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It's Me..Heidi!

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October 11th 2012 7:20 am
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This is Heidi here... This is a strange way to write in my diary. I am sitting on the computer desk, as mommy types. I had to go to the bridge last night. I left my new home in Memphis at exactly midnight, on 10-11-12. I think that is cool for a black cat. I am most happy that I got to move with mommy to the new house first.

As most of you know, I am 15 years old. Throughout my life, I have never been sick. Lucky, not true...I caught a cold once. I was sooo happy once I got here. But, I did not want mommy and daddy to know I was sick.

I could not pretend anymore, so slowly I let it be known that I was not ok.

Mom and Dad tried everything. They asked everyone for advice. I really wanted them to know that I got sick, and it was just my time. My little funeral will be at later this afternoon, at sundown central time...

Lastly, for now anyways...I am going to take a little rest as I move to the next step. I am glad mommy came to get me before this happened. Now, I know I will not be forgotten.

I love all of my Catster friende. Don't worry...I will always be lurking around to say hi. After all...I am a little black furry ninja!



It's getting late...

October 7th 2012 2:49 pm
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Hey, It's me....Heidi. I probably wont have anymore diary entries after this one. My time to journey to the bridge is near. Right now, I am on a soft blanket on mommy's lap so she can type this for me. I want to thank all of you who are my friends. It is such a good feeling to know other cats care about little me. I was not feeling good when I moved from California to Memphis. But here at my new home, I can rest and just be me. No other cats bother me. I keep falling asleep in the litter box. Mommy rescues me and cleans me off. They are trying one last thing, pulverized antibiotocs with canned cat food. ugh, what a mess. I dont want that stuff. Anyway, It will be good bye soon. I will let mommy take care of that. I am gonna go back and rest. Sending purrs to all my friends.


I think its my time.....

September 25th 2012 8:32 pm
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I have not posted for long time. I am very, very shy. Well mom told me that it's best to say goodbye to your friends.

I am 15 years old. I just suddenly feel sick. I have been a house cat all of my life (I was feral at first)

Mom brought some yummy cat food in a can. I licked it. I did not want to eat.

I just want to lie under the bed right now. The kids all came in here to pet me and say goodbye.

I hope the vet can help me, but most likely not.

So, in case I do make my journey to the bridge tomorrow...I want to tell all my friends that I love them, and I promise to check in and see how things are going. I hate to see the humans crying. I wish I was ok. I love my meowmy and I will see her again. So to my friends, I will not say goodbye, I will say see you much later. mol.

Kisses and hugs from Heidi.


It's me, Heidi!

February 27th 2010 5:31 am
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Hi everyone. Not much going on with me. I am alot happier with Dylan gone. He used to chase me all the time. Now, I can just relax. Alexis got ahold of me last night and was shaking me like a rag doll-cat. She got in alot of trouble and had to go outside for a time out. Duke stayed in the house. When Lexi came back inside, she left me alone. I was asleep on the couch when she grabbed me. Nextime, sleep higher than Lexi can reach. mol. Ok, time to go back to sleep. I will purr more lated.


Paisan is a computer hog.

August 9th 2009 1:36 pm
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I'm just sayin'. We all know that he does good things for alot of kitties. That is mostly why some of us do not get computer time. We are ok with that, but Paisan must learn to give us a few minutes every now and then. Orangie and I joined various groups to try and make new friends. That will require time on the computer. Right now, Paisan is trying to track down a sick kitten he heard about. He said give him an hour or so...Oh, boy have we heard that before. But mom said she will give me and Orangie time to play in our groups. I think Buddy joined one too. Well, mom remembers because she writes it all in her Catster book, so she does not forget Catster events and stuff. So, hopefully you will see myself and Orangie on in a little while...

Purrs to all!!!
Heidi + Orangie


I feel the warmth of your love everywhere

May 17th 2009 4:58 am
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Passed to the bridge . Family needs our help

Zack's one and only beloved is also suffering.

Please visit Zack and Kiwi and offer love and kindness. Zack fought a long and brave battle. It is a honor knowing him.

Peace to all


I have been waiting for this a long time!!!

October 28th 2008 12:21 pm
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I never thought I would see the day where another cat gets in trouble for something I did. Hee Hee. Poor Ravie. We are exactly the same size now, and both completely black, so we look like the same cat. When I lie on the A/C, Raven gets yelled at. When I unroll the toilet paper, Raven gets yelled at. This is so much fun. Eventually, they discover it was me, and go give Ravie luvs, but it is fun for me. By the time they figure it out, they are not mad anymore so I don't get in trouble. Since I am older, they do not expect me to do these things, so they naturally assume it is Raven. Poor Ravie. Good thing she ignores them. hee hee hee.



October 15th 2008 9:47 pm
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Thank you mom for finally making the slide show of me and my brother Tiger (at the bridge). It looks cool. It made me happy to see my brother's little face again!!!


Hi everyone!!!

October 13th 2008 11:41 am
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Burr it is getting cold here!!! I have a good hiding place that is warm tho!!!

Mom found all kinds of pics of me and my bro Tiger (at the bridge). She is going to make a slideshow. Tiger and I are baby cats in all of the pics.

Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!

Purrs, Heidi


Uh, Mom?

October 5th 2008 3:18 pm
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Mom I know you are busy, but can you fix my page. It is weird. Thank you mommy.

Luvs, Heidi

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