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Tales of a Biscuit Maker

Aluminyum Foil

February 3rd 2009 5:28 pm
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Mommy grilled chicken last night. She wrapped the pieces in foil so they wouldn't burn but they would still have that good grilled taste. Last night I got into the trash and ate the foil. It was yummy. Mommy didn't know which one of us did it although she thought it was me because som cat had vomited foil and I was standing nearby.

Mommy decided it was a good idea to take both of us to the vet. The vet was busy, busy. There were dogs there and cats. They even had a horse that they called "a mastif." I hissed and spit and growled but not nearly as much as Marina. I dealt with it all day and was fine. When mommy came to get me I finally vomited and it had foil in it. The vet, well, not the one that treated me today, told mommy that we have to observe me carefully for the next day or two but she thinks it's all over.

The vet that took care of us all day got bitten by Marina *stifles a giggle so Marina won't see* Marina just couldn't take it any longer. It was kind of a raw deal being around all those sick cats and dogs all day and Marina is perfectly fine.

Mommy said I may have to go back to the vet tomorrow if it looks like I'm having any problems. Thankfully Marina won't have to go with me.


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