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Homemade Treats

March 31st 2007 4:37 pm
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My mommy has these homemade treats for me and my sister Jade. They're made into a ball shape, so OBVIOUSLY I must bat them around the house before eating them...or losing them permanently under the couch or stove. My sissy always eats hers and then tries to steal mine to eat it. I never notice her eating it though...and then waste a lot of time looking for it. Today, my mommy left the bag on the counter. I had to seize this opportunity. I jumped onto the kitchen counter in my most 007 fashion. I grabbed the bag and dragged them off the counter onto the floor. I did it! But then, as I was trying to open the bag, I heard footsteps. It was my mommy! I had to think fast...I quickly dragged the bag underneath her wine rack and waited to see if she would notice. She said my name and looked directly at me. I was caught...but maybe she didn't notice the bag. I walk out smoothly and meow in my most laid-back "what's up" voice...but she's on to me. She sees the bag and returns it to the refrigerator. Foiled again! There's always next time...

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