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A Bear's Life

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Pete was shot

August 25th 2010 1:16 pm
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Hi furrends,
I know its been a long time but I have some bad news. Pete, my little brother who loved me so much, has been shot in the side by a pellet gun. He spent the night in the hospital yesterday and just got home. He's in quite a bit of pain but has finally found a position to lie that lets him sleep. Mom, Ceci, and Sarah are all on the bed with him and mom's watching like a hawk. His breathing is very labored and she's concerned.

The pellet entered on one side of ribcage and the xrays found the pellet all the way through his body near the other side of his ribcage. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong yet, but we're worried because it would be very hard for a bullet to got all the way through a body without damaging something.

You can read more about it in Pete's diary. Me, I'm flying around like nuts with Thorgal spreading fairy dust and thinking positive thoughts. Pete was so good to me when I was sick I can't bear that I am not there to help him when he's hurt. Ceci is trying hard to care for him, she loves him so much.

Purrs & loves, Bear


Benson needs a home

March 26th 2010 4:46 pm
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Please check out Benson. He's listed as one of my siblings though he's staying at a vet hospital in Lewiston, Idaho. He's a nice kitty that mom & Marion met yesterday. He's been living in a loving home and needs a new one.




March 24th 2010 12:53 am
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It is a very sad day here in catsterland. Today mom was driving home to Pullman with Marion & Markus, Thorgal, Jolan, Mumtatz, and Happy's humans, and she hit and killed a beautiful red longfurred kitty named Marvy who ran out into the road. Mom was driving too fast, it was very late on a dark country road in the middle of no where, and she could not stop in time to save Marvy. Mom turned the car around and Marvy was already dead when mom got to him. Mom pet him and told him that she was sorry then picked him up and with Marion & Markus' help she found his owner so that she knew what had happened and could take care of Marvy.

Marvy is here with Thorgal and my posse now. He's so beautiful and looks so much like Pete. He's in shock still but we'll take good care of him and the brother and father he left behind. He misses them. We'll take some extra rounds for his human's too, they are suffering but were so kind to mom, they are very nice people.

While Thorgal was taking care of Marvy, I raced home and told Pete and the gang what had happened. Mom had been worried that Marion would come to meet them all the way from Germany and they would hide from her. Pete said he knew just what to do and he greeted them at the door and all four kitties came out to meet and greet and try out the new feather toy Marion got them in Oregon. Marion was so pleased to meet them and mom was so proud. Even Ceci came out to play and allowed mom to catch her so that Marion could pet her soft fur. I'm heading back to help with Marvy's family, Pete will take care of mom.

On the way home mom, Marion, and Markus passed a car that had run into a deer. The ambulance and police were there. Mom wondered if Marvy had helped keep mom from driving into the deer instead. Its tempting to drive faster on quiet country roads when its dark and no one is there. Marvy ran out in front of mom and I don't know if she would have been able to stop in time if she'd been going slower but it would have mattered a great deal if Marvy had been a deer. Please tell your humans to be careful.

p.s. Mom & Marion & Markus are having a great time together! It's so nice for them to finally meet!!! They spent the last few days in Oregon and the next two will be in Pullman. Then Marion & Markus will head for San Francisco for a week to enjoy California, then back to M√ľnster. Thorgal & I have been having a great time watching them!



December 12th 2009 11:02 am
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Thanks to everyone who sent me presents for my annifursary. Mom is sorry if we haven't thanked somefur personally - she gets sad on catster and doesn't come much. Some of my presents expired and disappeared and she's afraid she missed someone today. If you sent me a present and we didn't respond, drop us a line and we'll send you a star.

Things at home are good. Mom loves little Cecilia and it looks like Sarah does too. Pete pretends that he doesn't like her but plays with her for a long time when she attacks him. He could hurt her, but he doesn't, but he sounds like Sid hissing and growling. Mom would worry, but there is a twinkle in his eye and he tries to bat at her as she leaves, so mom thinks its a big show. She's also seen him licking her head. If she'd just snuggle with him and not see him as a big orange toy she could get some pretty amazing baths!

Pete's winter fur is beautiful and bigger than ever. He looks like a King Lion. Mom had a long chat with Mikkel's mom and is more than ever convinced he's a Norwegian Forest cat, or at least mostly :) He's got a mind of his own and is one impressive boy. He's gotten big, too! Still growing....

Sid is beautiful and his body has filled out to look like a darker and smaller boned version of me. Mom is thrilled. He doesn't think much of Ceci but then he doesn't like Sarah, either, so what is new. He loves the new heated bed mom bought for him. Now he can sit in the window all the time. He's hidden, it's like a secret spot in the forest, but he can see EVERYTHING. The window is cold, but the new bed is taller so Sid will stay warmer. His fur is shiny and mom says he's the most beautiful cat in the house.

Sarah is good. She likes to hang out with Ceci, or let Ceci hang out with her. As some furs noted, it doesn't appear that mom intends to give Ceci up for adoption. She found a way around dad's rule of NO MORE CATS and I'm so pleased I could help. Sarah is limping some, her arthritis (and Pete's) has been acting up with the colder weather. She still loves to sit on mom's chest while she's sleeping and I love to hang out and watch her turn mom's body from sleeping sideways to sleeping on her back. It's an amazing process but Sarah gets it done every single night. Then she starts working on waking mom up for breakfast around 4am. Ceci watches in admiration and is taking notes.

The rascal Ceci is one handful of a kitten. I wish I was there to school her. She's almost as fast as Sid but scurries instead of running. Dad is calling her Gray Rat. Must have been from the time she lived alone, a whole month!, with the rats. She doesn't run when mom and dad come home and see her on the bed anymore. She used to hide under the bed. She's shy about the living room, but likes to come out to play. She is super playful! Mom hasn't had a kitten this little since Twisty and me and she'd forgotten how incredibly cute we can be. Ceci has very interesting fur and sweet little ear tufts. Her face is completely different from Pete's, no wegie in her!, and she's basically a gray torty tabby if such a thing exists. She plays too hard with the biting and claws but listens when mom tells her no. She'll learn. I love it when she slicks her ears back and attacks Pete! That's what he gets for all the times he attacked me! Of course, we already know Pete loves to play HARD, he could play with me and I was a serious fighter.

Mom still misses me, too, I see her looking sad sometimes and know its because she's thinking of me. I know she misses interacting with the moms of my friend's too. Thorgal and Mikkel's mom's are on facebook, so mom has gotten to chat with them there and that's been fun. If any of my furriends mom's use facebook, mom's email is and you can find her that way. You just should put catster in the comment box or she'll think you want to play Sorority Life with her :)

Purrs and loves and a happy holiday for all my purrs.
Love Bearli


My anniversary

December 2nd 2009 9:21 am
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I want to thank all my furriends for remembering my bridge anniversary. Mom was away from internet and was surprised to see all the gifts. She couldn't think why so many of you thought of me at once. Then finally remembered - my bridge anniversary. Ah yes, not mom's favorite Thanksgiving ever. Interestingly the only one mom has been home for in 15 years... how's that for the way things were supposed to be?

Thanks for thinking of us. I'm good at the bridge. Haven't had to step in and save mom lately, so I appreciate that. I did help with Cecilia, and I know Petie will thank me in time. And grandma tried to drown over Thanksgiving but mom was there and I helped her run through the water faster after grandma was hit by a wave and knocked down. She's okay and Ed, too, Thorgal helped Chloe get to him, I was glad we were patroling together that day. Darn rogue wave caught them when they thought they were far enough up the beach.

Mom does miss me, though, more than she's ever missed any of us. I was the special kitty, the one she'll always love best. Thanks for remembering me and loving me, too.


Purrs needed for Cecil. And mom.

November 3rd 2009 9:42 am
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Yesterday mom learned that a kitten had been living under the print shop she loves to go. She can't believe it took them so long to tell her! There was a whole family and the humane society (no kill) came and put out a trap but only caught the mama so had to let her go. Then she moved all the kittens away, all but one, Cecil and he's been under the building ever since. The humane society wouldn't trap him because they said it was too late! But mom took one look at his? her? pretty eyes and tiny little body and said, I'll take him, completely ignoring the D word that daddy used the next time a cat came home.

The printers called the humane society and they brought a trap down. Mom ran home and got Pete's nice carrier, some smelly food and a dish, and they set up the trap. By 3pm Cecil was in the trap! mom still had some work to do so, she took Cecil into the bathroom to move him to the carrier. Feral kitten lose in a print shop.... not a pretty sight!

Mom opened the trap and Cecil tried to escape the bathroom by going up! That was funny. Then mom tried to be nice and stuck out her bare hand for Cecil to smell. CHOMP! Silly mom! Feral kittens don't know about smelling hands first!! So she put her gloves back on and just grabbed him. He didn't fight as much as she suspected but he's must smaller than she thought. Lots of fur. And relatively healthy looking. Not enough time to sort through the fur for the important details but who really cares?

Cecil was very good sitting in the carrier while mom finished printing. Fred & Fran, the owners of the print shop, were so cute cooing over him and naming him Cecil and telling mom she should keep Cecil and dump dad! He got brave enough to start hissing at mom when he saw her hands but was okay with her face and he likes her voice. Mom thinks that's why he was coming out further than other days (so they said).

Mom took him home and set him up in my blind room. It's a little colder but he's been living outside so she didn't want him to be too hot. The room will heat up as the vent is open a few days. She gave him my pirate bed, wet and dry food, water, and a big litter box. she scratched around in the box to demonstrate. Then she opened the carrier and left for a minute and when she came back he was gone. Invisible. The problem with a tiny kitten in a children's bedroom is there are lots of places for the kitten to hide. She couldn't find him. So she let Pete in the room to see if he could find him. He was more interested in why all that stuff was in an off-limits room until he discovered his carrier had a different smell! Wow was he suddenly interested and after he got the smell thoroughly in his nose, it only took him a couple minutes to find Cecil. Good boy!

Mom had to go to choir, so she left him to adjust. She checked the traps at the printer at 6pm and then on the way home at 10pm and no kittens. They left them out in case the mom & other kittens were just hiding better now. Cecil was not in the same hiding place but all the wet food was gone. Sid and I found him under the bed in the pull out tray. Sid was MAD. Sid's still MAD. He's running around the house growling at everything.

This morning at 5:35am dad woke mom up to tell her that Cecil was crying. Mom went in and found his wet food bowl empty :) She filled it up and hasn't heard from him since. Hopefully he'll get braver. It's harder without me there. I helped her tame Katie but she doesn't totally trust Pete like she did me. He can be too interested and comes off aggressive.

That's all for now. Thanks to my buddy Snoop for not forgetting me. Popcorn & Feather, Petie is talking about you up a storm. Thanks to Mumtatz, Jolan, and Thorgal for sending stuff, too. We'll try to do better with a kitten to update you on.

Purrs, Bearli


Oh no! Comments are lost!

June 14th 2009 4:08 pm
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Hello all our dear furriends,
First we want to thank Edgar for bringing this problem to our attention. Thank goodness he assumed there was a glitch at headquarters instead of something worse!!

Mom likes the comment on diaries feature, but asked headquarters if there was a way to see comments left from the home page so that she didn't have to go back and look at our diary entries to find them. She loves catster, but this all can take a lot of time, I'm sure you know.

Headquarters wrote back telling mom to change her preferences so that our diary comments had to be approved by her. That way she would always get to read them. That sounded good, so mom did that. Suddenly we stopped getting comments! Since we haven't been getting very many pawmails either mom guessed that maybe our furiends were busy as well and weren't leaving any. But just in case, mom changed our preferences back to automatically posting a week or so ago.

Today Edgar wrote and told us that he'd tried to leave comments several times. Each time he'd gotten a message saying mom had to approve the comment, but the comment never ever appeared on our diary page. Oh no!! We never got those emails!! We want Edgar's comments and all of yours, too! We have nice furiends, we know you would never say anything that would hurt our feelings.

We sent another message to headquarters today. Of course we haven't heard back yet, but we did want to let our furiends know we love them all and we hope we didn't accidentally hurt your feelings. If you've figured out any good ways for managing those diary comments we'd like to know them!

Purrs, the Freuden Cats


Scruffy is terrorizing my family!

June 7th 2009 9:27 am
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We've had our hands full in the Angel Posse these days training our newest member, my twin, BlueBlue. It seems he likes his girl's nickname and misses her so much that we've taken to calling him that sometimes. From a guy who's real name is Teddy Bear, I guess it's not to hard to do that and make him feel a bit better.

Now that he's getting his wings on I'm concerned about the situation at home. The evil Scruffy is still around and he's terrorizing my brofurs through the windows. Sid acts like he doesn't care, he still goes out, but mom can't find him and wonders if he's hiding somewhere out there. Pete definitely hides on the roof when he goes out. Sarah isn't to fazzed and in a surprise move it seems she's the one making the most effort to chase him away. If he sneaks in the house through the open cat door, Sarah chases him back out, or stalks after him in a scary way. I can tell you first hand she can be scary! Size really helps sometimes!

But my poor Pete, my best buddy after Fred died, is traumatized. He won't go outside alone at all. He hangs out with mom. Scruffy scares him and dad says its changing his personality. The boy wasn't afraid of much before.

What really burns me is the terrorizing through the windows. Scruffy actually tries to attack the boys through the glass!! Sid won't sleep in his purrfect cat bed and Pete sits on the sofa always watching. I feel so bad for them and want to do something. Unfortunately our posse code is to only do good. What can we do to convince Scruffy to go away??

Do you know what is sad? Mom is such a pushover that she would have fed Scruffy forever if he'd just followed the rules and there aren't that many. If he'd followed inside rules he'd have been able to move inside for winter. It's too bad that he's a mean cat.


Blue joins my angel posse

May 28th 2009 11:36 pm
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I asked mom to write this for me but she's having a hard time, her eyes are leaking so much. Blue died today just a little bit ago. Aunt Jane and Amanda came home and Blue's rear end was paralyzed. They rushed him to emergency but he had thrown a blood clot and there was nothing they could do. He was 17 years old.

Blue & I have always been bonded. We've never met but we were so much alike. Mom got me and near the same time her sister Jane adopted Blue for her little daughter Amanda. Jane was a single mom, her husband divorced her while she was pregnant, and she'd just bought a tiny little home near Shelton, Washington. It was blue and Jane wanted a cat for Amanda but he had to match the house. They adopted Blue.

Mom fell instantly in love with Blue. In fact, there were quite a few years that mom lobbied heavily for Blue to come live with us, not that he had a bad home, quite to the contrary, he was much loved, but mom loved him so much and single mom's sometimes have a hard times dealing with it all. In the end Jane couldn't give Blue up because Amanda loved Blue and Blue loved Amanda so much that she couldn't break them up. It was the right thing to do, but mom has never stopped loving Blue and Blue always loved mom.

If you look at his picture on my page you'll see we looked quite a bit alike. Of course he's joining my Gray Posse. He's quite the ladies man, too, though neutered he serviced Aunt Jane's 2 female Ragdolls when they went into heat, starting his amorous work at the ripe old age of 14. Blue was a hunter extraordinaire, much like me, and enjoyed retirement in Oceanside, California, lying in the sun next to the pool or under the palm trees. If mom came to visit Blue would always sleep with her, unless Amanda was home, and would lie next to her in the cabana while she was reading. Mom doesn't visit California very often, maybe once a year at the most, but Blue always knew her and mom felt very honored at his attentions.

Like me, Blue had CRF and hyperthyroidism, though he did fine on the pills and didn't have to have radiation. As it turned out he had a heart condition, like me, mom can't believe how much alike we were for two cats so far apart. Blue was always leaner, he carried the look of a well muscled MALE, to my more filled out physic, but we were both special boys and incredible love bugs.

Amanda graduated from high school last year and has only been home a week or so from Annapolis where she just finished her first year at the Naval Academy. Blue waited until she came home and she was able to hold him as he passed tonight. He was such a good boy and I'm proud to have him join my posse. Blue doesn't have a catster page but mom talked to Aunt Jane about setting one up as a way to memorialize and remember Blue.

For me, it is nice to finally meet my twin. He's dazzed and misses Amanda and his family so much and he can't talk yet. We'll have a gray pile tonight, with Twisty & Katie & Zack & Ashley & Thorgal & Gizmo & Fred & John & everyone else, too. We'll comfort him as best we can and soon we'll start teaching him to fly how to watch over Amanda and protect her as I do mom. He's got a big job ahead of him and he'll need our help to take care of that girl for lots of years, she's a special one, too.

It's time to go, Blue needs me and mom needs to hug Pete & Sid & Sarah and tell them she loves them. Purrs & loves to all my furiends, Bearli


Zack joins my Angel Posse

May 17th 2009 7:14 pm
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Judging from all the gifties on my buddy Zack's page I'm guessing you all know he's joined me here at the bridge. You should see Little One, Twisty, & Katie fawning over him, it's making me a little ill all the kissy sounds they're making and I'm not sure his head will ever dry off. Those ladies love us handsome gray boys.

Of course he's joined my angel posse with Thorgal, Morty, and all our angel buddies. I'm not sure he's (or the ladies) will get much done, but I'm sure things will settle down soon. He misses his mom and Fisher terribly but we always do, especially at first. He keeps telling us what a great mom she is and how much he loves her. She did all the right things and he thanks his lucky stars to have had her.

We'll be teaching him how to help make mom's life a little easier, just like we do with our mom. Bad stuff still happens, but us angel cats can definitely take the edge off. Mom called me to her on Saturday because she had to sing acapella at the funeral of a 32 year old man from her church. His wife was sobbing, just like mom did for me and Zack's is doing for him, and mom was having a very hard time staying calm enough to get to the end when she had to sing. She wasked me to come help and I flew right down. Mom's part is always at the very end, I'm glad I'm an angel so that I can help her now. This was the first funeral she didn't cry before she had to sing, so I was pretty proud of myself.

I've added Zack to my page, too, or made mom do that. Mom wanted me to tell Zack's mom that she was such a good mom, the best, and that if she ever needs to talk to email her. Zack is such a good cat, we're all glad to have him at the bridge, but of course, it's very hard on mom's.

Now off I go because it's time for Zack's flying lessons. He needs a wingman and that's me, if I can just pry all those girlies off him first.... Sigh.

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