuff that had been in there since he got sick.
Oreo has been showing an increased interest in food. I was told to not feed him as much and let him get a little hungry so he will want to eat. He likes the Meow Mix market medleys ( I am only buying the ones without the wheat gluten in them) and he seems to prefer those. (despite that fact that he barely "eats" it, just licks it.

Oreo does seem to feel better and is more social than he has been. I took him outside in the sun and he rolled all over the pavement.
This vet has been wonderful to Oreo, and I know he really truely cares. His nickname for Oreo had been "wildman" and he will come in and nuzzle Oreo's face and really pet him in a compassionate way. He said he's never had a cat go through this like Oreo and he's really interested in him as a "case study". So we're going in each day for fluids under his skin and just the basic daily check. I teased the receptionist there if I could just rent a room since I've been there almost every day since March 26th.

I am looking forward to Oreo just eating and not the constant worry. I do still
hope that he adjusts to these two other kitties I adopted (back in Dec) since I think that is part of what started this whole mess. The stress of having new cats around and him losing his buddy Milton. I know he has to miss Milton since Milton had always been here with him. Gosh.......I miss Milton so much. He was more than a pet, he was like my little angel who was always there no matter what.

Today visit was just fine. He's maintaining his weight and his temp. has been fine. He got more fluid under his skin. The next step is to wait until Saturday and take him in for another check and then they are going to draw blood and check his ALT and ALKP levels. (FINGERS CROSSED!!)

This is when I get really nervous but he has shown such an improvement that they have to turn out better. (But then again, that's what i said the last time, and his ALT and ALKP levels went up!)
This morning my husband gave Oreo some treats which he said he ate them just fine and before heading to the vet, he was licking the food on the plate. I have noticed that after our trips to the vet and after he's gotten fluid under his skin, he seems to be kinda blah........the vet said it's probably because of the stress of just going in for that precedure and being all sloshy afterwards. The fluids tend to settle in the skin in his front legs until it gets absorbed. Looks kinda wierd, but anything that will keep him from getting dehydrated.

My one real concern has been that fact that Oreo doesn't drink water? He use to "sit" by the water bowl but lately he hasn't been doing that. (then again the vet said he's getting so much fluids now that he probably doesn't want to drink anything) SO hopefully Oreo will get to where he'll drink water again. His eating food is starting to get better, even though he really only eats what he licks up.
So that's about it..........his coloring is getting better and he's been more social. I just couldn't imagine going through this ever again. This vet said he's never had a cat get fatty liver disease after having it and getting through it?



April 22nd 2007 6:06 am
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12:08 PM

This morning I tried as usual to get Oreo to eat something. Anything....he seemed a little interested as I was trying to warm up several different foods. He did end up licking a "tiny" bit of tuna juice. (seems he prefers tuna juice over anything else) We have to stress the word "tiny" again as he barely got any off the plate. But it was better than nothing.

I had an appt. to take him in again for a quick check. I am happy to say that he has maintained his weight (of 15lbs. 8oz.) since Monday!!! The vet was very happy with that. ME TOO! I told her he's been hovering over the water bowls off and on but doesn't really drink. He may lick one or two times and then just sit there. ??? I don't know? I am going to go buy one of those water dishes that has a fountain type thing on it, hoping that maybe he will be interested in that, to drink some more.

I feel better and more hopeful. I asked the vet if she thought he had a pretty good chance now and she said, "yes, he has a real good chance." She said she thinks we will either see him start to eat on his own or gain more weight back (which is kinda what we want, since he is a BIG cat) SO........despite Tuesday and Wednesday being real downers......Oreo is doing better and still has a long road ahead to get his liver healed. I am still nervous but I feel so much better knowing his weight hasn't changed. I was told that is very important.(him to not lose weight) Until then, I continue the syringe feedings and he will continue the growling.......... :)

Well, I am off to buy more tuna (need to find a brand that has a lot of juice in it) and a water dish fountain thing.

I had planned to take his results in and have her explain everything, but I forgot them and just briefly asked about them. I guess since Oreo didn't lose weight, she's not worried about the results since apparently he's showing signs of improving. I take him back in on Saturday. Eventually they will retest his blood to see how it's doing. The male vet should be back in on Monday, so I know he will want to check that again.

This morning my husband got up first and Oreo was in the kitchen. So he gave him some cat treats and said that Oreo had eaten some. So of course I jumped up to see. He ate just a few and left a bunch of crumbs. BUT he did eat. Then I proceeded to get the tuna out and he was interested... YEAH

He licked for a little bit and for the next half hour or so he would go back and lick more. I know it really didn't amount to much in quantity but at least he's trying which means the world to me!! I ended up waiting until 11am or so to syringe feed him, just to make sure he got his vitamins, plus one half of the appetite stimulant. Last night I gave him a whole one (pill) I knew this would be okay since they gave him a whole one the first day to get him started. So instead of giving him, 1/2 three times a day, I gave him 1/2 early in the day and then right before bed, gave him a whole one.

I've only force fed him three times today so far, since he is trying to lick the tuna when I give him some. (there just doesn't seem to be much juice in these cans!) I plan to try and get a lot in him before bed and then another whole pill. Seems he is more interested in trying to eat in the morning so I think the whole pill just before bed helps get him good and hungry for the morning.
I take him in for another check tomorrow morning. I know they will be just as thrilled as I am now. I just need to figure out how to get him to eat cat food instead of just licking tuna juice...........this whole food recall thing has messed this up since I am too scared to just buy anything. I did buy some canned stuff,(some fancy brand, that has pretty simple ingreds) but you just can't get the stuff with a lot of juice in it anymore. Are there any brands that are safe that have juice or gravy in them???

I feel good he's licking tuna juice, but bad because I know he didn't get fed like I had been doing. I wanted to give him a chance to be hungry so he would eat. Hopefully the vet will tell me what to do next. I am sure blood tests will be neccessary here real soon. He's down here in the basement, laying on his stand we made for him and looking out the window. I've been keeping him upstairs so I can keep better track of him. Poor thing...he's been through so much!

So that's about it. I think Oreo is really going to make it and I need to jump up and do my happy dance (I am so thrilled!!!!!!!!) This has been so hard and stressful. I know this is really going to take a while longer to get his liver healthy, but I finally feel like he's going to be okay.

4/7/07 6:05pm...
Todays trip to the vet ended up leaving me frustrated........

They weighed him, he only lost 1 oz. and his temp. was good. I was so sure his blood test would prove he's doing a ton better. I left and they called me about 2 hours later. Oreo's test showed that both levels they test for have gone up??!! The vet said not to let it worry me. She said we will discuss it Monday when they male vet gets back. She said they would deicde if there's anything else they need to test for on him, but really doubted so because his blood work is not bad, just his liver is still not leveling out. I guess this is the "roller coaster" ride they explained to me before. I guess cats who get this disease will get better then get worse, and back and forth.......

Oreo is doing better. He has given in just a tiny bit to eat a few treats and lick tuna juice every so often. I can get 6 syringes of food in him.(each one is only 3cc) and he hasn't thrown up. Oreo also will swallow the food real well instead of trying to squish it out of his mouth. All this was very good news for the vet to hear. She said that's great.

SO, I will continue syringe feeding and praying he gets to eating like a normal kitty should. He seemed more content earlier today and now seems blah....He will get up and roam the house, and that's when I head for the fridg to grab everything and anything to get him to eat. I almost feel like screaming... He seems so much better yet his blood work is still not right. Arrrrrrgggggggg!!!!


4/2/07 --4/3/07--4/4/07

April 22nd 2007 5:59 am
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Here's Monday vet check update.. Oreo has a fever. She didn't put him on antibiotics for it though (didn't want to have him on all that medicine) so we're going to go back tomorrow to get it checked. He's lost weight again......(don't remember how much they said.) They gave him fluid under his skin again. His blood results showed that he doesn't have an infection in his blood and one of the two levels they test for is better but the other went up. SO this is how it works. I have to keep going and keep feeding him until we get his blood work to end up good. Who knows how long that will take!

This morning I caught him by the water dish three times. He sat in front of it for a while. Drank very little (stressing the word "very") SO I don't know. He seems to want to drink but doesn't drink much. Since bringing him home I have fed him and I plan to take him outside for a while in the sun.
The vet looked at his gums and didn't think he was dehydrated, but I also pointed out that he was drooling like a dog since that is now his new reaction to each trip to the vet. He hates it there.

That's about it.........oh........they gave him a pill (appetitie stimulant) and gave me a bottle of more to give him 3 times a day. Lets pray these help!!
This is a rotten disease and I just feel terrible that I didn't realize sooner that Oreo really wasn't eating much of anything.

4/3/07 9:37pm...
I did go buy some Nuri-Cal yesterday as well as $44 worth of various foods. (All of which, so far, Oreo wants nothing to do with)
My husband did say he saw Oreo sitting by the food dish this morning. He didn't actually see him eat, Oreo just sat there with his face in the dish as if he wanted to but couldn't. I have caught Oreo sitting by the water dish but he only laps up water just a "tiny" bit. I am still force feeding him and hope to get a lot more in him today. Yesterday was very busy and stressful with a ton of stuff going on. So I felt very guilty that I didn't get as much food in him as I wanted to.

We're going to buy some bacon today and that turkey bacon totry. Oreo doesn't even like the Nutri-cal stuff. I even smeared some on his paw and he won't lick it!!!

4/4/07 3:30pm...
I am about ready to just sit and cry. Oreo will not eat and he hates me. Yesterday was a blah day for us. I have bought and tried to get him to eat everything I can think of. He growls when I get near him and growls when I feed him. I have been trying to get more in him each feeding. I tried plain yogart on his nose, so he ended up licking a tiny bit then throwing up the previous feeding. So I waited a half hour and fed him again.

I have been trying to figure out his blood test results. I got copies the other day and they are so confusing.

One copy from 3/29 showed his ALKP at 310(which is high) and his
ALT at 401 (which is high) and his
TBIL at 10.7 (which is high) That number, the 10.7 is very faint and hard to see, so maybe I am reading it wrong.

The most recent results (4/2) show that his ALB at 3.2 (fine) and his
ALT at 270 (high)

These are all under what's is labeled "chemistry" on his results.
I don't know what the ALB and the TBIL are and don't know why each result shows one and not the other. I am taking Oreo back in tomorrow for a check (plus he needs fluids since he doesn't drink anything!) SO I am going to ask a million questions and have her explain this stuff.

Oreo will not eat and this is getting so frustrating. I feel like crying and screaming at the same time. I don't want my kitty to die. My husband offered to feed him but I don't want Oreo hating him too.....

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Milton 9/11/92
- 11/4/06
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